"Oh shit! The garlic bread!" I opened up the oven and forgot to put on my "Ove Glove" and cringed at the touch of the hot pan. I cursed under my breath and slid on the mitt and saved the almost-burnt garlic bread. I glanced at the clock, it said 6:50. Alice will be here any minute.

Tomorrow was Alice's first day at her first big interpreting job. She will be working at her old high school in Forks, interpreting for a new deaf girl that just enrolled there. Needless to say my baby girl was thrilled about her first full-time job and I was pleased as punch for her. She landed this job solely on her own talent and credentials, I was so proud of her. I was making her favorite dinner as a celebration of her efforts, it was a surprise. I made fettucine carbornara, ceasar salad and garlic bread, this will make her melt for sure. I loved making my girl happy, because she made me feel so loved in return.

Alice was moving some things back to her parents' home in Forks. It would be easier for her to stay there during the week, that way she was sure to prompt for her pupil. I live in a rented duplex in Port Angeles. I started my own company as an independent contractor about a two years ago and it was really taking off. But being that Port Angeles wasn't very big, I did quite a bit of jobs around the area, which included Forks. This area proved to be pretty lucrative for me, to be stationed outside Seattle, where most contractors were headquartered. There are people who live out here that need work done on their homes and offices as well. I was reaping the benefits of it. I love working with my hands and I never wanted to be tied down to a 9-5 job. I took assignments when I wanted and where I wanted. I've developed quite a reputation as a reliable worker, which is hard in the construction world. Thanks in part to references from Esme Cullen's design firm I've been working consistently for two years. I even built the deck in the Cullens' backyard. Esme was so pleased with my work she recommends me to everyone she works with and not because I am dating her daughter.

I was tossing the salad with my homemade dressing. It really won me brownie points when I pulled out all the stops on a home cooked meal. Alice knew I wanted to take a cooking class, so she signed me up for some basics for my birthday a few months ago. It was really a present for her, I think, because she's been reaping the benefits ever since. So, tonight was homemade pasta, salad dressing from scatch and chocolate mousse for dessert. Oh yeah, I know how to make my girl happy and it'll pay off for me in the bedroom later. I was putting the finishing touches on the dining room table when my girl strolled through the front door.

I heard Alice gasp and say breathlessly, "Jasper! Oh babe, look at this!" She sniffed the air and said, "You didn't!" She giggled and ran into the kitchen. "You made my favorite! Fettucine!"

I mentally patted myself on the back and smiled, "of course I did baby girl. It's a celebration."

Alice stopped and said, "of what? It's not our anniversary or my birthday." She wrapped her lithe arms around my neck and pulled me in for a sweet kiss.

"It's a celebration of your job, babe. Congrats." We nuzzled and embraced and I gave my angel a deep kiss, our tongues danced around each other joyfully and sweetly. As we kissed she pressed her chest of against mine and I held her tighter. Alice cupped my face in her hands and we continued to kiss passionately. I was so smitten with my girl I completely forgot about the pasta.

I stopped and said, breathily "babe we need to eat before it gets cold. Then all my efforts will have been for nothing," I joked.

"Oh? Well we can't have that happen. I'm starving anyway," Alice said as she rubbed her hands together excitedly.

I pulled out her chair for her at the table, "Thank you kind sir," she said flirtatiously.

"You're very welcome, ma'am," I reciprocated. I proceeded to pour some white wine for Alice (because she hated red, it was too dry for her liking) and then for myself. As I served Alice her meal, I asked her, "Do you feel good about tomorrow?"

She took a bite of her salad and pondered as she chewed, " I think so. I mean I am nervous as hell. I just hope my signs are clear and good. I remember to use my window and..."

I interrupted her, she was getting carried away, "I could help you, you know," I suggested.

Alice relaxed a bit and said, "you wouldn't mind?"

"of course not, baby girl. I'm always here," I assured.

"Thanks baby," she smiled sweetly at me. " I just... I want to be sure I do this right. This poor girl. Having to start her senior year in an all-hearing school, when all she's ever known is a Deaf school. It's got to be nerve-racking don't you think?"

"I would think so. I mean, it's gotta be like visiting a different planet, so to speak," I said as I picked at my salad. Salad wasn't really my favorite thing. I moved on to my pasta and so did Alice.

"Mmmm... you put cinnamon in here, with the pancetta, didn't you?"

I chuckled and said, "Of course, just how you like it."

"God, I love you, Jazz. You know just how to spoil me!" Alice proclaimed.

"Do you know why this girl is switching schools, babe?"

Alice shook her head, 'no' as she was chewing and swallowing. She wiped her mouth daintily. "No not really. I mean you know how interpreters gossip, someone said she problems with the other girls at school. So her parents wanted her closer to home." She shrugged and said, " I don't know how true that is."

I took a sip of my wine and nodded. "Well, I'll miss you. We won't be able to see each other much."

Alice's smile dropped from her face, "I know babe. It's going to be hard. But, you've got some projects lined up in Forks right? Mom and dad said you are welcome to stay with us when you need a place."

I smiled and assured her, "I know, I'm not going to let a mere hour separate us. I'll drive to see you everyday if I have to. I know it's just temporary. I am proud of you, ya know?"

I gazed into her big hazel eyes and raised my glass to her, "To new jobs and bright futures."

"Hear, hear," Alice said happily. We clinked glasses and continued our meal.

"Oh, Jazz I'm stuffed," Alice said contently. I was clearing away our plates. When Alice stopped me. "Let me do this, babe." She kissed my cheek lovingly.

"How about we both do it and it'll get done quicker?" She nodded in agreement. As we wrapped up the last of the dishes and drank more wine. I asked her, "So what does Emmett and Edward think about you going to school with them?"

She snickered and said, "Emmett doesn't mind, but Edward is so in his own world, I don't think he knows or even cares what I'm doing."

"Well, it's his loss. I would love it if you were at my job everyday," I whispered as I kissed her ear and nibbled on it.

She moaned a bit and said, "You're biased, babe."

I moaned into the crook of her neck and uttered, "I'm very biased when it comes to you, baby girl." I kissed the delicate hollow of her neck and she shuddered. I looked deep into her eyes, veiled with lust. The wine was loosening her up. She put the dishrag down and planted her heart-shaped lips on mine. Sparks flew and I tangled my hands into her dark hair. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I sat her on the kitchen counter. We kissed frantically and deeply. She was wearing a black knit skirt and I slid my hand up her thigh and felt the lacy outline of her panties. My dick pulsed and throbbed. I love lace panties and Alice knew it.

Alice was unbuttoning my oxford shirt and I said, "no, babe. It's about you first." I snickered. She was panting at nice tender kisses all along her neck and chin. My wandering fingers tracing the lining of her panties. I was teasing myself. I wanted to rip them off and fuck until there's no tomorrow. But, I wanted some time tonight. We were going to be seeing each other less and I wanted our time to last me until the next time we could be together.

Alice was moaning and grinding into me. She clutched onto me tighter, so hard her heels were digging into my hips but I didn't care. My fingers were so damp from her willing sex, it was making me more impatient. I groaned into her mouth and we kissed harder. I pulled back the lace from her pussy and felt her lips, trickling with eagerness.

"Oh, baby, you are ready," I moaned.

Alice groaned back in agreement. "Oh yes, baby for you."

I slid to fingers gently into her center and nudged her clit gently. She shuddered in desire. I chuckled to myself, "ooh, do you like that?" I wedged my fingers in deeper and she opened herself up more and I felt her warm, wet, center and it made my cock stand erect in my jeans. The pain from the jean erection made me shudder.

"Oh, baby. You are driving me crazy. I'm trying to take this slow," I whispered in her ear.

She giggled seductively, " I think we are failing at the 'slow' part."

I stuck my fingers into her even deeper and she panted in pleasurable pain.

"Oh, yes, Jazz. More!"

"Like this baby?" I placed my thumb on her clit and nudged it tenderly.

"Ah, oh, goddamn Jazz! So good," Alice panted. She still had her shirt on, a button down blouse. In a fit of desire she ripped off the blouse, popping most of the buttons. She wore a dark purple lacy demi bra. A lace bra too?

"Good God Alice! Fucking lace?" I kissed her hard and palmed her sex harder. She groaned and writhed into me. The she did the hottest thing, I've ever seen a woman do. She grabbed her breasts in each hand. Her tits were so perfect, just enough for a handful. I could see her pert nipples through the lace and she massaged and rubbed her own breasts in heated pleasure. I just watched this erotic angel in all her bliss. Tweak and pinch her perfect dark pink nipples and my dick throbbed and bulged against the fly of my jeans. Holy God this was fucking beautiful!

I almost came right there, I concentrated on rubbing Alice's sex, her moist, hot ever-ready sex. She was still moaning in pleasure. I couldn't not look at her.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, making throaty cries and moans against her fondling and twisting of her heavenly breasts. She rubbed them so hard and fervently, they popped out of her bra completely. My mouth was drooling from this sexy display. I got closer to her nipples and kissed them with Alice's fingers all over them. She moaned at my wet tongue and stuck her fingers into my mouth. I suckled and moaned against her long fingers and she came in for a kiss. I was still rubbing her sex rhythmically, and thumbling her clit and kissing her shoulder.

She whispered, "more, more Jazz! I'm about to come."

Diligently and eagerly, I continued my stroking of her sex, in seconds, she gasped and threw her head back and came all over my deft fingers.

Alice quivered and quaked and fell into me. "Oh Jasper, " she proclaimed, "I love you."

"I love you too baby girl. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen," I confessed.

Alice giggled and said, "Well, you made me do it." I delicately moved my fingers from inside her, Alice winced slightly.

"I'm sorry babe," I smiled and sniffed my Alice fragranced fingers. "Mmm," I moaned and licked them seductively.

Alice's lips parted again. Her pupils dilated. She was getting aroused again. She jumped down from the counter in a swift move and kissed my neck slowly. I moaned in response. My cock was still raring to go, but I wasn't the kind of guy who expected his girl to reciprocate. But Alice usually always obliged, but I wasn't expecting that tonight. Tonight is about her, about us.

"Let's go to bed, Jasper," Alice playfully demanded. " We've got less limitations there."

In one graceful move, I swooped Alice up in my arms and took her to my bedroom. She giggled playfully and I said, "As you wish."

I placed Alice delicately on the bed, my knees on the floor, I kissed her sweet lips passionately. There wasn't enough words in the English language to express the love and devotion I feel for my girl. "I love you truly, Alice Cullen," I professed.

"I love you truly, Jasper Whitlock," Alice uttered as she kissed me again. My heart swelled at this beautiful creature in my bed. We were soul mates in every sense. She truly enriched my life and I couldn't imagine life without her.

I climbed onto the bed and cradled her precious face in my hands. I kissed her again, madly, crushing my already swollen lips into hers. She undid my shirt, this time, I let her and I undid my belt, my lips still locked onto hers. When Alice pushed my shirt off my shoulders, I slipped my arms out. Her eyes widened at my figure. It was satisfying to know that after three years together, I could still excite her the way she aroused me.

Her lone solitary finger traced my abs. "I love your swimmer's body, Jasper. It's so toned, but not bulky. You have a truly sexy, stealthy physique. I love it," Alice said admiringly.

"Oh, so all my time surfing at La Push has served me well then," I noted.

Alice nodded and said, "definitely, babe." She assisted me with unbuttoning my jeans which were driving me crazy with my dick cooped up in them.

"Oh, Jazz, " Alice whispered, kissing my neck and jaw, "Oh my god, you are so hard." She uttered as she handled my cock.

"Yes, That's all you, baby." I moaned as she nudged my boxers and pants down. I slithered out of them quite skillfully and I pushed Alice's skirt and panties down her body. She wriggled out of them in one fell swoop and kicked them off and they landed on my bedside lamp.

"Bull's eye," She said as we laughed. "I'm good!"

I smiled and said, "yes you are good. You're very good, baby girl." I couldn't take the foreplay anymore. My dick was screaming at me. I mounted Alice gently and palmed her perky breasts. She writhed and groaned in pleasure. "Alice. I want to fuck you now," I whispered in her ear. "Can I?" I'm still a gentleman although I said 'fuck' to the woman I love.

"Yes, do it, please Jasper." Alice pleaded breathily. I placed my fingers inbetween her thighs, finding my way to her wet mound. She was ready to go again. My baby was insatiable.

"You ready, babe?" I asked , lust building in me.

"Yes Jasper," she sighed.

I stroked my dick to prepare it and placed it at her eager entrance. I closed my eyes anticipated the warmth so I wouldn't cum instantly. I entered her slowly and sighed in ecstasy.

"Oh my god, Alice. Mmmm..." I moved in and out at slow pace. I was so close to cumming I had to calm myself.

Alice moaned and threw her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist, so I could go deeper. I pushed further inside and took a deep breath.

"Fuck baby," I couldn't comprehend full sentences, just declarations.

Alice had her eyes closed in lust and bliss. 'Mmmmmm" She ran her hands through my tousled hair and across my face. Her finger found my lips and I sucked her graceful finger again and she moaned. I was still thrusting pretty calmly. Alice was enjoying my rhythym and I sat up on my legs and nudged deeper.

Alice let out a throaty cry, "Yes, Jasper!" She threw up her leg against my chest and I pounded into her more forcefully. "Yes, please! Oh, so good!"

I wasn't about to change it up again. But, I wanted to see Alice touch herself again. "Baby, can you touch yourself for me, please?" I begged seductively.

Alice complied swiftly, her delicate hands around her breasts and felt my blood pump through my body. Her thumbs rubbed on her nipples and made them pebble and she shuddered at her own touch. I groaned and and gave one good hard thrust as she pinched and pulled at her nipples. She moaned at her touch and I came hard and fast.

I pounded my lust into her and she cried, "Yes, yes, I'm coming! Jasper!" Alice froze and released all around my throbbing member.

I collapsed onto her heaving chest and kissed her cheek. "My god, babe that was awesome!"

She was panting, trying to catch her breath, "Yes, baby it was," she affirmed.

We kissed lovingly and embraced. I rolled onto my back and she nestled into my arms.

I was so drained, my mind wandered to that first day I met Alice. It was in UDub ASL 1 Class. Alice was a student and I was assisting the teacher, Carmen Feroz, who was an old friend of my Aunt's. Carmen was deaf and she, being very dubious of ASL 1 students wanted me to be her "ears" and help out the students if Carmen herself was ever in a bind.

It was curriculum to have "voices off" in ASL classes, full immersion is considered the best way to learn. I knew Alice was going to be a hard nut to crack from the first moment I saw her. Her jaw dropped when Carmen pantomimed, "No talking. Turn voice off."

"Do you remember the first day we met?" I mused, with Alice still cuddled up to me.

Alice looked up at me, "you mean in ASL 1? Carmen's class?"

"Mmm-hmm," I chuckled, " You remember when Carmen said to turn you voices off and you asked, in your voice, 'you mean all the time?'" I snickered, "you were so clueless," I teased.

"Shut up," Alice scolded as she slapped me playfully.

I laughed even louder. Alice pouted a bit, "That's not fair. I had no idea what I was getting into. I just thought it would be an easy A. I thought, since I knew English so well, I could just learn hand signs for the English language," she shrugged.

"Little did you know," I teased.

"Yes, little did I know," She tweaked my nose. "Thanks to you I passed ASL with flying colors and I got the boyfriend to prove it."

"The boyfriend you got because he had to give you private tutoring," I kissed her playfully.

She giggled and said, "I owe it all to you."

I was laying on my side, my elbow propped up, holding my head. " You don't owe me anything."

She sighed and grinned, "I owe everything to you, I love you Jazz."

"I love you baby girl." I remembered, "We haven't had dessert yet."

Alice gasped, "You made dessert too?"

"Your favorite, babe."

Alice squealed, "Chocolate Mousse?"

I nodded and said, "you want some?"

She nodded and clapped her hands excitedly. "I love your chocolate mousse!'

I jumped up put on my boxers and Alice groaned, "Don't do that. I want us to eat our dessert, naked."

I laughed and said, "As you wish, babe."

I returned with the two ramekins and two spoons and slipped off my skivvies.

Alice cocked and eyebrow, "That's more like it."

I smirked and handed her a spoon and her mousse. She licked her lips in anticipation. She took a delicate bite. Her eyes closed and she moaned emphatically. I was about to take a bite and her lusty moan made my dick react. I paused and wondered if she and I could go another round.

Alice uttered, "I love you for making me this, Jasper."

I smiled and tasted it, and gave myself another mental pat on the back. "I am good," I agreed.

"You are sinfully good. I am so glad I got you those cooking classes."

"Me too. I held out a spoonful of pudding for Alice to eat. She obliged and did the same for me. I was in such post-coital bliss. I couldn't imagine a more perfect moment. I got wistful thinking we wouldn't be able to do this at the drop of a hat anymore. "I'll miss this, you know."

"Hey, Jasper, It's only temporary. If it doesn't work, I'll come back and just make the drive. I can do it," Alice was trying to reassure me.

"Babe, it's fine. We will make it work, we always do," I placed her hand in mine.

"I know Jazz, I know," She smiled her precious, bewitching smile and I was right as rain again.