Danny Phantom: No Escape

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: as always I don't own Danny Phantom.

Author's Notes: This is entry for Phantommouse1115's contest. It is not a part of any of my Fanfic series


"Well Mr. Fenton or should I say Mr. Phantom, you're probably wishing that you hadn't humiliated me all those times," the voice said as he sharpened the knife. I trembled in my bonds as looked to where Danni's lifeless body lay in a pool of her body. She had tried to save me and followed my captor but she was no match for him. I can still hear her voice crying for help in my mind. "I really should of thought of this sooner, all my attacks had been based on your other half which gave you the advantage," he explained as I rolled my eyes wishing I would have stayed in bed today.

I am not sure of the details of this, all I know is that Box Ghost appeared during lunch today and I went to stop him when someone hit me in the head and I woke up tied to a chair with ecto ropes in a dark room. "Who are you?" I asked the person trying to break free but the ecto ropes were blocking my ghost powers but all he said was that I already knew him. That narrows it down to about everyone I've crossed paths with. "You know my friends will know that I am missing and come for me," I warned him before he gagged me. He laughed my only guess he has some type of duplicate of me (another clone maybe since Vlad's lab in Colorado was robbed last week).

It was luck that Danielle was nearby and had secretly witnessed my abduction and followed me. "Hang on Danny, I'll get you out in a jiffy," she told me when someone grabbed her from behind and tried to ty her up but she bit him in attempt to free herself. She didn't stay free for long as the captor grabbed her wrists and cut them. Her death was slow as her life was drained from her body. "Danny, help me…," she pleaded trying to stop the bleeding by tearing some fabric from her shirt and wrapping around the wounds but she couldn't stop the bleeding. She lay there forever it seemed until she was too exhausted and closed her eyes.

"Are you ready to die Danny?" a voice said the as I heard him setup some equipment, "I want your end to be displayed everywhere," he said turning the camera on and stepping out of the shadows revealing himself. "I always say if you're going die make it dramatic," he said revealing himself to be Freakshow. "Just think of it, the great Danny Phantom killed by a human," he said as he took the knife and plunged into my chest. I tried to scream as the knife cut my flesh but the gag prevented me. I could feel my life slipping away and the last thing I heard before everything went black was Freakshow boasting that he had finally killed me.