Meia, Jura, Dita, and Hibiki are locked in a battle with the harvest fleet. Vandread Dita flew head on at the enemy with Hibiki roaring from the pilot's seat. A series of red laser flashes can be seen from the distance being fired towards them and the Nirvana. "There's no way these guys are gonna beat me. They're going to get what's coming to them," Hibiki said after he maneuvered the Vandread through the enemy lasers. Immediately Dita gasped at something approaching them, it was barely visible through the bright red flashes.

"What is that?" Jura asked. Suddenly a massive beam of red light fired towards them tearing through the Vandread's left arm, ripping it off. The two pilots screamed in pain as they felt the damage dealt to their machine. Hibiki moves his hand from his shoulder and becomes paralyzed at the sight of his own blood. Looking up from the cockpit he sees the same red flash shoot down Meia, Jura screams in fear before she too was shot down.

Staring at the debris that was once his two allies Hibiki growled, "Damn you" as he attempted to fire the remaining shoulder cannon of the Vandread. Before the cannon could fire another swarm of red lasers flew past them, one destroyed the shoulder cannon while the rest sped towards the Nirvana. As explosions chained throughout the Nirvana Hibiki begged for it all to stop.

Shooting up into a sitting position the young Tarak-pilot screamed as he awoke from his dream. Panting for breath he placed his hand on his left shoulder he could feel some small pain as if he had been hit recently.

In the hanger Hibiki stared up at the Vanguard before he mumbled to himself "That light". Recalling the images of his dream where his allies were shot down before the Nirvana itself was destroyed Hibiki asked "What the heck was it?"

"Mr. Alien" Dita's voice said. Looking behind him Hibiki saw Dita, Jura and Meia standing in the hanger doorway still in their night gowns. "What do you want? Why are you three here so early?" he asked trying to act like nothing was happening.

The female pilots lowered their heads before Meia spoke "It was trying to communicate with us. Sending us a message at least that's how it felt to me". Surprised Hibiki said, "Are you saying you saw the same thing I did". Dita quickly turned to Hibiki "Mr. Alien are you saying you saw it to?"

Jura looked away as she placed her hand over the side of her face "How could all of us have the same dream at the same time its really weird". Meia looked at Jura from the corner of her eyes before returning her attention to Hibiki "The four of us have something really important in common".

Meia began recalling the events of when they were all engulfed by the paksis along with their ships "The changes to the Dreads and the Vanguard are proof of that". "Its still really weird that…" Jura stopped as a headache began swarming through her skull. "Jura" Dita gasped with concern. Jura turned and began to walk away "I'm sorry I'm going back to bed"

Down in engineering one of the engineers was having trouble stabilizing the paksis "This isn't good outputs decreasing". Running over to the console Parfet began checking the systems "When did this all happen?" she asked. "About ten minutes ago" the engineer replied. "Well this was a proto-type so it's only natural for it to have bugs in its system" Jay said walking over to the console standing between the two engineers. "You're a real trouble-maker you know that" Parfet yelled at the crystal through the window. Jay threw his arms forward "Yea piss it off even more, that's intelligent" he said sarcastically before he left.

Back in the halls outside the crew quarters Hibiki was still set on that dream he shared with the others unaware that Dita had already called him twice. "Mr. Alien" she said running around the corner and over to him. "What do you want now? Why are you following me?" he asked. "Well I was wondering when you were going to come to my room you know for a visit, like you promised remember?" she said twirling her fingers inside the long sleeves of her night gown.

Blushing Hibiki said "Dita look what's going on, do you really think I'd wanna come to your room right now". Tilting her head Dita stared at him blankly "Then when? Tomorrow? The day after?" Becoming uncomfortable Hibiki turned away and said, "Well sometime real soon ok?" as he began walking away. Watching from the fork in the hall Meia, Jay and the recently awakened Kira were watching them with minor amusement.

"And so another day begins" Paiway said before stepping out form the corner right next to them. Surprised Jay looked at Kira and said in a whining tone, "I swear to god she's like Batman, she…she just appears out of nowhere". Holding her frog puppet up Paiway donned a gruff tone before she said, "I can't believe Dita would chase a man what a weirdo". Jumping in between them Pryoro cut her off "Actually that is normal human behavior" he said before hiccuping.

Angered Paiway pushed him out of the way "How rude, interrupting a lady like that. Hey wait a second you just hiccuped, but you can't hiccup," she said with confusion. Watching the small robot hiccup again Jay began feeling a little sick himself "They've all gone mad" he said in a weak whiny tone before he turned to walk away.

Inside the conference room Mango, BC and Gascogne are having a meeting.

BC stared at the monitor before speaking, "We are approximately 90 days from Mejere, in regards to Operation Harvest where Earth plans to harness body parts as a source for new organs, our home world and Tarak should realize the threat we're facing." Mango asked sternly, "Understood but what happened to the message pods we sent out earlier?" BC answered, "They should've arrived at the two planets by now." Gascogne added, "It looks like we're getting the cold shoulder."

The old pirate leader assured, "I'm sure Tarak and Mejere will not ignore the message pods we sent them this time, not after they discover that Earth plans to take our reproductive organs." That's when Parfet appears on the monitor "Parfet reporting."

Magno wondered, "Anything wrong?" The engineer nodded her head, "I'm afraid so. The peksis has started acting up again, we don't know the cause of it though." The captain sighed, "Not this again." BC speculated, "It must be residual reactions from when the male and female ship fused together." The Reg leader added, "It feels the same way we do. Men and women are so different, we may not be able to understand one another."

At the men's quarters, Bart is eating some pills that Tarak makes to ensure that the inhabitants eat enough to get them through hard labor work. Bart said, "Women are weird. At first I believed that they eat a man's internal organs. What's that book your reading any good?" Duelo smiled as he closed the covers around his thumb and held it up for Bart to see "I found it in the storage room of the pioneer ship."

He reopens the book and begins reading a small passage to Bart "The baby's life starts when the seed, which is the father's sperm, is accepted by the female egg called an ovum. The two of them join together to form a zygote, which in turn develops into a fetus." Bewildered Bart stared at the doctor "You're really into that stuff?"

Duelo merely smirked "I find it fascinating" Hibiki comes in and tiredly collapses onto his bed the two wonder what made him so exhausted. "Dammit" they heard Jay yell from down the hall. Looking at the wall of the cell as if they were seeing through them they could only wonder what he was doing this time. Hearing Kira's laughter they quickly came to the conclusion that they were playing Mahjong again. "Sorry Jay final scores say I win again" Kira laughed. "I'm not letting this one go we're playing again," Jay growled as the Mahjong tiles clattered on the floor.

Returning to they're own conversation Duelo said, "You promised? You promised that you would go to Dita's room?" Hibiki nodded, "Yeah, it just came up at the heat of the moment you know?" Bart suggested, "So what's the big deal? Just go ahead and see her." The young Tarak cried, "You go and see her!" The helmsman shook his head, "Uh-ah, you were the one who made the promise, pal!"

Hibiki grunted, "You got to be kidding! Going to a woman's room? A real man would never do that!" Duelo corrected, "What real men do is keep their promises, your other self should've realized that." The young pilot struggled to find his words, "It's not that I want to break the promise but…" Hibiki snapped while keeping a blush on his face, "Look! If I go in there, what are we going to do when I'm in there? I mean what are we going to talk about?"

Bart and Duelo said in unison, "Good point." Jay's voice called out from the next cell "Pick something in the room and start a conversation on it. Its called improvising you idiot". Hibiki stuck his head out of the doorway and yelled, "Mind your own business Dammit". "When your talking loud enough for me to hear it becomes my business" Jay called back before he took two tiles from the Mahjong board. "Take me and Meia for example, we love spending time with each other and have no problem engaging in conversation…"

Kira cut him off by saying "I wouldn't say conversation since all you do is stare at her like a sweet-toothed diabetic in a candy store". Jay blushed before he yelled "Shut up and make a move already". Annoyed by his fellow crew members Hibiki left the prison block while Duelo closed the baby book and headed for the infirmary. Checking Ezra's ultrasound Duelo came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be too long before the baby was born.

Entering the infirmary Jura was holding her head, her face was flushed and beads of sweat covered her forehead "Doctor can I have some medicine for my headache?" Curious Duelo asked, "When did it start". "It all started with that dream," Jura said still holding her head. "Dream? Come to think of it Hibiki did mention something about a dream he shared with you three" Duelo said placing his hand around his chin.

Slipping by Jura Jay entered the infirmary with a defeated look on his face "I lost again" he muttered as he fell onto the bed across from Ezra. Feeling another throbbing in her head Jura yelled "My head is killing me can I please have some medicine". Realizing that Ezra was in the room she quickly apologized before sitting on the bed next to Jay. Looking at the Ezra's ultrasound Jura smiled "Your baby has grown".

Jay made eye contact with Ezra before he stood up and smiled "I pray for a safe delivery. Now if you will all excuse me its time for my weekly target practice," he said before he left for the firing range. Meeting Barnette and Kira along the way Jay walked in between them, looking back and forth between the two. Nervous by his recent behavior Barnette asked, "Are you feeling all right Jay?" Waving his hand to the side Jay replied, "Not sure I've been feeling extremely tired, but unusually energetic today. Its makes no sense to me what so ever, maybe I'm finally losing my mind who knows"

Entering the firing range Kira leaned against the wall as Barnette and Jay stood on the circular platforms and readied their guns, Barnette using her 92 series Beretta and Jay using his M16 assault rifle. Before they began Jura walked in and sat a few yards from Kira watching the two gunners "Light it up" Jay yelled as he activated full-auto targets. 'Just two shots to each. Double tap the targets' he thought as he began firing. After a emptying his clip Jay quickly reloaded and shot down the last of his targets before it disappeared behind the wall.

Shouldering his rifle he turned around to watch Barnette finish her rounds. Out of the blue Jura said, "You know Barnette. I wanna have a baby". Shocked by the sudden statement Barnette missed her final target and turned her head "What? And you want me to be the Ohmah?" she asked in surprise. "No I want to have a baby with one of the men".

Jay quickly glanced at Jura 'Walk away. Walk away now' he thought before he turned to leave. Seeing him walking away Jura cried "Jay will you..." Turning around Jay's face was red he sternly said "No". "Oh come on we'd be famous, the first man and woman couple in Mejere history" Jura argued her expression changing to a sappy cheery one. 'Dammit Masterson just walk away already' Jay mentally yelled to himself "Sorry Jura, but I'm spoken for. So to speak anyway" Jay said hiding his embarrassment. Before Jura could argue further the ship's alarm went off. "Freedom" Jay yelled as he bolted form the firing range sprinting towards the hanger.

On the bridge Ezra spotted something on the radar "I've confirmed a life signal captain". BC asked, "Do you think that pod could've escaped from the Harvest?" The captain thoughtfully groaned before she gave her orders "All dreads retrieve that pod don't fight unless you have to". A monitor appeared over the bridge showing Jay "Jay here I'm in position taking off now".

Out is space Jay activates the Wyvernn's long-range radar while he waits for the rest of the fighters to join him. "Picture clear Miss Gasco if you would" Jay said flying alongside Gascogne's delivery ship. Gascogne growled through her teeth after connecting to the pod "Its Gascogne". Before Jay could respond the radar began beeping indicating the presence of enemies "Perfect" Jay said sarcastically as he waited for Kira to join him in formation.

As the cube-types began attacking Jay realized something "Hey these guys are different this round. They're faster than the others we've encountered I think they're finally learning something". In the heat of the battle one of the cube-types managed to shake the pod loose from Gascogne, two other cube-types latched onto it and began retreating. Belvedere said, "The enemy is retreating with the pod!"

BC cried, "What? You mean they are not after us?" Magno smirked, "This is an unexpected turn of events. If that pod is so important to Earth, that they are willing to ignore us then by all means we have to get it back!" Hibiki races toward the pair shouting that prize belongs to the crew, they found it first. Two cube-types break off from the group carrying the pod and attack the young Tarak. Meia destroys them and said, "Hibiki, I think we should combine now! We'll get them that way!" As the two craft near a beam comes out of nowhere and hits between them, preventing any combination.

Hibiki gasped, "What's that red light?" "The pod! You have to retrieve the pod and return to the Nirvana!" Meia ordered as her Dread's systems seem to have frozen up. She attempts to reboot them. Racing towards the pod Jay continues to evade the enemy fire, looking to his left he calls over to Kira "Kira let's show our guests the real power of the Gelinkos Air Force". "Roger" Kira said flying towards Jay's Wyvernn.

The two Wyvernns were enveloped in a divine light, briefly illuminating the battle zone the light disappeared reveal ArchAngel. "Let's do this beginning multiple targeting systems. Acquiring targets" Kira said as she took her side of the controls. "Time to up the ante, let's see if they call it" Jay yelled as he pushed the controls forward flying head on towards the harvesters with the pod. Activating the monitors Jay connected to Jura and Hibiki "Jura, Kid get ready once we clear the way secure the pod".

"All targets locked" Kira said. Jay nodded as he slowed the ArchAngel to a complete stop "Do it" he said. "Here comes the storm," Kira cried as she flipped the switch above her console. ArchAngel's divine wings extended outward and glowed with a heavenly light, "Fire" the two pilots said in unison. ArchAngel's wings folded forward before they were thrown back releasing a majestic rain of white lasers, which destroyed every cube-type in the immediate area.

Vandread Jura flew ahead of them and secured the pod within it's shield "Ta-Da am I good or what" Jura said. Hibiki looked at the blonde pilot "Yea well better late than never I'd say". Jura scooted her seat over to Hibiki and gazed into his eyes from the corner of her own "Listen Hibiki" she began. Hibiki nervously replied "Yea? What? What do you want?" Making her seductive tone even more so the blonde pilot said, "I want to have a baby. Will you give me what I need?"

Embarrassed Hibiki yelled "We're in the middle of a battler right now we don't have time to discuss something like that" his face turned beet red as sweat drops began pouring down his face. Jura merely laughed at his outburst. Meia's screen appeared inside the cockpit of the Vandread "Jura, Hibiki get back to the Nirvana now. The enemy appears to be in observation mode, meanwhile we'll…" She spots a new Harvest unit coming out of the darkness of space. It resembles a sting ray it fired a beam of red energy and it hits Vandread Jura with so much force that it causes the red crab-shaped machine to defuse. The Nirvana crew is surprised by this, looks like planet Earth has a new toy.

The cube-types regain the pod once again and begin to retreat with the Vanguard hot on their tail. Two more disengage from the pair and attack Hibiki this time around it was Dita that came to his rescue. The two combine to form Vandread Dita, the cube-types were easily destroyed and the pod is in the firm grasp of the Vandread. Being careful not to harm the pod the Vandread quickly retreated back to the Nirvana as ArchAngel provided cover.

"Good job now get back to the ship we'll provide cover" Kira said after Jay shot down several cube-types. "Head's up the new guy is coming back around," Jay cried as the stingray shaped harvester circled around and began heading for the Vandread. Before Jay could activate his side of the weapon systems the stingray fired a laser of its own scoring a direct hit on the Vandread's right arm.

Meia asked, "Hibiki! Dita! Are you alright?" Hibiki grunted, "What was that?" Dita and Hibiki looked at the control sphere for the hit arm and noticed that it was flashing. The right arm started to deteriorate, turning from its normal blue to a rusty red color. Hibiki realized it was the same as his dream, what if that dream was going to come true?

Bart screamed as the Nirvana got hit, "It never hurt like this before! I don't know how much more I can withstand! Hey, engineering what the hell is going on down there?" Parfet answered, "That's what I'd like to know!"

Vandread Dita attempts to fire one of the shoulder cannons it powers up but then swiftly goes dead. Hibiki growled, "What's going on here? Damn it!" Dita added, "It's just like before!" The sting ray-like Harvest vessel wraps a pair of tentacles around Vandread Dita and pulls it toward its mouth in preparation to harvest its pilots. "Hang on we're coming" Jay yelled as he sliced his way through the continuous wave of cube-types that kept blocking his path.

As the two machines are drawn closer Hibiki said, "Dreams may be real when you're asleep but I'm not sleeping and the thing is that I'll never let you tin cans win! Never!" Vandread Dita breaks free from its restraints and turns to fire at the enemy joined by ArchAngel "Burn" Jay yelled as ArchAngel and Vandread Dita fired their beams at the harvester destroying it.

After docking with the Nirvana Meia exhaled, "We may have gotten reckless but we got the job done." Climbing down from his Wyvernn Jay looked over to Meia and smiled "Between you and me I'm actually looking forward to the next encounter" Meia scoffed as she smiled at his comment realizing that Jay will always find entertainment in battle. Later that day Parfet struggles to open the pod. A cold mist comes out as the pod opens, when the mist cleared the crew see its inhabitant. It was a girl most likely in her early teens with deep blue hair tied into a ponytail, wore a yellow outfit and had earrings.

Hibiki hops up and down to try and get a look, but due to his short height, he shoves his way through the rest of crew eventually he lost his footing and his face landed in the pod. He immediately pulls his face out of it before the girl opens her eyes. They were crimson red and then all of a sudden one of her earrings glows and out comes a yellow hologram of a shapeless creature.

Pryoro said, "Did you see that?" Hibiki wondered, "What is that?" The girl stares and said, "It's you. You saved me. Thank you, my lord prince!" She starts hugging him. Barnette started, "Lord…" She growled in slight annoyance. Jura finished, "Prince?" This hugging sparked jealously in Dita and Jura. Jay and Meia exchanged looks of confusion at what had just happened, but Jay quickly shrugged it off before he stepped forward to help the young girl out of the pod.

Paiway giggled in the back, "This is definitely getting interesting. A red circle check".