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"So, Sam, finally came to say yes?" There it was - the smirk - on Lucifer's face. The more Sam looked at that face, the more he hated it. It plagued his dreams - he would wake, sweaty and shaking, feeling the nails on his skin, heart beating erratically and the taste of blood on his tongue.

"Never." Was this his voice? Throaty and breathless? What was that feeling?

It was as if something took over him - like he was trapped in a cage inside his own body. Sam took a step closer, while inside he only wanted to run away. He felt the muscles in his face shift and only after a while Sam realised that he was smiling. He took another step closer towards his greatest enemy.

Lucifer's smirk faded as Sam's hand grabbed his shoulder, and pulled him closer. And closer. Now they were breathing the same air.

Piercingly blue eyes locked on Sam's, puzzled, searching for answers. That was enough for Sam - he smashed their lips together, tongues tangled and battled. Hands failing to reach the gun settled on devil's shoulders, one leg hooked on his hip. The low moan reached Sam's ears and then that feeling flooded him again - power. He licked Lucifer's lower lip almost gently, staring searchingly into older man's eyes. They were empty but still he bit the swollen lip harshly, finally tasting the delicious coppery liquid. And then, Sam's eyes flashed black.