Daichi Nara was an old man now. He had been in Butcher Bay longer than he cared to remember. Years behind these walls meant little, nothing actually. He had been a young man when he had been sent here, and it took a long time to realize that it was justified.

Butcher Bay was the only triple max slam in the world; it was as infamous as it was cruel. It didn't house the same type of prisoners that you would think it would though. Though it held its fair share of murders, rapists, pedophiles, psychos and every other kind of villain that you could think of, you didn't just have to be the worst to end up here. Most of the inmates here committed crimes that easily warranted the death penalty, so why would they send them to prison instead? The reason was that Butcher Bay was where they sent the ones they were ashamed of.

Usually, prisoners ended up here because it was convenient for who was ever in power. Prisoners either had connections and simply couldn't be killed, or they had enough supporters and family pull to avoid such things, so they sent them here instead. All it really did was extend their lives a little longer. There were no terms in Butcher Bay, no one ever left, at least no one was ever released. Once you were in, you stayed until you died. They took your name and a record at the gates, and sent you into hell. Guards patrolled the underground prison, but they were on edge, and not interested in helping anyone for any reason other than when bribed.

Ninjas were no exemption either. They of course got permanent seals placed on them to severely limit chakra flow and such things, but for the right price, if you made the right friends, there were one or two seal masters in that place, or at least good enough with seals to know how to get rid of them, Daichi Nara was one of them.

Because of the nature of place, the sheer number of prisoners, and the lack of order that it was founded on, Butcher Bay was as close to hell as you could get. It was different from other prisons because of its detached efficiency. The guards could contain the cons', but never control them. So inside there was only anarchy, madness, and death. Being underground for so long, most simply went crazy and were killed because they were annoying. Daichi had held on to his sanity though, it was all he had.


He had once wanted to escape this place, but that was well beyond him now, he was too old, and besides, he had no one waiting and nowhere to go. The Nara clan specialized in shadow manipulation jutsu; they were the best at it. And considered a prodigy in his youth, he saw the potential to take it so much farther. He wanted a bloodline limit for his clan.

He knew the origins of all bloodlines found themselves in demonic roots; no one ever talked about it though. So, he set out and found a demon, a demon that could give him what he wanted, and worked out a deal. Despite what some take for granted, summoning contracts gave as much to demons as they did to the ninja that they served. With a summoning contract in existence, that demons clan had almost free rein to come to their plane.

Normally, other clan members would have been fine with this, even happy, it just so happened that while this demon clan wasn't completely evil, they were pretty nasty all the same.

In his foolishness, he had thought the trade off was worth it, he now saw how very wrong he was. While the blood line was indeed powerful, and it didn't come at that much of a cost, it still had some draw backs. One of these was the requirement of strong mental fortitude to be able to resist the dark cravings that would plague the users mind for the rest of their life, like whispers in the back of your head.

He was arrogant, and had thought that with proper guidance, this could be controlled. But now he saw that it was stupid to think that they could predict the personality of children, and on that note, it was unfair to burden someone against their will. If one of them became unstable and went rouge, things could get very bad; these techniques could be very hard to overcome unless utilized by another one of them

While it wouldn't have been so bad if he had simply made it so that when one of them came of age they could chose whether or not they wanted it, it was already done. Whatever children he had, would inherit his gift. When they could not convince him to not have children, and it became obvious that he was going to do it anyway, they sent him here. He was loyal after all, and his heart had been in the right place, but he was still a risk.

Thank god he was not foolish enough to fight back though. As powerful as he had become, he could not take on an entire clan and come out of it alive. And even if he could, he still would have killed many of his loved ones.

And so, they placed a seal on him that even he couldn't get rid off, and sent him to Butcher Bay. The seal, while it couldn't seal off his chakra completely, it did prevent him from ever using any of those jutsus again, they required too much chakra to perform.

And so, he held on in prison, for no other reason than he didn't feel like dying yet. Then one day, he found an apprentice, a man, or rather a teenager at the time, who was indeed an animal, but never the less, had qualities that he could respect. The man's name was Riddick.

Their meeting was strange, and accidental, sort of. Riddick had come to him in search of a seal master to remove the limiter seal on him. That in itself he respected, he had no idea how this man had found him. He had never publicized his knowledge, and had never removed anyone else's seal before. So how had he known that he could indeed do it? Riddick said that a Nara would definitely know how to remove a seal. That shocked him too; he had never told anyone that little bit.

When he asked who had told him, Riddick told him that he had, this man was a genius in his own right. He had a gift, getting out of places that no one else could was one of them. Not only that, but Riddick had his own bloodline limit that was a force to be reckoned with, he was a furyan, probably the last.

Over time, the two had become estranged friends; he had even agreed to help Riddick escape out of sheer curiosity to see if he could achieve it. Riddick had indeed accomplished it, but not before he had given him a parting gift. He had thought hard on it, and conserved his energy to do it, but he finally had enough chakra to summon the contract. Riddick accepted the terms with no hesitation at all. While he was not sure, because Riddick was not born into it, but he may or may not pass it on to whatever children he may have. Daichi was not worried about that though.

That was a long time ago, or at least that was what it seemed like. In reality it had only been like five years. Then, he heard two things that he had not heard in over forty years, silence, and an infant crying. Suddenly, it was chaos. The guards that were apparently bringing the child down were almost over whelmed. It was a little surprising that anyone would care, but these men didn't need a reason to go berserk.

The guards killed quite a few to get to a calm enough area where the child wouldn't be torn apart the second they set it down. Daichi had no idea what an infant had done, or rather what its parents had most likely done.

He shouldn't really interfere, getting involved in other people's business was a sure way to get yourself killed in here. But one look at the animals looking at the babe with hungry eyes sealed the deal.

With that thought, he marched right up to the guards with the authority he had earned. You didn't get to his age in here without earning respect, and favors. He may have been an old man now, but he was not an easy take, he had put down his fair share of animals in his time. And with that right, he walked right up to the guards that were killing any other that came too close.

He could tell the guards were uneasy right now. They were very hard and cruel men, but even they knew that it was monstrous to leave a child down here. With a hesitant look to the other guards, the one holding the baby handed it over, though he did it in a way that would save face, he grabbed the blanket behind his neck, and held him like you would a puppy. To his surprise, instead of crying, the baby instead started growling. Even through the faceless masks that the guards wore, that they were shocked.

Even still, he took the child and left with haste, he only had a few minutes before a couple hundred monsters were hunting him.


Five hours later, and things had predictably gone back to normal. He was in his little hiding spot; no one would find them here. He immediately set to see if the child had a seal placed on him. The child was going to need every chance to survive, he would be damned if the child died because he had been held back in any way.

Imagine his surprise when the seal was way beyond anything he had ever seen. It was the most intricate, complicated, piece of art that he had ever seen. Whoever had done this, was a master in every sense of the word. It took a while to figure out exactly the purpose, but he was shocked to find that the child was a jinchuuriki; there weren't very many things that required something of that caliber. While he didn't know which Bijju it was, he had his suspicions; it really wouldn't matter for a while anyway.

On the plus side, the guards had been too stupid to see it for what it was, and therefore had not bothered to place a restriction seal on the baby.

With a sigh the old Nara thought about what he had to look forward to. Some form of diapers, trying to figure out how to properly feed the kid, not to mention trying to figure out how to deal with the kid calling him dad. One way or another, this kid was going to be emotionally fucked up when he got older. Prison was no way to grow up.

'Why not? I haven't done anything useful in the last forty years besides helping Riddick out, why not try to do some good before I die?' the old Nara thought with a ghost of a smile on his lips, but that quickly turned into a scowl as he realized the infant had to be changed.

Seven years later:

Ryuu was enjoying his training for the 'day'. It was very rare that he was allowed to leave the small abandoned storage center where he and his 'father' lived. To make things more exciting, this was the first time he was allowed out by himself. He was told he was ready, finally. As soon as was able, he had been trained in the ways of the shinobi.

He had to be very careful; he was by no means ignorant to what would happen to him if he were caught. But for now, he had a mission, to get some fresh meat. As mundane as this might sound, it was still his first mission and he intended to successfully complete it. There wasn't any truly dangerous game here, well, nothing that was edible anyway. Daichi had once brought him down to watch those scary bug things tear a few people apart.

He was almost done, he had successfully bypassed the only area where other prisoners were, it was easy, no one ever looked up, and the shadows were his ally. Now, all he had to do was silently kill, and then skin the small creature, that roughly looked like a cross between a rat, and a dog. Not that Ryuu knew what those were, but all the same they were surprisingly healthy.

Stalking his prey, standing on a rafter above it, he smoothly stepped off and landed on it burying his knife in its skull in the process. It was dead, he was very happy, that was fun. Now he needed to hurry, he only had a few minutes before the scent of blood attracted more of them. While not dangerous by themselves, together, they could be a problem.

With practiced efficiency he finished up, wrapped it up, and left. He wanted to run, to get back and show that he was could be a ninja after all. He wanted to make his father proud. But he reminded himself to keep cool, haste led to folly. So, he kept to the shadows, making sure that no one would know he was there. As he passed overhead the small yard that had a couple of faggots screwing. Ryuu sneered in disgust; he wanted to kill them, every one of these monsters, but not yet.


Daichi waited nervously, it was the first time the boy was out on his own. During the course of the last six years, the child had proven himself to be a sort of genius. Even still, he refused to let the boy gain a superiority complex. While he was never indifferent to the kid, he never gave out affection without cause either. For the most part it worked. Speaking to him was the only contact the child had with anyone, add the fact that Ryuu viewed him as a father, and you had a kid that was willing to do anything to gain his approval. Even though Daichi had told him the circumstances of their bond, and how he was not his biological father, Ryuu didn't care.

That being said, he was never cold to him either, he just didn't want to create a superiority complex. But still, the child's brilliance was undeniable. It was strange, it was like he could learn things, but he needed to understand them first. He wanted to know why things worked out they way they did. While this slowed down progress, it also led to a level of mastery and understanding that was well beyond his years. He was so creative, and had enough of an active imagination that he was able to start coming up with moves that were actually jutsus that were a level or two above him.

That was not the only training that he gave the child, he tutored him in all the subjects that he knew, which was everything from politics to philosophy. Needless to say, Ryuu did not exactly excel at these subjects. Even still, he made a point to clarify that he would not teach him anything else jutsu or fighting wise until he was satisfied that he had learned enough. Though, he clearly saw the practical hatred of politics and such, he would be a man of action, not one to plot and scheme. In some ways that was good, in others it was just frustrating. Even still, he accepted that that was not Ryuu's path, and so he accepted that and concentrated on more practical subjects.

As he was thinking on that subject, Ryuu came in and kneeled before him. This was something that he had ingrained into Ryuu's head, while he was on any mission; they no longer had the relationship of 'father and son'.

"Mission accomplished sir." Ryuu said in a serious voice.

"Were you detected?" Daichi asked in an equally serious tone.

"No, I was just another shadow in the dark." Ryuu could not hide the pride and borderline arrogance in his tone. But Daichi could also tell that Ryuu was fighting that down, that was good, but all the same, he would have to humble the boy a little later on.

"Well done." Daichi said with a smile, breaking the serious mood. With that, Ryuu also stood up with a smile and headed to the cleanest spot in their home to start preparing dinner.

Daichi sighed looking at Ryuu enjoying the rat thing; he wished that he could give the child real food. Even still, the Kyubi that was sealed in the boy kept him for the most part nourished, but it couldn't completely compensate for everything. One day he knew, Ryuu would leave this place, and make a life of his own outside these walls, he was just sorry that the boy could not at least be shown what a tree looked like.

Sure, the occasional dirty magazine that found its way down here had snippets of pictures of the outside world, but even still, it was not enough. He made sure that the boy had the drive to escape this place though, he would not have it, Ryuu must leave this place.

After their meal, Daichi made it a point to destroy Ryuu at a game of shoji. It needed to happen, but all the same, the kid never let anything discourage him. But that didn't mean that he couldn't be humbled a little bit.

Six years later:

Ryuu took a deep breath, meditating was always hard for him, but not impossible. At the moment, it might as well not exist, he was in pain. Not physical, but emotional, something that he had practically no experience in. sure, Daichi had taught him about emotions, assuring him that one day he would experience them, but this was far worse than he could ever imagine. Daichi, his master, his father, was dying. They both knew it was coming, but it still wasn't enough to prepare him for this. If he could cry, he would, but he had apparently lost that ability a long time ago.

He was focusing his breathing, he had to prepare, he had been training his whole life for this moment. Daichi was going to summon the contract that would give him access to summons, and the bloodline that he had been working so hard to earn. They didn't know if summoning the contract in his weakened state would kill him, but all the same, he was going to do it. It may be his parting gift, but it was something that he would never forget.

He had given Ryuu plenty of advanced notice as to what signing the contract meant, and what it meant, Ryuu didn't hesitate at all. Though he admitted that he had been influenced by his idol, Riddick. While he had never met the man, he still idolized him. Daichi didn't hide the truth from him, while Riddick was all the things that he had told Ryuu he was; he was still a mass murderer.

After he started to get better, he made a point to have fun hunting down the most evil men that he could find. Unlike all the other shinobi here, he could use his chakra as much as he wanted; he killed a lot of people.

By the time he was eleven, he didn't have to hide in the shadows all of the time now. While he still had to be careful, he was known. The second he openly starting using jutsu and killing people, he was targeted by the guards. Convicts weren't supposed to be able to use jutsu. Even though the guards were all ninja, most of them never came back. He could take the new recruits, the Genin, he could take out a Chunin if they were in single combat, but he never even tried to fight the Jonin that sometimes came looking for him. Most of the time he didn't really have to fight, he was an assassin, usually killing without ever coming out of the dark, but occasionally he still had to fight in the open.

Eventually, after they couldn't find him, they decided that it was a waste of time to hunt him down. Unless the guards were looking for him, he left them alone, and only went after the cons. What did they care? It didn't matter, so he was left on his own to hunt down the worst that he could find.

He was known though, he did come out in the open sometimes, so everyone knew who he was, he just never stuck around long enough for enough of them to gather the courage to attack him. After six months of killing, he got an alias from the prisoners.

He was known as 'The Demon of Butcher Bay'. He loved it; even Daichi thought it was fitting.


Daichi took a deep breath; he was ready, ready for the summons. He was not sure he would survive this, but he was dying anyway. Everything was ready. If he died, he had written everything Ryuu would need to know.

He looked at the kneeling boy in front of him, happy that the boy was genuinely humbled at the gift that he was going to receive. The boy In question was a tad short for his age, but he was sure that he would grow taller once he got out and started eating healthy food, or at least healthier food.

Ryuu was wearing camouflaged fatigues, with combat boots to mach. He had a mesh t-shirt, with a light combat armor over it. It was nothing much, just enough to help deflect things really, but that was fine, it was flexible. It was a formfitting, piece of light tactical armor. Ryuu had cut his hair short, but there was still at least an inch left. He also had the odd whisker like birth marks.

"Are you ready? Once you sign the contract, there is no turning back; you will be bound by the rules for the rest of your life." Daichi in all seriousness. He had explained in full exactly what that meant, the almost faint whispers that were always there, not actually voices, more like impulses. Ryuu was confident that he could deal with that. Several times he had talked with the Kyubi, the great fox offering him the power to escape this place, enough power to do anything he wanted. It was tempting, but he didn't want anything having that kind of influence over him, he wanted to make his own choices, carve his own path.

Daichi had never had any experience with jinchuuriki before being imprisoned, but he was sure that there were ways to control the power without setting the beast free. Ryuu just decided that he would figure it out later.

Without hesitating, Ryuu answered. "Yes master, I am ready, and willing to accept the burden, and responsibilities that it entails. I am honored and humbled by your faith in me. You have my word that I will make you proud." Ryuu said as he was kneeling. After a few moments, Daichi nodded.

"So be it." And with that, he started the very hard process of gathering enough chakra to summon the contract. After a few minutes of hard concentration, he bit his thumb and started forming the seals. After quite a few, he slammed his hand down, and with a puff of smoke, there was the contract in all its glory. Ryuu however, went to his master's side first. He was unconscious, but otherwise alive. Relieved, he turned his attention back to the contract.

He opened it, and did as he was told before all of this happened. He signed it right under Richard B. Riddick. However, something a little surprising did happen. After he coated his thumb in blood and pressed it on the contract, instead of Ryuu, another name appeared. Naruto Uzumaki. Daichi had told him this might happen. Though it would only happen if he had been named prior to being sent here, it didn't really matter anyway.

With a smile, which were almost rare for him, he completed the process, and went ahead and dismissed the contract. He did want to try it out, but he would not until either his master passed on, or could do it with him, it was a moment that he wanted to share with him, the old man didn't have long to live anyway.


Two months later and Daichi was still fighting, hanging in there as long as he could. He never really recovered after the summoning, but he was ok with that. He was weak, and was close, he knew it, he just didn't want to pass on just yet. As long as he could, he wanted to teach Ryuu as much as he could.

Ryuu was amazed at the possibilities that were now available to him. The bloodline was indeed remarkable, dangerous, and totally suited him. The eye shine that came with it was amazing as well.

He was anxious to start summoning; he knew he had to be careful. Daichi had warned him that he couldn't use to much chakra, otherwise the summon would be too powerful for him, and he would die. He naturally had a lot of chakra, though not very good chakra control. After a week or two, he was ready.

"Are you ready, do you remember what I told you?" Daichi asked with a little bit of concern and a little amusement as well. This was either going to go very well, or very bad. So far Ryuu was only able to summon babies, though fierce, they still were nothing compared to what he knew what was available. Now though, he was confident that Ryuu finally had enough control to get it right. However, like all summons, there was a test, and that test would either seal the deal, or kill him.

"I've got it." Ryuu said with confidence, almost being cocky, but also keeping it under control. Though he wouldn't admit it, he was a little nervous about the whole thing, but he was equally excited as well. With a deep breath, he bit his thumb and started the seals. And without yelling out summoning jutsu, as he had been taught to not yell out and give his enemies advanced notice, he slammed his hand down on the ground.

With a poof of smoke, growling could be heard, feral, and fierce. Ryuu almost gasped, but held firm. The creature was something right out of a nightmare. It was his first time seeing a true Hellhound. It stood four feet at the shoulder, and was almost eight feet long, not including the tail. Covering it were scale like things that seemed to change color, right now they were flashing crimson, it was pissed. Something else he noticed, was besides the wicked teeth in its jaws, was that its feet, while still retaining the shape of a paw, had five appendages', and they seemed to be just as useful and dexterous as his hands, apparently even having an opposable thumb.

However, its most distinguishing feature by far, were its eyes, they looked just like his. They reflected a silverish shine that was terrifying. Holding his ground, Ryuu met its gaze, and refused to break eye contact. After a few moments of stare down, the hellhound attacked, Ryuu held his ground and jumped at just the right moment. Swinging on its back, and refusing to be torn off. After a few minutes of furious fighting, with the hellhound jumping on and off walls, snarling, and otherwise trying to tear him apart, it finally settled down.

Ryuu knew what the next part was, so he got off the summons back, and stood unmoving in front of it. After a moment, it reached out and bit him on his shoulder, just enough to draw blood. After the hellhound was satisfied, it kind of bowed to him, and then let Ryuu pat it roughly, it actually started rumbling in content. Ryuu was very happy, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and he made sure to tell it that. After a few minutes of this, he bowed back to the creature, but before he could dispel it, it started talking to him.

"Little one, most impressive. Don't wait too long to escape this place, my lord will want to meet with you face to face." It said in its deep and almost sinister voice. Ryuu only grinned.

"Of course, I will the moment I am able." Ryuu said with another bow. After the hellhound nodded, it dispelled itself. Ryuu let out an audible sigh of relief before he hears clapping. He turned around to see Daichi sitting down with a blanket over him, and a bald man in a black tank top clapping.

'Riddick,' Ryuu thought in awe.

"So, this is the Demon of Butcher Bay, very interesting." Riddick said with a ghost of a smile.