Note: This is in a series of fics inspired by Alfred Tennyson's "In Memorium." Each chapter is inspired by a specific section, and it's title, and sometimes lines in the chapter are direct allusions to the poem. I didn't write the poem, and I didn't have any hand in making Pan's Labyrinth.

Gateway Bell

It was her father who discovered she was missing. He was the first to hear the bell that signaled she left. With he so sad, magic faded from the kingdom. The gold and red rooms of before became dark green and blue shadows. Candles went out and the halls grew somber and dark.

A fawn wandered through those dark halls, remembering the times he had spent with Princess Moana. Systematically, he sat in each place they had shared together. He remembered the time she had hidden behind one of the pillars to surprise hem and when she had shared lunch with the fairies. Each time, he hoped it would brighten the space where she was no longer, but it only sucked more light from the empty space instead.

He went to her favorite place in the courtyard where she kept a garden. Had kept a garden. No one had a garden as beautiful as Princess Moana's. He plucked one of her flowers and held it close, still trying to remind himself of her. But again, it only made things worse. And she was gone, to a a place where she might die, but this flower could not suffer the same fate. Bringing it up to the other world, the fawn planted it there, that it would wither and die as she would, unless perhaps she found it, and they could bring life again to each other.