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"We should get married."

I looked up from the explosive I was mixing, blinking wildly. "What?" I asked. I had to have had too much wax in my ears or something. I did not just hear what I thought I heard… Had I?

Sam smiled at the expression on my face quirkily. She did that sometimes. It was adorable, yes, but it usually meant trouble. She looked back down to her part of the explosive, still smirking.

"I'm just thinking that we've been together long enough. I don't see any reason not to. It's not like we'd have to have kids, we'd just—"

"Are you proposing to me?" I interrupted quickly, still trying to catch up with her train of thought. She looked up again, the smirk turning into a full-on grin.

"Yeah, I suppose I am," she said mildly. "Whaddya say?"

I blinked again, the cogs in my mind whirling madly. Her grin didn't falter one bit the whole time I thought it over. She was so confident. And she had reason to be.

Finally, I returned her smile. "I say you'll have to get me ring first."

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