Meeting his Equal


I remembered running, that was the last thing that I remember before I was put into this hellish hole of a cell, I wasn't even allowed to be proud of my escape from jail, I was only out for three days, hell I could have made it longer, but then again, I didn't exactly have a plan of action. Now I rest in what looks like a coffin, on a ship, headed back to my prison. I could sence more people with me though, a Holy man, three boys of this man, a young kid who ran away from home, that kid had a fire, I could see that, he would make a good killer, if he had a good attention span, a man that had the scent of whine, expensive at that, The cop that got me, Johns I believe his name was, of course our little captain in training Carolyn Fry, and then there was him, my double, my equal as some would think, Richard B. Riddick, he may have scared others, but me he didn't scare that easily, he may stand at six feet and may have the muscle to throw me through a wall but at this part in my life, he was not my problem, at least not where we were going. Oh and of course there was me, I, like Riddick am a murderer, and I say it nonchalantly, for I am not afraid to admit it. I stand at an equal 5'5 my brown hair, going down to the middle of my back, (When down) Is always up in a ponytail, my eyes shift from a golden color to black, but that is a long story. Permanent black eyeliner highlights my eyes, I am not what anyone would call slender or skinny, but we are about to get this straight I am not overweight, I am curved, I have enough weight on me to hold my own, and enough that I gave Johns a hard time when he was trying to slap cuffs on my wrists. Usually my baggy pants hold my weapon but today, they held nothing, and finally a tight black t-shirt. The primal side of man was still awake tonight, it was probably the reason why Riddick was still awake with me. Oh yes I knew that he was awake, only a fool couldn't since it. Suddenly I felt a sudden jolt in the ship, then heard the buzzing of a siren, it was a rough ride, the ship was going down.

The ship got warm, too hot for anyone, another sudden jolt woke me from a sleep I looked around no one had woke up yet except for me, I looked around for something to break my chains, however I didn't have to look very long, I found what looked to be a gelatin looking thing. And it was swinging, I aimed them right to the very spot "I only have one good shot and…" Just as it fell cutting my chains and "There!"

I looked for a way out when I spotted my equal, he had fallen in the ruckus of this landing and was knocked to the ground, "Hmm, I wonder, what would be underneath those famous goggles of his. but there is no time."

I looked around for a place to escape, a place that I could at least hide until my shipmates left to see what was going on. Unfortunatly I wasnt going to be able to find an escape I was hit over the head.