"She has everything to do with this....and one more thing-" He snapped his fingers and the two story house fifty feet behind them blew up, throwing both Dean and Sammy into the car as flaming debriese rained down on them. Dean groaned and cracked his eyes open and looked at the place he had lived for the past eleven years and screamed. Lisa! His wife was in there!

He gritted his teeth knowing that there was nothing he could do for the woman who had born his daughter and reached out to check for a pulse in Sammy's neck. She had hit the car particularly hard and may suffer inturnal injuries if she was'nt treated. He closed his eyes in relief for a second as he found a pulse, beating strong and frantic under his fingers and quickly checked her for broken bones before scooping her up and turning to glare at the smirking devil standing there.

"Your step son, Ben dies next if you try to leave her with him." And with that Sam vanished into thin air leaving Dean there to deal with the devistation and fear left in his wake.


Dean stood in the hallway at the hospital talking to the cops as he tried to think of what he could do to keep Sammy safe. So far he was coming up with a hole lot of nothing. Probably due to the severe state of shock he was in. But no matter how numb his mind was at the loss of his wife, Lisa, he had to think of Sammy and Ben. Lisa would never forgive him if he didn't take care of them.

"Where were you going when the house blew up?" One cop asked and Dean looked up from his shaking hands, settled so neatly in his lap and looked at the guy. The cop was eyeing him like a dog eyed a bone. He thought he had blown the house up to get rid of his wife. Under normal circumstances Dean would be beyond pissed. He would get up off the ground grin and start swinging. But the circumstances were considerably different, he was responsible for the lives of his and Lisa's children, and he had the fucking devil sniffing around his little girl.

He could'nt afford to make a mistake and get himself locked up for beating the shit out of a cop. He knew the guy was just trying to do his job, but it still upset him that the bastard thought that he would do such a thing. Did he even consider what could have happened if Sammy had been in there? Dean clapped a hand to his mouth and doubled over.

The thought of being forced to watch his little brother's name sake die, made him feel so sick that he actually threw up right there in the hall. Right on the officer's shoes. Ha, take that you fuckwad. Dean thought as he looked back up at the man and saw the disgusted look on his face and gave him a wary grin. "S-S-Sorry bout that. It's the nerves...." They were fraying, like thick wool threads being cut by someone's sharp fingernails.

He was shaky. Nervous, worried and ill tempered. It was understandable, his baby was in danger. His little girl. His Sammy. And he didn't like it one damn bit. What had the guy asked him again? Oh right, he was supposed to tell him where he was when the house went up. "I was leaving. My wife and I had decided to..." He paused to swallow past the lump in his throat.

"Seperate. So I was leaving....but Sammy-the kid in there-" He said as he half turned in his chair to point to his daughter who was still unconcious. It had been over an hour since he had come to the hospital and she was still unconcious. Dammit Sammy, come on and wake up. I can't lose you too... Dean thought as he ran his hands over his face.

"She stopped me. She wanted to know where I was going. And why. We got into an argument, she called me a coward-" I mentally pictured my hands around her neck.

"I countered with the usual arguments. The 'nuh-uh' and 'am not' and the ever popular 'shut up' and then the house went up. I had enough time to grab her and tried to shield her.....as you can see I kind of failed."

There was a flash of pity in one cop's eyes and the other stayed cool and frosty. I bet he's a fun guy to work with. Dean thought darkly before they all heard a loud ear splitting shriek of rage followed by something hitting the glass window just behind his head, making him flinch and jump. "Son of a bitch! Get that needle away from me! Daddy! Daddy!-" Dean looked over his shoulder nervously as he caught sight of his daughter shoving a doctor away from her and yanking the I.V and shit out of her arm and jumpping out of the bed to come and look for him.

He looked back at the cops as a group of doctors and nurses came running to stop her from leaving the room and groaned and buried his head in his hands after giving the cops a nervous laugh and saying, "Kids. Can't live with them. Can't wring their little necks....I need to get in there before she gets violent."

Dean scooped Sammy up in his arms and held her close, "Sammy... I'm so sorry baby. I'm sorry about mommy." Dean whispered softly as he kissed his crying daughter, oh the devil was going to get it for this. His Sammy never cried. Not even when she had been a baby, but she was crying now. Sobbing softly against his shoulder as she clutched his jacket in her small hands, and he felt as if his heart were breaking. He had never dealt well with tears.

Not his fathers, his brother's, his own, and now Sammy's. He felt like the worst sort of failure as a father. "It will be okay baby. It will be okay. You have me. You have your brother. You have your great uncle Bobby, and my buddy Castiel and his brother Gabriel. We won't let that moster anywhere near you." Dean said as framed her tear streaked face in his hands and kissed her on the forehead, whispering nonsensical words of comfort that he knew would'nt really help.

There was very little that could help, this pain was simply to keen and sharp for her to deal with normally. He turned his head when a nurse walked in with a small plastic cup with two little pills. She gave him a nervous smile and gave it to him. "Make sure that she takes them and get some rest. Both of you." She said softly but firmly. He nodded and turned back to Sammy and brushed her dark hair back from her angelic little face.

"Hey, hey pretty girl, think you can take these? Huh, my baby. My angel." He kissed her forehead again and took the pills, tylonol pm from the looks of them, and pushed them into Sammy's mouth with his thumb and then handed her a little bit of water that he had gotten for her earlier after she had flipped out on the doctors and nurses. He watched her swallow the pills and then hugged her again and started humming and waited for the pills to take effect.

Once she was asleep he stepped out of the room and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Bobby's number.

Bobby answered the phone on the first ring, years of experience as a hunter told him that the person on the other end of the line needed his help.


"Hey, Bobby...."

"Dean? Dean is that you?"

"Yeah, yeah it's me." Dean said gently as his lips tilted up in a smile, he had'nt realised it until now but he had missed the sound of his uncle's voice. But he had missed his voice. So. Damn. Much.

"I-I-Dammit boy, what have you been doing all this time?"

"Got married, had a kid, and a step kid. My wife died today....and my baby girl is in the hospital-" Dean said in a shaky tone as his eyes started to burn and his vison blurred. Bobby was strangely silent on the other end before taking a shuttering breath and asking,

"What happened?" He asked, his heart aching for his adoptive son. For his family.

"He's back, Bobby. That son of a bitch devil is back-"

"What? How? When?" Bobby cried in shock and outrage, how could the demon have escaped from it's prison? And so soon...

"I don't know Bobby-but the bastard is after my baby. He wants my little girl...."


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