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"Inner Sakura"

"Sakura's thoughts"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Line Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Sakura POV)

An Hour later Sakura and Deidara had begun their journey. Deidara had summoned one of his clay birds, promising it would make their long trip almost two days shorter. Sakura watched in amazement as they flew over the world, she gasped noticing a small lake completely surrounded by the forest.

"Did you see that lake? I didn't even know that was there!" she said yelling slightly to be heard over the sound of wind rushing past them.

"You miss a lot of things when your on the ground, un. That's why I like being in the sky, the world cant hide its true self when your this high above it, un." He said glancing at a passing cloud. Slowly soaring high above the ground Sakura couldn't help but think that he was right. The world is a scary, dark place full of lies and pain, but up here everything glowed with honesty and life. Everything was real, and she could easily get used to being up here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Line Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Deidara POV)

Flying was freedom. It was as simple at that. Flying was the ultimate escape from the world, and he just couldn't get enough. Between the serene landscape below and the knowledge that nothing could touch him this high up he felt pretty, well, godlike. And having the pretty pink haired girls back against his chest and his arms around her slim waist as they flew didn't hurt either.

"Hold on tight, we gotta go higher pretty fast" he said suddenly noticing the b;ack clouds that had begun quickly approaching while he was lost in thought.

"What? Why?" Sakura responded looking slightly alarmed. Looks like he wasn't the only one whose mind was in another world.

"Don't worry, un. We just need to get above those storm clouds." He said while nodding toward the offending clouds.

"Oh wow. I didn't even notice!" she said.

Yeah, being up here kind of makes your mind wander, un. Now, hold on cause were going up!" he said not bothering to hide his chuckle when Sakura screamed as they quickly began to fly almost straight up into the air. Once they had risen above the clouds the pinkette turned slightly to glare at him, unknowingly rubbing against his lower body in such an amazing way.

"You could have warned me." She hissed at him.

"I did warn you. Besides I wouldn't let you fall, un." He said smirking at her.

"Jeez, cocky much?" She shot back.

"Very much." He replied raising one eyebrow at her while still smirking. A light shade of pink settled on her cheek as she turned around with a huff while muttering about blonde jerks.

He couldn't help the passing thought of how much fun she would be with a few beers in her. He decided she definitely needed to loosen up and have some fun and that he absolutely had to take her out drinking later to find out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Line Break ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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