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"You tell her."

"No you tell her."

"You were the one that answered the phone."

"I don't care. You've known her longer."

"By an hour you idiot, just fucking tell her."


Rolling my eyes I stood from my desk and walked over to the door, jerking it open and scaring the hell out of my two best friends.

"Word of advice. If you're having an argument about me make sure you don't do it right outside my fucking door."

"Oh sorry Bells." Seth said.

"Whatever. What's the problem?"

Seth looked at Sam and then back to me and then again at Sam.

"Damn it Seth just spit it the fuck out."

"He took another one."

"I'm sorry. I don't think I heard you right?" I asked anger lacing my voice.

"Irina called, said she was switching to him."

I fucking saw red.

Turning quickly I searched the corners of my office. "Where the hell is my fucking bat?"

"Bella." Sam said in a calming tone, trying to soothe me. To bad for him Seth can't keep his mouth shut.

"It's just Irina."

Whirling around they both took a step back. "Just Irina…just Irina. Two weeks ago it was just Lauren and the week before that it was just Jessica. That's three in the last fucking month. At the rate he's going I'll lose all my clients before I know it."

"You are way too good for that to happen and you know killing him won't solve the problem." Seth said.

"I didn't plan on killing him, breaking his fingers and beating that pretty little face of his in will be enough."

"And that's exactly why the three whores jumped over to him, hoping they'll get a good fuck out of him." Sam said.

"I don't give a shit if he looked like Jackson--hot as fuck--Rathbone. You don't leave your artist for another unless they fuck up, so he had to do something major to get them in his shop which means it is his fault. You two fucking know how hard I've worked to be accepted and to prove that I'm as good as the boys in this profession. Losing one client is one to many, but three is unfuckingforgiveable."

"Yeah but Bells you can't go over there all pissed off or you're going to get arrested."

"It would be worth it."

"And how would you explain to the officer that you needed to call your police chief father to come bail you out?"

"Are you saying neither one of you would bail me out?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

Seth grinned and answered with his own question. "How could we do that if we're in the same damn cell because you know we go where you go?"

"Good answer." I said grinning back at him.

Sam threw in his two cents then. "Yeah and as much as I love both of you I have plans that include getting laid tonight and I don't want it to be with Butch. So can you just calm down and think about how you won't have to listen to Irina's constant bitching and moaning anymore. Tomorrow if you still want to go over there I'm right behind you."

I looked between the two of them and finally relented albeit reluctantly. "Fine, but if one more leaves I'm fucking him up."

"And we'll each hold an arm." Sam said.

My lips twitched before breaking into a smile. I loved my boys and I had no doubt they would do exactly like he said.

Moving over to my chair I plopped down and said, "You two can go back to what you were doing now. I'm no longer in danger of inflicting bodily harm."

They both chuckled and moved to walk back out to the front of the shop when Seth said, "He does kind of look like Jackson Rathbone if you think about."

"Yeah the blond hair and the eyes. I can see it." Sam agreed.

They both ran out the door as my stapler slammed into the wall beside it. Fucking morons.

Shaking my head at them I spun my chair around and looked over the wall behind me. On it were over a thousand Polaroid pictures. Each one depicted the first time I tattooed a new person. There was everything under the sun up there, tribal, Chinese symbols, butterflies, and flowers--just to name a few. Over half of them had come back for another tattoo and were still my clients. Well minus the three whores.

I fell in love with tattoos at 16 when I got my first one, only being able to do so with help of a fake id my two delinquent best friends got for me. It was a big fuck you to my father and only parent, who'd whether be at work or fishing than home with his daughter. Granted I was 16 and thought that just having one said that even if he never saw it and I made sure at the time he never saw it, getting a small heart on my hip.

When I turned 18 I got my second one right before I started college. My dad was not happy when I came home with the hummingbird on the back of my neck. He was even less happy when he learned that I would be majoring in Visual Arts and my job of choice after graduation was a tattoo artist. He blamed my friends and he was right since they got me into it and had the same dream I did, but it was my life and I had made my choice.

Sophomore year the three of us started looking into becoming apprentices. Sam and Seth found shops right away, but I was turned down left and right. It succeeded in not only pissing me off, but making me more determined as well. I finally found a place about three months after Sam and Seth did with a guy named Aro. I think he was more into looking at my ass than teaching me, but if it meant I got to learn and he didn't fucking touch I was okay.

Aro was a complete dick until he realized I had a natural talent. Once that happened I was his protégée and he taught me all he knew.

I apprenticed there for the rest of college and my graduation present from Aro was a job offer. I worked as a full fledge tattoo artist for three years. The first year was tough, I was constantly bypassed for the male employees, but I wasn't about to give up and by the end of the third year I was making enough money and had enough repeat clients that I decided to open my own shop.

Aro didn't want me to go, but knew it was time so he gave me no problems and wished me luck.

With a little help I'd found the perfect location, not another tattoo parlor in a 15 mile radius, on a street with a lot of foot traffic and surrounded by shops and clubs. All I had to do was mention it to Sam and Seth and they were on board, coming to work with me when I got everything ready. It was not a bad move for any of us. Already having clients of our own and most in the middle of doing larger pieces we started off busy and only continued to grow. Now three years later, Skin Deep, was one of the top shops in the state and we were walking billboard signs for it.

My little heart and humming bird had grown over the years into free advertising for Sam and Seth, the only two I allow to put anything on my body now. From Seth I have a halo and angel wings on one shoulder blade, a devil's pitchfork with a forked tail wrapped around it on the other shoulder, the Winston Churchill quote-'Without Courage, all other virtues lose their meaning--on the small of my back, hibiscus flowers that trail up my ribs on both sides, and a barcode with the date we met on my left wrist. From Sam I have a lizard on my foot its tail wrapping around my left ankle, an orchid blossom on my right wrist, two rainforest half sleeve scenes on both arms, a cherry blossom anklet on my right ankle, and the eye of Horus right smack dab in the middle of my back.

Sam and Seth have my ink on them as well as each others. I do their tribal tats and they do everything else.

When people ask about our ink it always brings in more business.

But now all that we've worked for…all that I've worked for is being threatened by the mother fucker down the street.

Jasper Whitlock pissed me off the first time he stepped foot in my shop six months ago. He was all charming southern gentleman at first. I will admit that with his blond curls, blue eyes, his tanned, toned, and inked up body, and perfect feature I thought he was pretty hot. That was until he realized that I wasn't the fucking receptionist. He then turned into an arrogant, cocky asshole and informed me that he was opening his own shop across the street and a few stores down. He also said he looked forward to the day that he put me out of business.

By then it didn't matter that he was a wet dream come to life I was mad and had countered with a not fucking likely and a get the fuck out of my shop. He left with a smirk on his face and my middle finger following him.

When he opened Rorschach, stupidest fucking name ever if you ask me, two months ago I would have bet everything I owned that none of my clients would leave me for him. Granted now I know better and he better pray that no one else does.

With a sigh at that I turned back around and grabbed my cigarettes off the desk. Straightening my short jean skirt and black tank I headed out to the front, finding Seth and Sam cleaning up. We still had another hour before closing and even though none of us had appointments tonight we would be here until then. You never know when you'd get a walk in and we've stayed hours late before gaining new clients.

"Hey guys, I'm going to smoke. Care to join me?"

"I will," Seth said, grabbing his cigarettes out of his jacket.

We walked out to the sidewalk and leaned against the wall.

"So you still mad?" Seth asked after we'd lit up.

"When it comes to him always," I answered scowling down at the shop before looking back to Seth. "But I've decided that I'm not going to let him get to me. If I do then..." I trailed off as I realized that Seth wasn't paying attention to me, but at something over my shoulder.

Turning around I saw a woman walking our way. As she got closer I realized it was my client, Maria. Smiling I greeted her as she made it to us.

"Hey Maria."

"Hey Bella, Seth."

"Are you ready for tomorrow night?" I asked.

"Well that's why I'm here. I can't make it for my appointment."

"Oh, okay. Do you want me to see when I have another slot open?"

"I'm actually going to be really busy at work for a few weeks. Can I call you when I know my schedule more?"


'Okay, thanks. I've got to run, but I'll let you know."

"Alright. Have a good night."

"You too."

She walked away and I turned to Seth. "Bella, I think she was lying."

"What? Why would she do that?"

"Because she came out of Jasper's shop."

OH hell fucking no. Moving around Seth I called out for Maria.

She turned and I walked down to where she was. "Are you going to him now? Is that why you canceled on me?"

"I'm sorry Bella, but he's so hot."

"I don't care. I've done your tattoos for a year now. I'm in the middle of one. Are you going to let him finish it?"

"Yeah. He drew up a new design to go inside what I have so far and I really liked it. I'm so sorry Bella."

"An apology doesn't make it right Maria." I said and turned away from her.

I walked back to Seth, passing him by and jogging across the street. I heard him say Fuck and yell at Sam to lock the door.

He tried to get me to stop but I was done with this shit.

Once I made it to the shop down the street I jerked the door open, finding four people in the front, none of which were the one I was hunting. The two guys I knew were his artists, but the two girls I'd never seen. I assumed they were their girlfriends since they were sitting on their laps, but by the way they were dressed they could have been whores too. They weren't my concern though.

"Where is he?" I growled at the biggest guy.

"Who are you talking about?"

"Don't give me that shit. You know exactly who I want."

"He's busy."

"Is he working on a client?" I asked, hearing the door open behind me. The rolling of eyes from the two guys let me know it was Seth and Sam.


"Then he's not busy. Now be nice and run get him."

"I don't know who you think you are, but you need to check yourself and stop ordering my boyfriend around." The blond bitch said.

"This doesn't concern you so keep you mouth shut." I hissed.

She stood up in all her hooker glory, but before she could say a word a loud, "ENOUGH!" came from the back. Every one of our heads jerked toward the voice and my eyes narrowed seeing him standing in the doorway there.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He asked his own eyes narrowed at me.

"You know exactly why I'm here."

He smirked and disappeared. He did not just fucking walk away from me.

Muttering obscenities I moved around the desk to follow him, but stopped when a long talloned hand wrapped around my forearm.

"I think you need to leave."

Looking up at the bitch I said, "And I think you need to remove your hand before I break it off." When she didn't right away I said, "Now."

Once again his voice interrupted her comeback. "Damn it Rosie let her go. Bella bring your ass back here so we can deal with this shit."

I jerked my arm free and walked to the back. He turned and walked down a short hallway, disappearing into a room.

When I got inside I slammed the door, closing the short distance between us in a few steps so we were nose to nose, figuratively speaking since he had a good six inches on me. "You are such a fucking bastard. You know the unspoken rule and yet you still take four of my clients."

"I didn't take anybody. They came to me on their own so your anger is a little misplaced."

"Fuck you. You knew damn well they were mine and yet you didn't turn them away so my anger is exactly where it needs to be."

"Maybe if your work had been better you wouldn't have lost them, ever think of that?"

"My work is fucking impeccable."

"If you say so."

"I know so."

"Well then maybe you lost them because you're just a complete and utter bitch."

"Fuck you."

"You've already said that." He said stepping forward. I was so close I had to take a step back. It just pissed me off more.

"God I hate you." I seethed and took another step back as he came forward a second time.

"The feeling is entirely fucking mutual." He growled moving again. My back came in contact with the wall by the door and stopping any further movement on my part. He kept coming though until he was pressed against the front of me.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Shutting you the fuck up." He said before crashing his lips to mine.

It was an angry and demanding kiss, but so fucking good that I could do nothing but reciprocate. He plunged his tongue into my mouth without permission and I fought for control before winning and pushing back into his.

My hands fisted in his shirt tugging him closer as we continued to go back and forth with our control. His hands landed on my hips, sliding down to the bare skin of legs and back up, dragging my skirt with them. When he had it bunched around my waist he reached up and tugged the front of my top and bra down, freeing my breast.

His mouth left mine and latched onto a harden peak, sucking it deep into his mouth. I groaned out and let my head fall back against the wall as his hands went to my panties. With a quick tug they ripped from my body, increasing the wetness I could already feel pooling there.

His fingers danced across my bundle of nerves before he unexpectedly plunged two fingers inside me, making me cry out loudly from the pleasure it produced. He was relentless in the pumping of his hand in and out of my body. I knew I was moaning loudly, but at the moment I didn't really fucking care.

He moved over to suck in my other nipple and somehow thrust his fingers into me faster, hooking them each time. Bringing his thumb into play he started circling my clit with the same rhythm as his fingers. My body had started to tremble with my coming orgasm. A few seconds later his teeth grazed my nipple as he pushed his fingers in and pressed against my g-spot, sending me in a dizzying spiral of release.

His mouth unlatched from my breast, but he continued to move his hand, drawing out my orgasm. When I finally stopped shaking he pulled his hand away and quickly grabbed a condom from his wallet. While he ripped the packet open I jerked the button of his jeans free and made quick work of the zipper. I didn't even bother pushing them down, just reached a hand in and pulled his cock free of its confines.

He slapped my hands away and rolled the condom down his length. When it was in place he reached around me and gripped my ass, picking me up. My legs locked around his waist as he slammed himself to the hilt.

"Fuck," He growled and stilled.

I bucked my hips and that was all he needed.

Just like with his fingers he was relentless. Each time he pounded into me I felt him hit spots deeper and deeper inside.

"When you cum I want you scream my name. I want you to know who's fucking you." He growled.

"Then you better fuck me harder than you are now." I hissed back.

His hands left my ass and slid up my back, wrapping around my shoulders. His grip was tight and I knew I'd have bruises tomorrow, but the leverage was able to make him do what I said, so I didn't mind at all.

"Yes…" I groaned as he hit that one spot over and over again.

His mouth crushed mine as he picked up speed. My back was hitting the wall, but the small amount of pain just intensified everything else. Without warning he bit down on my bottom lip and my body exploded in a white haze.

"JASPER…." I screamed out as my walls clamped and released around him with the spasms of my orgasm. He continued to slam into me a few more times before roaring out my name as his own release claimed him.

We stayed locked together as we came down and our breathing returned to normal. When it had he pulled out and I dropped my feet to the floor. As he disposed of the condom I straightened my top and skirt, pulling it over my bare ass. I was going home anyway.

He came back to me re-zipped and buttoned.

Fisting my hands in his shirt again I jerked him down to my level.

"This changes nothing. Take another of my clients and I'll be forced to kill you." I said before pressing my mouth hard against his.

Not taking it any further I pushed him away and pulled the door open leaving it that way as I walked out.

Turning the corner I found six people with their mouths hanging opening. Looking at each of them I said, "What? He took my clients. He had to pay me back somehow."

I heard a choked laugh from the back as I passed by the others and with a smile on my face I pushed the front door open and left the shop.