She ran quickly along the seemingly endless wall, Akuma no Saisu in her hand. Akuma no Saisu, Demon's Scythe, was her weapon. It resembled a long scythe but wasn't as clean cut as the one the grim reaper has. Hers had dents in the handle and had strings attached just above where she griped the handle. She came around the front of Creed's fortress she saw a giant hole where the door used to be. Huh, seems like their already inside, She thought. As she ran through the hole she felt a presence coming up the road. A presence she knew very well. So, Black Cat's coming to save his friend. This should be an interesting reunion. She navigated the hallways until she found a balcony overlooking the room where Creed, his followers, Rinslet, and the three Chronos agents were. She stuck out her right arm and started to spin Akuma no Saisu. As she spun it she raised her arm over her head and spun it faster. No one knew she was there, that was good. After a couple moments she let go and Akuma no Saisu went, spinning in a circle, towards the doctor and sliced his head clean off.

"Wha-?" Creed said staring at the doctor's decapitated body.

Just like a boomerang Akuma no Saisu turned, still spinning, and flew back up to its master. Everyone's eyes were on it, following its path back up to the girl standing on a balcony, wearing dark fitting denim jeans, a black t-shirt, had her long dark brown hair back in a pony tail, and had her head facing the weapon in her right hand.

"Who are you!" Creed yelled. She didn't answer.

"Dynasty!" Rinslet yelled finally figuring out who she was, "What the hell are you doing here?" Dynasty still didn't respond. She had started to spin Akuma no Saisu again.

"Train's coming. When he gets here run back to the car with him. Eve and Sven are with him get far away from here." Were Dynasty's first words.

"What? Hell no, Dynasty! I'm not leaving without you!" Rinslet yelled.

"Do it." Dynasty's stare went right through Rinslet.

"Uh…Fine, sure."

They could hear footsteps coming towards them. Dynasty knew instantly who it was and before Train could walk through the door she jumped down and swing Akuma no Saisu at Creed's head he blocked it with the imagine blade. His blade was hooked in Dynasty's scythe. He couldn't move it. Just then Train walked through the door.

"Wha-. Dynasty?" He stuttered.

"Take Rins, go back to the car, and have Sven drive away, Train."

"What are you doing here? Get away! Let me handle this!" Train shouted.

"Train! Just do it. I got this. I can do it. Please, just trust me, Train." Dynasty pleaded. "And take the three Chronos agents with you."

"We're not leaving." said Jenos.

"Come on, Jenos. Dynasty's got this." Rinslet said "Come on, Train."

"Thank you, Train." Dynasty said. With that she let the imagine blade free from her scythe's hold. She swung at Creed, he dogged.