The large house stood alone, surrounded only by giant fields that were currently growing corn, beans, and wheat. Crooked fences almost split the property in half, a large opening allowing passage to the old looking barn. A wide pond resided in the corner nearby the fence, the corn field growing tall behind it.

A blue van pulled up into the gravel driveway, the brunette female that drove the car frowned at the sight of the old place. The other three girls shoved their faces in the windows trying to get a better view of their new home.

"Oh, my god." The grey eyed blonde said with a slight sound of horror in her voice. The others were staring in shock as well. They knew it was bad but they never knew how bad, this place looked like a dump. It was just luck that another farmer owned the fields, or it would be a lot worse.

The grass was a good foot tall, coming to just a their knee's. The 'gardens' looked more like the jungle of no return, the trees and bushes needed pruning badly. Paths were overgrown with weeds and random flowers.

"Well that's just a bunch of ~" The shorter one started, her long dark hair covering her eyes.

"Well, could be worse." The brunette said quickly, trying to find a silver lining.

"It could be raining?" The grey eyed blonde offered her shoulder length hair swaying as she shrugged slightly, her companions slowly nodded seeing a small line of silver. Thunder rolled in the background and they went into an awkward silence before finally the blue sighed.

"I jinxed it." she grumbled miserably. The other blonde who had said nothing turned and opened the door. Her blue eyes glowing with determination as she stepped out on the dry ground.

"Well, it won't get better if we just sit here. We may as well get inside before it rains, and when it clears up we can start cleaning this place up. Forget about it, it'll be done in no time!" She cheered, the brunette quickly picked up on her mood and grinned.

"That's right! Let's go!" With that she too got out. They grinned at each other before looking expectantly at the other two, who grumbled as they got out. The shorter one, Carrie, turned with a frown.

Growling slightly she grabbed some bags from the back and threw them over her shoulder. Her black trench coat waved slightly as she walked to wards the front door, her frown grew at the sight of a pumpkin.

"That's... just creepy." She said eyeing it with mild chills, no pumpkin should ever smile like that.

"I agree." The brunette, Tashi, said sounded amused. The two blondes, Jessica (grey eyes) and Ashley (Blue), came trotting over.

"What, the pumpkin?"

"Yuck, it looks fugly."Jessica said, wrinkling her nose as it grinned at her.

Ashley said nothing but tilted her head as she stared back at it. She glanced around again before watching Tashi pull out a couple keys and thrust one in the key hole.

"Here we go." She whispered as she unlocked the door with a click, hesitantly she opened the door and peeked in. The door groaned loudly, and disturbed the ones who currently slept in the house.

A bat screeched loudly as it flew at Tashi's face, making her pull back and let out a shriek. The other females immediately screamed as well and leapt in different directions. By the time it was over and done with Carrie had a broom apologizing to Tashi, Tashi was holding the top of her head as a goose egg started to pop up, Jessica was hiding under a swing and Ashley was lost somewhere in the forest of grass.

"Well, that was interesting." Jessica said slowly standing up, watching the open door. A sigh of agreement came from the grass. Tashi sighed before glaring at the door. Thunder boomed louder and a couple more screeches erupted, this time from a nearby tree. A blonde head popped up from the grass and Ashley slowly stood groaning as she rubbed her stomach, no way in heck was she going to jump off that porch again.

"Well, who's going to go in and see if its safe?" Tashi asked looking over at the others. Ashley and Jess immediately shook their heads, Carrie didn't seem all that eager to go either.

"Why don't we all just go?" Jess asked dully, after a couple seconds of awkward silence.

"We don't all have weapons."

"There's a stick... a fishing rod... and a rake." Tashi pointed to the tools lying in the corner.

"What good is a fishing rod against bats?" Ashley pointed out, Jess and Carrie nodded in agreement.

"I don't see anybody else coming with idea's." Tashi growled.

"I'll go hands free, my hit-the-floor reflexes is better than my aim." Ashley sighed, Tashi and Jess took their rightful weapons and stalked towards the door slowly. Carrie first, then Ashley, Jess then Tashi.

"Looks fine." Jess muttered eyeing the dark corners, Tashi pulled a flashlight free from her pocket and pointed it slowly at the ceiling.

"Oh no."