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Rated M for cussing and adult situations.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Line Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Joining Akatsuki was the best decision of her life, or so she though. She assumed that joining the dangerous criminal organization would finally force everyone to acknowledge her strength and admit that she was no longer the weak little girl she once was. Back in Konoha she was always the weak one on team seven, the one who had to be protected. Even when she studied under the Sanin and fifth Hokage Tsunade she was treated as the weakling. She was completely sick of everyone always worrying about her. That's why she left Konoha for good and became a criminal.

She thought out the pros and cons of becoming rogue for months before she took action, sneaking away in the middle of a mission to be hunted for the rest of her life. Joining Akatsuki would show team seven and all of the world she was a strong capable Kunoichi, someone you never wanted to piss off. To some extent she was right, no one in Konoha thought she was weak and people all over the world feared her.

"But do they fear me? Or the cloak?" She thought to herself as she walked through the cave-like structure Akatsuki claimed as their secret base.

"Us of course. Who wouldn't be scared of us? Were strong, beautiful, and definitely smart enough to be any one's worst nightmare!" Her Inner replied loudly.

"I know that, but nobody else does. Without this cloak I look like an inexperienced genin, not a dangerous Ex- Anbu Shinobi." Her fists clenched as she remembered her first mission in Akatsuki. She was sent with Kisame to assassinate some rich merchant that had been causing trouble. The bastard's had hired two teams of extremely strong Anbu for protection that they had to fight. As if that wasn't bad enough the anbu thought she was Kisame's captive and tried to "Save" her from the large blue man.

"Hey, we kicked their asses didn't we? Cha!" Inner energetically replied. Sakura continued talking to herself while anger rolled off her in waves. Finally reaching her destination, Sakura turned the corner and stepped into the brightly lit kitchen. She was so lost in her thoughts and growing desire to hurt someone she barely noticed how eight sets of eyes focused on her as she entered the room, nor did she notice that the moment she stepped through the doorway each and every man fell silent.

The pinkette walked to the fridge and peered inside for a moment before pulling out an apple. Taking a bite she turned to finally notice the men all gathered around the large table in the center of the room. Taking in the odd sight of them sitting peacefully together, she immediately noticed the slight blush on several of their faces, even Tobi had a small tint of red protruding from his mask, as they stared at her intently.

"Hi?" She said slowly. A suspicious feeling washing over her as several of the dangerous men looked away from her quickly. She received a few mumbled greeting in return, she couldn't ignore how awkward each of them suddenly seemed as they sat.

"Alright, what's going on? Why are you all in here?" Sakura asked suspicion lacing her voice, as she noticed some of them trying to look anywhere but at her.

"Nothing Pinky, just lazing around as usual." Kisame replied quickly with a grin glued to his face seemingly unaffected by whatever was bothering the others.

"In the kitchen?" She said raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow at his response, all thoughts of her previous anger forgotten. Kisame's grin faded into an expression Sakura couldn't quite name although she supposed he looked as though he had just been slapped.

"The fuck bitch? Can't we sit in our own fucking base? Seriously your too fucking nosy."

Sakura glared at the angry Jashinist who was now running a hand through his hair in annoyance while gladly returning her glare. He stood and grabbed his scythe without breaking eye contact with the small girl.

"Nothing to say huh? Whatever, later bitch." He growled before stalking out the door, probably going to find a sacrifice for his creepy god.

"Weird." Sakura thought.

"Everything about that guy is weird, besides did you hear the way he talked to us! We should kick his ass. Rude bastard has it coming. Cha!" Inner shrieked angrily as she pumped her fist into the air.

"Hmm, I suppose some more training couldn't hurt" Sakura thought with a grin as inner disappeared to the back of her mind. She nodded her head before quickly exiting the room grin still intact.

"You think she heard us?" Deidara whispered to his fellow members. The question simple hung in the air for several moments before an answer was given.

"I doubt we'd have been left unscathed if she had." the stoic Uchiha replied. They all silently agreed with him, each one of them knowing how violent the fragile looking girl could be. They all jumped at the sound of a large crash, preparing to defend themselves from enemy ninja when.

"The fuck! You fucking crazy bitch! You ruined my fucking ritual!"

The men in the kitchen relaxed slightly upon hearing Hidan's cursing, they looked at one another with various expressions playing across their faces. Without another word they all stood and walked off in various directions, making a point to stay away from the area laden with explosion-like crashes and constantly streaming curses.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Line Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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