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The End

" Dumbledore is dead my lords." Bellatrix said a satanist smile upon her face.

A smirk appeared upon the face of the smaller man his green eyes flashing dangerously. Voldemort smiled and looked down at his young lover.

"Are you happy?" he asked Harry

"Yes my love, the old meddling bastard is dead. He can no longer hurt us."

Smiling at Harry Voldemort pulled him into a hug and kissed his squarely on the lips. His forked tongue roaming freely inside Harry's mouth. A loud gasp made the two of them pull apart as Harry turned to see Bella leading the prisoners from Hogwarts into the room.

"Harry!" Ron yelled loudly "What the hell are you doing?"

Smirking Harry walked down to where the prisoners where, his "friends" once upon a time.

"Hello Ronald!" he exclaimed with a false cheerful expression "Fancy meeting you here!"

"H-Harry" Hermione said shakily "But why are you here? Did Voldemort kidnap you?"

Laughing Harry turned to look at her. "Kidnap me? No. I came willingly. For you see I was tired of Dumbledore's manipulations. I wanted to live my own life and be with the one I love. Tom let me do that.

"You can't love him!" Ginny screeched suddenly "You're suppose to love me!"

Wincing slightly at her high pitch tone of voice, I turned to look at her. " I was wasn't I?" I titled my head slightly to the side in a questioning manner. "And you were suppose to be poor and Hermiones a muggle born." He said turning to look at all of them.

"Dumbledore lied to me. Tom never did. You!" He exclaimed pointing at Hermione, "You parents are both magical, pure bloods I might add." Hermione looked down ashamed.

"Ronald, your family has tons of money, taken from my vaults I might add. I would have never know that I had more then one vault if it weren't for them." I said pointing towards two death eaters in the crowd.

"Why tha-"

"nk you Ha-"

"ry! We we-"

"re happy to-"


"Fred? Gorge!" exclaimed Mrs. Weasly in shock turning to face her sons.

"Hey Mom!"

"Sorry but-"

"we chose"

"our side."

With an identical mischievous smirk upon their faces they spoke simultaneously. "Harry's side."

"That's enough. Gred, Forge." Smiling happily they stepped back, pulling their hoods back on and replacing their masks.

Harry turned to Bella and spoke the words she had been waiting so desperately to hear. "You can have your fun." Turning away from the pleading voices he looked up at Tom seeing his approving smile. "you did well, Love." Tom said, "Lets get out of here."

With a smile Harry followed him out the main doors into their private rooms. Setting up a silencing barrier and a few intricate locking spells on the door Tom turned to Harry. With a sigh Harry dropped the glamour he had on. Groaning he sat down on the bed.

"I can not wait for the twins to be born!"

Tom laughed, "Then were going to have to get to work on making them some siblings.

"Oh no you don't!" Harry exclaimed, "YOU will be caring the next one!"

With a small smile Tom rested his hand on Harry's stomach. He now not only had a husband but soon an heir to the new world he had worked so hard to build for the one he loved.