Disclaimer: I do not own Mirai-Trunks (*drooling anyway*) neither any other characters appearing in this fic. They all belong to Toriyama-san ;)


Cyborg18 just exploded in a billion of metallic particles. Mirai-Trunks was standing, his hand still stretched and thin thunders moving along his body. Behind him, Cyborg17 was displaying a puzzled look for perhaps the first time of his life.

"No... It can't be...", he managed to whisper.

Mirai-Trunks turned to face him, expressionless, but with fire in his eyes. Cyborg17 crouched instinctively in an defensive pose. "You improved a lot since last time", he said with a thin unease smile while sweatdrops were appearing on his forehead. He was experimenting the closest feeling to 'fear' he had ever felt in his whole life.

Mirai-Trunks lowered his head, his eyes still gazing the cyborg, as a wolf ready to attack. "Without the cyborgs...", he started in a low, threatening voice, "some of my friends would still be alive".

He leaped towards to cyborg in a movement almost too fast to be seen. The cyborg tried to protect himself from the upcoming blow, but Mirai-Trunks pierced his defense and kicked his face backwards. The cyborg's body followed in a movement almost graceful for a few seconds before he crashed on the ground.

Mirai-Trunks raised in the air until he was at 300 feet high. He gathered his ki in his hand in a ki-ball that was glowing like dozen of suns.

"DISAPPEAR FROM MY SIGHT!!", Mirai-Trunks yelled while throwing the ki-ball towards the cyborg.

The explosion was so big that it disintegrated the cyborg right away, wiping any traces of its existence...

... and destroying the whole area of buildings around...

But hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, heh? ;)


All right :p
I usually don't make funny fics, and I don't usually make short fics (yet if you ever find "Dragon Bowl GT", that's the shortest fic I ever did :p ) but this one came in my mind after I saw the last episod of the Terminator saga, when Trunks destroys the cyborgs… Pay attention that half of the city is also destroyed in the process :PPPPPPPPPPPP