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Chapter 1

Toothless felt that it was time. Consequently, he felt despaired.

He felt that it was time to continue the line of Night Furies. That itself would not have been at all despairing – the pure act of reproduction could be rather enjoyable indeed. But only if you had someone to reproduce with.

For the desire to sire a new generation of Night Furies was accompanied by the knowledge that no other Night Fury – female or male - was still existing in his world. That was the problem when you only mated every 150 years or so – you did not keep track of your own people and one day you noticed that you were the only one left.

The dragon felt the urge to shudder. This was not a very reassuring thought. But he surpressed the panic that welled up in him. Right now, he needed to be strong. And think.

If he was the only one left, then it was his duty to survive and to try to create new Night Furies. The latter he would do not only because of his sense of duty but also because of his own well-being. He felt for sure that he could not surpress his urge to have sexual activity without experiencing physical pain.

So he concentrated, closed his eyes and tried to listen to the magic flowing within himself. Dragons are indeed very magical creatures or else they would not be able to breath fire without hurting themselves, to fly for hours although they were no birds and nevertheless still be able to enjoy eating fish very much.

Night Furies are the most magical of all dragons. They hid in the night itself, breathed fire so hot that the flame escaping their mouths was still blue and they flew so elegantly that they could make slaloms in the thickest forest.

And now as he listened to the magical flows within him, Toothless realised that his ancestors and all the other deceased Night Furies set all their hopes in him - and with this, their spirits' magical power.

Toothless opened his eyes. These powers were allowing him to reproduce with whomever he chose – male or female, dragon or no dragon. They were also telling him that it was impossible to reproduce all by himself. So it was impossible to continue a pure blooded line– he would create a new kind of Night Furies. If he would suceed.

There was only one order.

Choose your mate carefully. Choose right.

Toothless looked up at the dark night sky and let out a breath which nearly sounded like a sigh. He had sneaked away from Hiccup's and Stoik's house to think. But with the time to think, time to regret also came.

How he wished he could fly without the human's help.

Not that he minded flying with Hiccup, their friendship was very nice and entertaining. But still, he was no pet and thus he sometimes wished for a bit more personal freedom.

Another sigh-like exhalation.


The boy had proven clever, ready to learn and very tolerate. He was a lovely companion and he cherished all dragons. He was a good human. And he was kindhearted enough to be a good parent. And he surely could be strong enough to survive the phase of being heavy with young – with Toothless help.

The boy was perfect, Toothless realised, after he had sorted out his previous thoughts and realised that he liked the boy fairly enough to sacrifice his seed for a mere human.

Hiccup was the right choice.

Hiccup silently went to the little lake were he had first met Toothless. He carried a basked filled with fresh fish. The black dragon surely was hungry.

He reached the lake and found Toothless waiting for him. He noticed immediately that something was wrong – Toothless sat upright and stared at him with such a serious expression in his eyes that the Viking boy felt scared.

"T-Toothless?" Hiccup asked timidly. "What's the matter with you? Don't look at me like that – look I brought your breakfast!"

He took off the basket and tossed it aside so that the fish spilled out. Toothless crawled closer, slowly and carefully, and his serious eyes never left Hiccup's face. The boy remembered their first meeting, when he had offered Toothless a single fish.

The dragon jumped abruptly and tackled Hiccup. The boy gasped. "What are you doing?" he demanded to know.

The dragon made no sound.

Toothless regarded the boy which now lay under him and hesitatet for a moment. Hiccup would not like this. But it needed to be done, he had no other choice but to die in shame.

So he gently ripped open the boys shirt, causing the boy to gasp. He surveyed the naked, shiny and white skin underneath him and kept the boy from struggeling.

Where would be a good place for a dragon hatchling to grow? He could not expect Hiccup to lay an egg, so the hatchling should grow within him. He then decided on the large, smoth area between the two plotches of pink on Hiccups upper body and above of the beginning of the trousers.

He then closed his eyes and concentrated. He could feel the magic how it tried to flow right. He could not place his semen into the boy through sexual intercourse – he had no idea how that should work.

So the magic transformed his live giving power into something else. He could feel how it bubbled up… his throath. After he felt ready to explode he opened his mouth and exhaled.

A golden, warm breeze floated into Hiccup's stomach area and let the area around his navel glow.

The boy shuddered. Toothless watched with surprise how the Viking's body trembled until the boy's eyes rolled into his head and the human lay still.

He sniffed at Hiccup to make sure he was just sleeping and then growled happily. It was done. He ate some fish to restore his energy.

He thought to himself that he should enjoy the peaceful time until the boy found out what had happened.

He growled again, not so happily. And until then, he should figure out a way to express his sexual need without anyone's help.

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