Three years ago, the final battle had ended. The allied fleet led by the Nirvana was victorious against the Harvest and the evil heart of the red peksis was destroyed.

All that was left was to mop up the remaining Harvesters that were not part of the battle.

Several joint squadrons from all worlds affected by the harvest, including Melanos, Tarak, Mejere and Gelinkos were scouring the galaxy in search of the remaining Harvest fleets to wipe them out.

Two months after the final battle ended, Kira and Hideki finally married and another two months afterward Kira had given birth to a baby girl who they named Akemi.

On Gelinkos a Harvest fleet had attack Jay's home city, but Jay and Kira were ready and led a 7 fighter squadron against the enemy easily shooting down each of them.

In a hospital room on the ground Meia was lying in a bed grunting in pain while she watched Jay and Kira fight against the enemy from a monitor hanging from the wall with several doctors and nurses on both sides of her bed.

Barnette from a desk in the hospital contacted Jay and Kira using a radio "Jay!" she cried "What's taking so long there's not much time".

"We won't be that much longer" Jay said "We'll be done in less than two minutes".

"Jay" Kira said "I'll take the team and take out the ones on the right".

"Roger that" Jay confirmed "I'll take care of the rest then".

"Right then" Kira said before ordering the squadron to follow her and engage the enemy.

Attacking the enemy from both sides Jay's squadron immediately began chipping away at their numbers dwindling them from 80% down to 40 in under a minute before Barnette called them again.

"Jay there's not much time get down here!" Barnette yelled.

Jay was about to say something, but Kira cut him off "Go ahead Jay" she said "We can handle the rest from here. You should be there when it's over after all".

Jay smiled "Yeah you're right. I leave it to you then Kira" he said before flying off away from the battle and toward the hospital where Meia and Barnette were.

Approaching the hospital Jay quickly lowered the speed of his Wyvernn and successfully landed on the roof of the hospital, immediately opening the canopy and jumping out rushing for the roof access door.

Grabbing the handle Jay ripped open the door and sprinted down the stairs from floor 6 to floor 3 where Meia was.

Bolting through the doorway Jay rushed down the hall yelling at the various nurses and doctors to get out of the way as he ran down the hall and past the main desk where Barnette was.

Finally at Meia's room, Jay threw the door open and ran in quickly kneeling at Meia's bedside grabbing her hand "I'm here Meia" he said calmly even though he was out of breath.

"Jay" Meia smiled weakly.

Two hours later, the sun had set and the battle was long over.

Kira and Hideki with their daughter Akemi as well as Barnette, Jura, Hibiki, Dita, Magno and BC as well as many others from the Nirvana had gathered in the lobby of the hospital waiting in silence for the news they hoped was coming.

Two doctors walked out from the double doorway and held the doors open as Jay walked out with Meia next to him in a wheelchair. Looking around Jay said aloud "Ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to introduce you to Suzume and Michael Masterson" he said holding a baby girl wrapped in a pink towel while Meia was holding a baby boy wrapped in a blue towel.

"I'm a daddy" he said happily.

Kira quickly ran over to Jay and gently hugged him from the side just as Dita, Jura and Barnette crowded around Meia all of them congratulating both of them on their children.

Ten years after, Jay and Meia along with Hibiki and Dita, Kira and Hideki, BC and the entire crew of the Nirvana had attended the funeral of Magno Vivan a surrogate mother figure to all of them.

Even though the captain had passed on everyone knew that she would never truly die, she would live on inside each of them and they would make sure she continued to live by telling their children the stories of her.

Jay had retired from his life in the Air Force and taken on a quiet life with Meia in his old home on Gelinkos which was rebuilt after the first Harvester raid on his country.

Kira and Hideki had also settled down each of them living in a new house built next to Jay and Meia so they could always keep an eye on each other.

No matter what, they would always be there for each other, they would always be family. To the very end.

A/N. And there it is. The final chapter and end to Shattered Space. I didn't want it to end, but there it is. I named this chapter Trust after the theme song for Stage 1 of Vandread since its my favorite anime theme of all time and the ending theme to the final episode.

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