The Demon of Butcher Bay: Ch 8

Ryuu leveled his hard, cold gaze at everyone. His eyes glowing with an utterly sinister gaze. As much as he wanted to hide it, he was enjoying every fear filled look he got. Strangely though, Kakashi and the Hokage seemed immune to it. Not that that was much of a shock, but they seemed to accept it, to apparently expect it. Perhaps even be ok with the death in front of him.

It was then that Ryuu realized that the one he had disemboweled was still alive. Using chakra to limit his blood loss, he was clinging on to life. Even though it was obvious that he was going to die, Ryuu couldn't help but respect him a little. He knew he was going to die; even still he was clinging on to life for as long as he could. It was the same thing he would have done in his position.

Ryuu approached the moaning man with a cold look. Though if you looked closely enough you could tell that there was a slightly bemused expression there as well. The man was just lying on the ground curled up, holding his insides as closely to him as he could. As he heard Ryuu approach, he looked up with a look full of venom.

Ryuu studied him a moment. "You look familiar, have we met before?" he asked, honestly curious, he was sure he had seen him before somewhere. The man just scowled and shook his head.

"No, not me anyway. You did murder my twin brother you fucking psychopath." He spat out with hate in his voice. Though it was now strained, he didn't have long to live, as he was in obvious agony.

Ryuu just thought for a moment. And then it dawned upon him. He remembered the man's brother clearly now. He had indeed killed him a few months ago. As it was, he just shrugged.

"Your brother was an asshole and pathetic excuse for a human and you know it." Then Ryuu thought about for a moment and shrugged again. "Then again, that might have just been some other asshole I killed and just forgot about." The man just renewed his glare towards him. Ryuu had the sudden image and urge to step on and crush his skull. But he would not give in to his dark urges.

It was clear that he was near death. Despite his best efforts he was losing a lot of blood, and there was now a thick pool of it around him. Not to mention that half of his insides were now spilled out and covering the ground as he no longer had the strength to hold all of himself to himself.

With the last of his strength the man put as much hate in his voice as he could. "You're going to hell."

Ryuu just smirked. "Not before you." and with a final look of hatred, the special Jonin let out a death rattle and died. Even with Ryuu being as hard as he was, he felt for the guy in a way. He didn't care that he killed him, he didn't care that he killed his brother. More than likely they were together now anyway, waiting for him. While he didn't show it, his facial expression didn't change at all actually, Ryuu thought it sad that no one would remember him. That no one knew his name, and those that did, would soon forget it anyway. For him, that was a great dishonor in a fasion. A sign of disgrace among the hellhounds. For no one to remember or speak your name again, meant that you weren't worthy of anything. Even the weakest of hellhounds that died were remembered, as longed as they proved themselves. No one would morn this man.

After a moment, Ryuu dismissed it and looked back at everyone watching him. It was done, his mask was now gone. Even though he hadn't needed it, he had been wearing a mask anyway. Hiding his true nature from everyone, or at least trying to. If only to lower everyone's guard, there was no reason to keep it up anymore though, it was clear what he was now. However, from the looks he was getting from Kakashi and the Hokage it was clear that they had never been fooled.

Hinata on the other hand shared the same look that everyone else had, fear. They all knew what he was, or at least assumed they knew. Even still, none of them had actually seen it. And now here he was in all his bloody glory. Standing tall, covered in blood, eyes literately glowing with a sinister edge. He wasn't trying to hide his aura anymore, nor was he holding back the regular killing intent that still radiated off of him. Through his bloodline, bloodlust coursed through his veins, demanding the death of others.

With a considerable amount of effort, he contained and controlled it. Now, he just stood there, calm and serene, eyes only shining and reflecting light rather than actually glowing. This in turn only furthered the terror in those that were still in awe of him. For all but the very well experienced, none of them had ever seen anyone like him before. Never before been the presence of a killer like him. Now, his image would be seared in their memories, there forever.

As he calmed down, Ryuu met Kakashi's and the Hokage's gazes with a slightly amused expression.

"I never had either of you fooled, did I?" Ryuu asked in a whimsical tone. They both actually smirked at this. They had both known his father very well. And just like his father, Ryuu didn't like playing politics of any kind for that long. Everything was just easier and simpler if everything was in the open. At least for them, as they were both strong enough, physically and mentally, to deal with the backlash and consequences.

With a shake of his head, Sarutobi responded with a relieved voice. It was nice to not worry about being diplomatic for once and just say what was on his mind.

"No, not even for a second. Like I said before, you're a survivor, not a samurai. While I know you will keep your word, you're not about to die for it. At least not for something so small that you don't really believe in." he finished with a shrug.

Kakashi just sighed. "Me neither. I knew, and have always known what you are. While I don't know who you are, I knew all along." Kakashi finished with a slight look of meaning in his eye. Ryuu understood, and felt his respect for the man increase a little.

He knew what he was doing when he gave his word, knew exactly what he was doing. And despite knowing that Ryuu may indeed seek revenge on Konoha's council, he did it anyway.

After a moment, Ryuu took at everybody else, especially Hinata. Hinata's sensei, Kurenai, was now over the shock. She was an elite Jonin, and from what he had learned, the Genjutsu mistress of Konoha. She was powerful, and experienced. While he had her fooled, he could tell that she suspected, and therefore was on guard for him anyway. She had met his kind before, and she now knew what she was dealing with.

Even if he had the Kyubi at his disposal, he doubted that he could take her. He may be able to hold his own for a while, but he doubted he could win. She had years of experience on her side, and that wasn't even taking into account her own abilities. If she decided to go missing nin, she would probably rank low S class. While Ryuu knew he was powerful, he would probably only rank high A class right now. And there was a respectable gab between the two ranks. Even with all his strength, he was still a kid.

Looking over at Hinata's teammates, they were not over it. The Inuzuka runt was slack jawed, and trembling. His worst fears were confirmed that the nightmare that had happened truly was real. It was now abundantly clear that Ryuu could take him out easily, at least in his mind.

However, in fact it wouldn't quite be so easy. In reality, Ryuu wouldn't be able to go easy on him and still win. He would have to get somewhat serious, but he still was in a different league than him.

The other one, who smelled of insects, was more reserved. But Ryuu could sense his uneasiness. It was a skill learned subconsciously from a lifetime of living in an environment where weakness instantly got you killed. An almost sixth sense that enabled one to instantly feel the weakness of being nervous, or afraid. And right now, even though it wasn't visible, Ryuu could literally smell the fear off of him. He didn't even need to feel it.

There was one more person there that Ryuu was not expecting to see, Shikaku Nara himself had come to see him off, and it looked like he had brought his son along with him. After looking at them for a moment, he could tell that they had seen the fight, or rather massacre. That was fine with him. With a deep breath, Shikaku nodded to him and silently asked to speak with him. With a nod to the Hokage, Ryuu walked over to him.

"That was very impressive." Shikaku started off with a slight smirk that Ryuu returned.

"Thank you, I try." Ryuu said with a tone of amusement. The Nara kid just sighed and mumbled something. With that Shikaku cleared his throat.

"Well, the reason I came to see you was to give you a gift, and to give you some assurances." Shikaku said gravely. Ryuu just raised his eyebrow at this; he was not expecting something like this. After a moment, Shikaku took out a somewhat big scroll and offered it to Ryuu.

"In this scroll are the jutsus and techniques of the Nara clan. While most of them pale in comparison to what it must have been like to study under Daichi, there have been advances and modifications since his time. If nothing else, they should offer plenty of inspiration for you to modify into your own 'style'."

Ryuu didn't even try to hide his shock. This was a big move, and a dangerous one at that. He knew that Ryuu may or may not one day decide to come after him, and still he was offering him this. This would only serve to make him just that much more dangerous, and therefore that much more likely to succeed if he did chose to go after the council. That didn't even go into the fact that these were sealed and protected techniques of the Nara clan. Secrets that should never be disclosed to anyone.

"In addition to this, I want to give you my word that Daichi will not be forgotten. His name will be remembered and held in our clan history for as long as we exist. While his story will be that of a warning, his acknowledgment that he saw the error of his ways will not be forgotten, and it is a fact that he is forgiven for his foolishness in his youth, as well as our mistake to forget him and his loyalty, and his genius. His name will be held with respect, and honor." That hit Ryuu the hardest. In fact, it almost made him cry, it was the most and best gift he could possibly receive.

With a shaking hand, he reached out and accepted the scroll. "Thank you; I accept your gift, and the apology of the Nara clan on his behalf." Ryuu said weakly. Shikaku nodded, all was now said that needed to be said. However, the Nara's son apparently wanted a word with him alone. With a final nod, Shikaku left the two alone.

With a deep breath, the Nara started first. "First of all, I was hoping that you would give me your name if I gave you mine." He said with all seriousness. While Ryuu was sure that he probably thought all of this was ridiculous, he was glad that he at least respected him enough to humor him. With a nod, Ryuu started.

"I am Ryuu Nara, son of Daichi Nara," With a moment's hesitation, he also added, "my true name however is Naruto Uzumaki."

"My name is Shikamaru Nara, son of Shikaku Nara, and heir to the Nara clan." He said with a slight bow. Ryuu nodded in return. Finally, it was time to get to the actual conversation. However, Shikamaru found to his relief that he actually enjoyed the small ancient formality. It made him feel…respected and honored in a way. He now under no illusion as to who he was talking too. While he wasn't aware of the Kyubi, he now knew mostly what Ryuu was capable of. Add that to the new knowledge he had learned of Daichi, and that added up to Ryuu being someone to both be feared, and respected.

"Anyway, I was hoping that someday you would be willing to teach me some of the things you know. I know you can't teach me most of your skills, but I would be very grateful if you could show me some of the techniques that you come up with that I can use. That is, if our paths ever cross again." Shikamaru said without breaking eye contact.

Ryuu's eyes flashed and glowed briefly and Shikamaru got kind of dazed for a few seconds. After a moment, Ryuu made his decision.

"Ok, if our paths ever cross again, and it's convenient, I'll show you some things that you're unlikely to discover on your own." Ryuu said in a serious tone. Shikamaru nodded again and left, nothing else needed to be said.


After all that, Ryuu finally turned his attention back to Hinata.

Hinata, was scared, he did need to feel that. She wasn't reeking of fear like the others around, but it was definitely there. However, for the most part, she was more in awe of him than anything else at the moment. While she was afraid, it was probably more on an instinctual level than anything else, at least for the moment. Later on, when she had time to process everything, she would remember everything said, and what it meant.

While she would believe that Ryuu wouldn't kill her if she was slowing him down, that didn't mean that he wouldn't leave her behind if she fell behind. Like the Hokage said, Ryuu was a survivor. And while it was clear that he liked her in a way, he didn't really care for her. She wasn't worth dying for, not yet anyway. So until he made up his mind about her, she was ultimately expendable, just a tag along.

Ryuu just looked at her for a moment before coming back to reality. "Hinata, were leaving in a moment. Say your last goodbyes, and lets go." With that, Hinata was shocked back into reality. Ryuu went for some final words in private with the Hokage and Kakashi while Hinata did the same with her team.

With Ryuu, "So, is there anything else I should know before I leave. Or rather, anything else you want to say to me? You do realize that most likely I will never return here, so that means that we will most likely not meet again." Ryuu said to the aged Hokage. He did not however direct his words towards Kakashi. They both knew that sooner or later, their paths would cross again. To Ryuu's surprise, the old man did have something to say beyond the obvious.

"Yes, you should expect a visitor in the next couple of days. Your father's sensei, Jiraiya of the Sannin wants to speak with you. And on another note, I also asked something of him that he agrees with." Sarutobi sighed after a moment. "Obviously, Danzo will try something eventually. And unless you are a couple steps ahead of him, he will probably succeed in whatever it is he is pursuing. He will make sure that the odds are indeed in his favor. And he is not foolish enough to wait until you are powerful enough to pose a very real threat."

Ryuu just sighed as well. He knew all of this, and unfortunately, there was very little he could do about it. The seals were beyond him, and he knew of no one that would be able to even tweak them a little in his favor. With all of this, there was no way for him to escape him, not yet anyway. However, the Hokage bringing this up suggested that he was going to do something about it, and that Jiraiya himself was going to help. That was either very good news, or very bad. Though he had the feeling that it was all good, the Hokage owed him, they all knew it, and he truly wanted to help Ryuu in any way he could. For now, that was enough to buy a little bit of Ryuu's trust, and a fare amount of respect.

"On another note, I again want to express how sorry I truly am. For whatever its worth, I am sorry for my failing you, and your father." With a sigh, he added in a dry tone. "In fact, I expect to have quite an, interesting conversation with him after I pass on."

"Anyway, you are most likely correct. My duties prevent me from leaving, and I am an old man. And even if I could leave, there isn't a whole lot more I can do to make it up to you. All I can do now is promise to help you in the future should you want my help. Of course, I won't be able to do this if it is against the village, but all the same I will try." Ryuu nodded, accepting and understanding this.

With a sigh, Ryuu responded. "I understand, I have thought a lot about it and have come to a decision. While this village is not forgiven, you are in my eyes. perhaps one day I will return and see you before you pass on, but until then this is likely the last we will see of each other." Sarutobi bowed slightly, truly happy for the first time in a long time.


With Hinata, things were going a little different. Her teammates weren't saying all that much. While they were afraid and still a little dazed and humbled, they had already said pretty much everything that they needed to say. Kurenai however, had something to say that Hinata wouldn't have expected, actually, it was the last thing any of them expected her to do. She defended Ryuu.

"Hinata, just remember. While everything about the risks is real, as in he is a survivor, he is more than he seems. He does like you; he gave you his name after all. Just get to know him better and in time, he will lighten up and become more open." Kurenai said looking straight into Hinata's eyes, trying to make sure that Hinata would remember her words.

And with that, Ryuu made a subtle signal, and they left. Not running, or even at a jogging pace, they simply walked away down the road out of Konoha. It would be a long time before its walls ever again saw them.


It had been almost three days and still nothing. While Ryuu wasn't particularly waiting on his toes, he still just wanted to get it over with. Ryuu wasn't particularly familiar with the Sannin, but after a few questions and a conversation on the topic with Hinata, Ryuu couldn't help but be nervous. More or less, a Kage level ninja was planning on meeting them, and a meeting like that could only end up going very well, or very badly.

At night, Ryuu studied the scrolls and such that were given to him, and toyed and experimented with them. Like Shikaku had said, they were also a big source of inspiration. There were some techniques that he didn't know, and he first went on to study and master them. They were easy for him and it only took a few hours to get one down.

After that, he started taking them to the next level and improving them in a way that the regular Nara's could never do, most probably never even dreamed of. An example being improving on a technique that was already well known to him, but was more powerful. The regular jutsu not only trapped, but covered the victim entirely in shadow. More or less using their own shadow to creep up and cover their entire body. The effect was that it was no longer necessary to have a connection with their shadow, they were immobile for as long as the user's chakra lasted.

While the jutsu did require a lot of chakra, that was no problem for Ryuu, he had a seemingly endless supply of it. However it was limited now that the fox's chakra was cut off. However Ryuu knew something about that that they hadn't considered. When they sealed off the foxes chakra, they did it directly to the fox and didn't use him as a medium. Because of that, the fox was able to fight back. Eventually the seal would fail and everything would go back to normal.

What Ryuu did was use the jutsu on himself to cover him in his own shadow. This had unbelievable results. While he was in this form, he was more or less invincible. He was a shadow solidified. Cut off an arm and it would grow back, cut him in half, and the lower half would turn into a shadow mist and come back to him. Of course the technique was incredibly draining, but with a little more training and such to get the maximum efficiency out of his chakra, he estimated that he would be able to keep it up for about forty-five minutes.

Other than that the rest was pretty much stuff that he already knew, or was irrelevant because of his other abilities.

As far as Hinata and Ryuu went, things were a little tense, more so on Hinata's end though. It took almost a full day for her to sort it all out. That is, get over the whole idea of what Ryuu really was, think over Kurenai's words, and fully come to terms with the fact that it would be a very long time before she ever saw Konoha again, if ever. While she was never exactly happy there, Konoha was still her home, and now it was behind her.

Ryuu felt a little bad about Hinata being a little afraid of him, but there was nothing he could do about it. Besides, she probably should be as it was apparent that she was just along for the ride. If she was at least a little afraid, she would probably live longer. That being said, Hinata was probably taking it a little too far. She talked little, and even when Ryuu started a conversation she let him do most of the talking. This in turn made her a little more nervous as she was afraid that he was getting bored with her company. And even worse, she was right. Hinata hadn't been this nervous since she was little; she had no idea how to deal with all of this. Eventually, Ryuu came up with a solution inadvertently.

"Alright, we better start training, and set up a regular schedule while we're at it. And after wards, we might as well figure out where hell we're going, because if we don't, we're going to end up wandering aimlessly around." Ryuu said while getting up and stretching. Hinata agreed, and she was happy for the distraction. Training sounded like a good way to blow off steam.

"Alright then, if we're going to survive, we need to work on our teamwork. Or at the very least get familiar with each other's fighting styles." Ryuu said looking serious. Hinata agreed with a nod. "Well then, let's start off by sparing."

Suddenly Ryuu got serious. His face settled into the look he had when he killed those special Jonin back in the village. Hinata could not help but be afraid, and doubtful. She believed everyone when it was said that he wouldn't kill her, but there was doubt. Maybe he didn't intend to kill her in cold blood, maybe there was just going to be a training accident.

Out of nowhere Ryuu attacked with a feral growl coming out. Hinata responded with a pure defensive stance, in survival mode. This continued for a minute or two before Ryuu grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back, and then simply threw her onto the ground.

"What was that? That was pathetic. What happened to the hate, the rage? I know you have it in you, maybe your father was right about you, maybe you weren't worth his love in the first place." Ryuu said with a sneer.

Hinata's rage rose up then, fear all but forgotten. Screaming in rage she attacked him with hate in her eyes. She pushed him back for almost a minute before Ryuu got the better of her again and back handed her hard enough to level her out again.

"Better, but I want fury this time, not rage." Ryuu said in a slightly softer tone. Hinata got a hold of herself and looked at him questionably.

"What's the difference?" she asked with a glare. Ryuu looked at her seriously.

"Rage gives you strength, helps you ignore pain, but it comes at a heavy cost. You lose sight of your objective and you make big mistakes that can easily be taken advantage of." Ryuu recalled Riddick's lesson on the same thing when he taught him. "Fury on the other hand gives you so much more.

"Fury helps you suppress all human emotion, fury will give you strength that you didn't know you had, fury will help you focus, fury will let you control your instincts, and fury will turn you into a killer."

That sounded good to Hinata, she wanted that. "How do I do that, become that?"

"It stems from rage, but it is controlled. Your rage has to be cold, your rage has to be calculated, and you have to want it to be legendary. Only then will you be able to accomplish this."

Hinata took a moment to think, almost meditating. She looked inward, into her memories, and found the source of her hate, her rage. However, she didn't let it consume her; she fought with it, essentially fighting with herself. Finally she was able to attain a small amount of control over it, and she directed it to one goal, one instinct, to kill.

Pure killer intent radiated off of Hinata as she glared at Ryuu with cold fury in her eyes. Ryuu smirked, "That's more like it." And with a feral growl she charged him.


Hinata was breathing hard, bloody, and beaten on the ground. Ryuu didn't even need to use his shadow abilities to beat her, and it only took a few minutes. But even still, she could tell the difference in the way she fought. Even now she could feel the power that was lurking beneath the surface, something primal wanting to be let loose.

All in all, it was a good fight. While she was beaten, she did better than she had expected. She expected him to utterly destroy her, to break her right there and then. But he didn't, and it wasn't even that he was holding back, not that much at least. She could tell that he was holding back, but even still she had managed to land some strikes and hurt him. That was much more than she had expected, so she felt proud of herself anyway.

However, she did know just how far behind him she was. He didn't use summons, or his shadow abilities, if he had, it would have been over inside a minute. That was fine though, she didn't expect to ever be his equal in combat.

"I can feel it now, like it wants to be let out." Hinata said softly. Ryuu looked at her and nodded. He understood completely. In a way, his urges were the same thing as that just magnified a hundred fold.

"What you're feeling is bloodlust, plain and simple. Your mind wants to let out the animal inside, to let it out and destroy everything that has made you hurt. It wouldn't be there in the first place if you hadn't been hurt.

"Don't fear it, in time you will come to understand it, control it, and finally truly unleash it." Ryuu said with confidence, it made Hinata feel good for some reason.

They were both startled by clapping coming from an older man with long white hair. It could only be one person, it was Jiraiya. They were both on their feet in a second.

"I'm impressed." He said in a light, but serious tone. Ryuu just nodded while Hinata did a half bow. Ryuu just looked at him for a moment considering trying to enter his mind or whatever it was that he could do.

That was something that he was still trying to figure out. He was also trying to figure out how to bring it up with Hinata to see if she would be willing to let him experiment with the ability. He had asked Byakko about it, but he wasn't able to give him a complete answer. Byakko said that it was something that worked differently for every individual, and had to be self taught.

In fact, he was surprised that Ryuu had developed the ability at all. For the hellhounds, it wasn't uncommon for them to live for a century or more before the ability manifested itself, but that was just the way it was. He also informed him that if he should master it, he would receive a lot of respect among the clan. Though, that was about as much as he either could, or would tell him.

Either way he decided that it would not be the right thing to do on someone like Jiraiya.

"So, my name is Jiraiya, and it's good to finally meet you. I was told that Sarutobi told you everything already so I don't have to explain everything from the beginning." Jiraiya said in a somewhat somber tone.

Ryuu nodded. "Yes, I was told everything by him, or at least everything that he could tell me. I do not presume or had expected to tell me things that were not his secrets to tell. By the way Lord Jiraiya; I am Ryuu Nara, son of Daichi Nara." Jiraiya had to stop himself from flinching, that was not the way it was supposed to be.

"And I am Hinata Hyuga, daughter of Hannah Hyuga." Hinata spoke up, not wanting to be left out despite being somewhat intimidated by the Sannin. Jiraiya nodded to her.

"Before we get into this, perhaps we should make camp, there is a great deal that I need to tell you. A lot of it includes things that Sarutobi could not tell you at the village because he could not know who was listening." Jiraiya said in all seriousness. Ryuu nodded understanding the logic behind this.


An hour later they were sitting around a campfire, finally ready to talk and work things out. Jiraiya was the first to talk.

"Well to start off, I was supposed to be your god father, and for whatever its worth, you have my word that I never wanted this to happen. In fact, I wasn't even in the country when the Kyuubi attacked." Jiraiya said in a sad tone, unable to look Ryuu in the eyes. Hinata eyes shot open wide eyed.

Ryuu was surprised to say the least, that was certainly unexpected. At first he didn't know how to respond to that. Technically, he was the closest thing to family that he now had. So with a hesitant start, he decided to pretty much be blunt.

"So, what does that mean between you and me? I mean, you know things will never be the way they should have been." Ryuu said in a strange tone. Jiraiya just nodded sadly.

"I know. However, I would like the chance to get to know you. Your father was like a son to me, and I still feel some responsibility to look out for you regardless. Of course things won't be the way that they were supposed to be, but at the very least I would like to be a friend." Jiraiya said now looking at Ryuu directly. Ryuu didn't even need to use his… talent, to see that he was being honest.

With a nod, Ryuu started. "Ok, I can live with that. For starters then, how can you help me with Danzo? This is his game right now and I don't have a choice but to play by his rules. By the time I figure out how to cheat, it will probably be too late." Ryuu said in an all business tone, wanting to get the most important stuff out in the open. Ryuu was actually taking a gamble by just openly talking like that, for all he knew Danzo's men could be watching them right now.

Jiraiya nodded. "Sarutobi and I have thought on the matter and come to the same conclusion. If you would like, I can go into detail about the man, but right now it's pretty much irrelevant. However, we can't allow him to know where you two are all the time. So, we both decided to remove some, and alter some of your other seals." Ryuu didn't even try to hide his shock at this.

That could be interpreted as treason, even if the Hokage had his back. For the first time Hinata had something to say, or rather ask.

"Jiraiya-san, how much trouble will you be in for this?" she asked with genuine concern in her voice. She wasn't sure why she cared, but he was still someone to be respected after all, especially since he was planning on going this far for them.

Jiraiya just shrugged.

"Danzo and some of the council will be pissed sure, at both me and the old man. Not only that but this will and is an open insult to the man. However, it's not like anyone can really do anything about it. Sarutobi made his choice, as did I." Jiraiya said while he shrugged. However, that shrug then turned into a wry grin.

"Besides, what can he really do to us? I am a sage, and while the old man isn't what he once was, I wouldn't want to fight him for real. So more or less, if they demand some kind of action, we're just going to shrug and say, 'make us'." That actually got an honest grin out of Ryuu. He could just imagine the look on Hiashi's face at that meeting. Hinata herself couldn't hold back a giggle.

"Anyway, as far as Danzo's forces go, we have never trusted, or really cared for them. I have actually already taken out a few of the teams following you two, and made sure that it will be a while before he realizes it." Ryuu nodded, it made sense, besides, if they were going to go this far, they might as well go all the way.

"Oh, and while we're at it, I might as well give you this right now." Jiraiya said as he passed Ryuu a somewhat large scroll. Ryuu accepted it, but didn't open it, waiting for Jiraiya to explain.

"That holds a number of jutsus and techniques that we thought you should have. If for nothing else so that you can deal with Danzo someday. Because, eventually you will have to kill him, but by then it's our hope that you will be strong enough to do that." Ryuu nodded, truly grateful for that.

"And on that note, I was hoping that I could stay and train the two of you for a bit while you travel. I have much to offer, and would like to get the chance to know you. In fact, I would also like to tell you about your parents." Jiraiya said with a fond tone. Ryuu now couldn't help but feel excited. Jiraiya himself was asking to teach him. Riddick had been an excellent sensei, and a very powerful ninja, but Ryuu doubted that even he could take Jiraiya.

Hinata let out a strange sound that sounded somewhat like a squeak. Jiraiya just smiled at her.

"Yes, I said the two of you. Other than the fact that one way or the other you're going to be his wife someday, you are going to be targeted by Danzo as well." Jiraiya said in a serious tone. Because of that, the two teens were not sure how to take that, did he actually mean that? Or was he just screwing around? In any case, it got a blush out of both of them. After that, Jiraiya laughed.

After they had settled down, Ryuu had a final question before they decided to call it a night. "So, are you and the Hokage not worried about me seeking vengeance? Why would you do this knowing that I may decide to come after you two someday?" Jiraiya suddenly turned serious.

"Simple, we do owe it to you. We owe you the benefit of the doubt to make the right decision. And we owe it to your father as well. It might not be the smart thing to do, but it's definitely the right thing to do. And that was your fathers big thing, doing what he thought was right. And screw the consequences." Jiraiya said in a fond tone. "Also, Sarutobi and I both agreed that the right thing would be to let go your own way. You owe Konoha no obligation what so ever, your destiny should and will be your own." Ryuu accepted this. And with that, they turned in for the night, trusting Jiraiya to figure out watch.


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