A one-shot because I saw Vampires in Venice and had a little mini freak out when the Doctor went down from being electrocuted. OF COURSE he was fine, I mean he got struck by lightning in his tenth body for crying out loud, but still. I so do love him and I was in the moment. Anywhoo, I had to write a little snippet on that episode =D

The electricity was biting, sharp, burning, pain liquefied and shot through his veins.

And Amy died a little inside when she saw him collapse, heard his cry of pain. Her heart skipped a beat as he fell, and when Rory rushed to touch him she couldn't bear to move. There was no way he could be alive.

And in that instant, that split second between the moment he fell and the moment Rory touched him to confirm her fears, it wasn't the fact that she would be stuck in Venice in the past with some kind of monster and no way home that upset her, it was the thought of the brilliant vitality of the man she had grown to love being ripped cruelly from him before she ever really knew him.

As Rory's hands settled on the Doctor's chest, his fingers ghosting over the traveler's throat in search of a pulse, Amy felt her breath catch and her chest constrict painfully. She lowered her head, squeezing her eyes shut to hide from the words even as she said them.

"Is he dead?" She swallowed, feeling an emptiness as she awaited Rory's confirmation, accepting the fact.

"No, he's still breathing."

And suddenly Amy was breathing again too. She crouched down hurriedly, pressing close to Rory as she saw the Doctor take a shaky and tortured breath beneath Rory's hand.

Thank God he was alive.

Rory felt his fiancé's anxiety, and turning back towards the waiting and grieving father, Rory left Amy to check on the Doctor herself. As she flew past him to the Doctor's side, he placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to stop, her fiery red hair whipping around as she turned to face him.

"He will be alright." He assured her, and her frightened eyes softened a little at the comforting words. She gave him a small nod and broke contact, restless to be at the Doctor's side.

Settling herself next to him, she gently stroked his cheek with her hand, rubbing soothing lines over his brow and cheekbone, her fingers trailing through the dark tresses at the top of his ear. She watched his face intently for any sign of waking up, and rested her arm on his chest, her worry ebbing away as she felt his breast rise and fall beneath her.

"Doctor, this doesn't work with most people, but please, hear me, wake up." She whispered, so only one man in the entire universe could hear. "Please. We need you- I need you."

She rested her hand on his chest and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his forehead, hoping he would know she meant it. Beneath her palm thumped a double rhythm, assuring, and strong.

When she leaned back again, the Doctor's hand came up to clasp hers where it rested on his chest and his eyes fluttered open, green locking with dark brown. "Amelia Pond, do I look like people?" He asked softly, a grin splitting his face as the soreness from the electrocution diminished from his body. Amy's hand was warm and comforting against his hearts.

Amy smiled, brushing his hair back from his forehead affectionately. "No Doctor, you certainly do not."

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