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Grandson of Moody and the Alchemist's mistake

Ryou and Yami Bakura/ Yugi and Yami Yugi mind-link/ thoughts/Twin mind-link

Letters ,books,and newspapers.


Grandpa vs. Walrus, and Arthur Weasley's long day.

(a/n All wizard will see Yamis when in spirit form. I am going to Tea's manga name,and Grandpa Muto's manga name is his disguise name ,and is Anime name is his real name. Starting this chapter you will see some other yugioh in other harry potter families {the first character is in this chapter} they will be using their anime names.. Let see how wizards,and witches take to duel monsters.)

"Do you guys remember the plan?",asked Yami Yugi.

Alastor growled,"Yeah think we forget it, of course we know the plan".

"What is the plan again?",asked Solomon this responded Yami Bakura in control of Ryou to slap him up side the head.

" Remember now?",ask Yami Bakura sarcastically

"No ,but that hurts.",complained Solomon.

" The plan is this. Phase one,Yami Bakura ,Yugi and Anzu will sneak in to the Dursley's invisibility to locate and get any of Harry,Lilly and James' things that are there ,Alastor will meet them in the backyard to shrink everything down for transport. They will get back to the front of the house to meet you for phase 2. Phase two is trying at first legally to get Harry by having the Walrus er I mean Vernon ,and the horse, I mean Petunia to fill out the forms that you got at the wizarding bank ,and the ministry of magic. If and only if they are not willingly to sign the forms ,Alastor will take Harry,and Anzu to the Potter manor or to this 'Burrows'. Then we will force them to sign it ,with any other forms of punishment we feel that fits their abuse to Harry ,excluding sending them to the shadow realm Bakura that means you. Before we use the port key to get out of there,I will call in the poisonous snakes to do their dirty work. Understand the plan now,because the plan starts now.",said Yami Yugi.

The first phase of the plan worked out perfectly which took place while the Dursleys were out like a light. After two trunks, a baby basket,a couple of dozen letters,and a almost crying Yugi later,it was time to start phase two. Not noticed by the Dursley's that their normal dursleyish morning would turn supernatural as a two young wizards with two souls in their bodies,their respected grandfathers,and the friend who is a young witch walk up and knocking on their door. Petunia answered to door to find a almost exact replica of her nephew ,and man that she only saw once in her life when her parents force her to go to Lilly's wedding. She tried to close the door ,but Solomon's foot was faster. "I have some important business to discuss about my grandson Harry.",Solomon said.

"Vernon, the freaks are here about the boy.", Petunia screech.


"We don't want to turn this house in to a hexing gallery.",growled Mad eye Moody with his hand ready to grab his wand in a second.

"Dad ,why is the freak out side of his cupboard he needs to be punished for him ruining my birthday?",asked Dudley

"Pharaoh can a pretty please send the large boy to the shadow realm for insulting your host body?",asked Yami Bakura still in control of Ryou's body.

"Tempting ,but I have to say no. I guess we have to do this the hard way.",said Yami Yugi "Anzu and Mad eye ,Harry is in the cupboard under the stairs get him out of here."

"Okay Yugi.",said Anzu. She and Alastor moody run to the staircase it was lock so Alastor did a quick Alohomora to unlock the door. Behind the door they were no prepared to see what it look like inside. Harry was out of his mind with his aunt and uncle yelling about freaks. Then the door to his cupboard opens up to find the girl that he met at zoo yesterday around the time of the incident that landed him in the cupboard with the light radiating around her like some form of angel send from heaven to save him.

"Harry we came to rescue you.",Anzu said.

"If there is anything you want to keep grab it now.",growled Moody with that harry grab the only two thing that meant anything to him a worn out tattered baby blanket,and the broken tin soldiers that he played with when he was in the cupboard.

"What is going on?",asked Harry.
"Your grandfather and your twin brother are trying to gain custody of you from the Dursleys.",growled Mad eye moody getting madder after saying the last their name.

"Where are we going?",asked Harry

"To your family manor."said Anzu"Just grab on this plate and we will be there in a heart beat." With that they were gone.

Yami Yugi ask,"Did you set up the privacy wards?"

"Yes I did.",said Solomon with his wand in his hand moving closer to the Dursleys.

"Okay we will sign.",yelled Vernon,and Petunia as they quickly sign the forms.

"Man that was fast. Can we torture them now?" asked Yami Bakura.

Yami Yugi says," Sure ,but we are not trying to kill them ,or send them in to the Shadow realm."

"Arise Diabound."Shouted Yami Bakura with his half man half snake Ka arose out of the ground."Follow the Pharaoh's orders I have business to do upstairs."

After he said that he went running up the stairs with break neck speed towards Dudley's room.

"Lets just ignore him,and get to business with them." said Yami Yugi

"Let me start with a partial transfiguration to make them look like they are a bit more like their animal likeness."said Solomon then he turn Petunia's hands,and feet in to hooves,Vernon's hands and feet in to flippers,and the only thing needed for Dudley was a pig tail.

" Come forth Dark Magician."commanded Yami Yugi. Then a man with blond hair wearing a purple outfit and carrying a staff appeared out of the shadows."Diabound grab the boy with the pig tail and shove him in the cupboard." The creature did as commanded.

"Lets enchant some of the appliances to attack and shove them in there too.",said Solomon.

"Okay Dark Magician ,and Diabound follow Solomon's orders. I am going to check on Bakura .",said Yami Yugi then he went upstairs and found Bakura in what appears to be Dudley's room. He was putting things in to he shadow realm.

"What are you doing?",asked Yami Yugi.

"I am doing what they call a Robin Hood.",said Bakura "Taking from the cruel and giving to the unfortunate."

"You mean taking Dudley's things to give to Harry the things he should of gotten for birthdays,Christmas,and such.",said Yami Yugi."I check the room next door to see what is in there,and get anything that Harry might like." He walked in to the room and found that the only thing that was in perfect condition were the books on the book shelves everything else was broken. Yami Yugi carried every single one of the books in to the room that Bakura was in and put the books in to the shadow realm for easy transport.

"Hey Pharaoh. I found a duel monsters deck do you think we should give it to Harry?" asked Bakura

"Sure I think we should get Grandpa and get out of here before any aurors or other magical police show up." said Yami Yugi. They went downs stairs and told Solomon that it was time go.

"It isssss time to ssstrike now."said Yami Yugi in parseltongue. The cobras and other poisonous snakes appeared. "For the ssssspeakersssss.",yelled the cobra from the zoo. "Do not forget the two legger in the cupboard.",said Yami Yugi. "Can I come with you?",asked the Cobra. "Sssssure but keep your ssssself hidden. By the way what is your name?" stated Yami Yugi "My name is Kaa."said the Newly name cobra. As soon as they dissipated away the magical reversal squad,the obilivator squad, and the misuse of muggle artifacts department came rushing in ,and nearly had a heart attack to see the level commitment that it would take to get it done.

A very tried Arthur Weasley walked in to the Burrow after spending about 8 hours at number four privet drive which is now called the animal house incident. Five of hours were spend getting a very large eleven year old boy that some how got a pigs tail on to his body from a cupboard and was heavy warded in there with like at least five hundred different wards . After they got the large boy out they all were shocked to find out about the other resident of the house who was the savior of their world was staying in a cupboard under the stairs that had old blood stains all from a piece of paper stating in block letters Harry's room. The quickly removed as much as they can of the animal transfigurations expect for the pig tail it must have been charmed to only be removed the muggle way. Then they called the aurors to arrest them for child abuse. The last two and half hours or so they had to deal with the enchanted muggle things that were on berserker mode. "Long day dear",said Molly Weasley bring a cup of tea for Arthur. "Yeah the department of magical reversal asked my department to help out at situation in surrey. We found out that Harry Potter was not just living there ,but was abused there too."

" Well that explains what Bill said in the floo call before that we are expecting Harry ,Alastor moody ,his grandson Ryou,a muggle born or half blood witch,and weirdly enough Solomon potter and little Yugi here for dinner Sunday night.",said Molly

"Who is coming to dinner mum?",said a blond hair teen with a figure to kill for.

"Oh, Mai just some family friends are coming."said Molly

(A/n Pairings so far HarryxAnzu. Mai is Percy twin sister.)