It was a quiet morning. Magnus was alternating working and keeping an eye on Ashley, who was being rather quiet. It was actually pretty easy to block out the sounds of Sesame Street, and she almost had the paperwork done before Ashley turned to her mother, with a thoughtful expression.

"What kind of abnormal are the people on Sesame Street?"

Magnus froze. She couldn't say monster, even though that was what the characters on sesame street called themselves, because then that would go against what she had been telling Ashley, that abnormals are not monsters, so what was she to do? Think Magnus! Zombie town at dusk had been easier to manage then most of what Ashley threw her way.

" Ummm, I don't know." It was the simple way out, but her mind was still filled with the paperwork so she couldn't think of anything else.

"Do you think Henry knows?"

She doubted that the highland boy would know, but he might have a better imagination then she had at the moment.

"He might. Why don't you go ask?"

The five year old nodded and left in search of Henry.

"Henry, I have a question."

He hadn't been with the Sanctuary long, but he had learned that the little cub- Ash-lee, could be very unpredictable. The question she had could be about anything. He paused the Game-bouy that the older one- Jay-mes had given him and turned to Ash-Lee.

"Shoot." It was an English phrase that the nice woman, Magnus, had taught him. It didn't mean to shoot with a bullet, just to tell them they can ask you the question.

"What kind of abnormals are the people from Sesame Street?"

Sesame street was a show with furry people on it that Ash-Lee liked. He didn't know what she was talking about. But he did know Ash-Lee was easily distracted.

"I got to the next level. You want to see?"

He un-paused his Game-Buoy and showed Ash-Lee. Her eyes lit up as he told her about how he beat the last level.

It seemed like Ashley had forgotten about the question until later that night, when Magnus was awaken by a soft voice saying "Do you think Big Guy knows?"

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