Chapter 18

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"It spoke." Stoick said, deeply shaken in everything he knew, everything he had ever experienced, feeling like his world was about to collapse. He blinked, looking at Gobber who's tumbler of beer had stopped midway to his mouth, not sure whether he he had just really heard a dragon talk. Judging from Gobber's stony facial expression, he was not loosing his mind.

"It talked. Didn't you hear it?" He gulped, looking at Hiccup. His son neverthless was staring open mouthed at the little dragon. Night Shadow was staring back with his head in a tilted position waiting for their reaction. "Son, that surely is some demon's work!"

Hiccup blinked, realising that this situtation needed his attention. He stepped protectively in front of Night Shadow and crossed his arms. "Dad, stop! Stop acting like this every time something appears that's outside your understanding! It's not all demon's work that we can't explain!"

"But, Hiccup, it's not normal for dragon's to talk!", Stoick exclaimed.

"Yes, Dad, I know!", Hiccup screamed. He picked up Night Shadow and held him up in front of his father's face. "What I don't know is why he can talk! He does not really look dangerous to you, does he? Does he look like he could kill you or any other Viking in this village?"

Stoick gulped while he looked into the little shining eyes. It was true that physically, he might as well kill this hatchling through stepping on him. Still, his mind screamed evil remembering what had just happened.

"Hiccup, he might not put a threat to me because of his strength but…" Stoick hesitated and his son raised an eyebrow.

"But – what, Dad?", he demanded to know. "But because of his tongue? What might be more dangerous? A growling dragon or a talking one?"

The chief did not like how his son was starting to get sarcastic as well as arrogant. "Listen, boy, there's no way to say whether this is a good or a bad thing. Because we cannot possibly understand it. So, I'd rather we would not trust this situation on first sight!"

Hiccup stamped his artifical foot against the floor – not making much noise, not making him feel any better but still taking enough of his aggressive energy as to face his father rationally. "Yes, Dad, we cannot understand it. But I would at least give it a try."

"That does not really matter, Hiccup."

The two Vikings turned to Gobber, who had been silent all the time during their discussion and was now carefully examining the contents of his tumbler while swinging it, as if he could read the future in the waves of his mead.

"The talk you two are having won't change anything. The fact that Hiccup might have a point and that a talking dragon isn't dangerous – of what I am not at all sure – is pointless. As soon as the other Vikings will get to know of your young ones ability there will be a great panic. You know how aggressive panicking Vikings can be. This aggressiveness will turn against that hatchling and his father. But I'm not sure whether it will stay limited to them."

Hiccup sighed, feeling how his knees grew weak, and concluded: "They might as well start mistrusting all the other dragons again." He put his arms around Night Shadow, hugging him close to his chest. "That would ruin everything we've reached so far." He bit his underlip hard before turning to his father. "I won't risk that. I'll take Night Shadow away from the village so that nobody will find out."

Stoick frowned. "Well, that would be an easy way to solve this problem… Wait, you won't stay away from him, right?"

"I'll surely visit him and Toothless regularly", Hiccup admitted grinning. "And there's no way you could stop me."

Stoick looked ready to burst due to this concrete declaration of war between father and son, as Gobber laughed and caught his attention. "As if he could stop you from sneaking out of this house before!" And thus, the discussion about the talking dragon ended – which was greatly helped by the fact that Hiccup was already sneaking out of the room, Night Shadow in his arms.

Gobber snickered and then frowned. "By the way, has this hatchling just called Hiccup mother?"


Toothless had been wandering about the forest, trying to calm down. And not for the first time wishing that he could still fly on his own. Gliding through the clouds could clear a mind much better than walking between some trees.

But maybe even flying would not help him this time. His son was not exactly what he had been hoped for. How should he continue his race with such a start? A dragon who would rather be a human?

What had his ancestors been thinking pressing him to procreate with a human?

That might be an unfair thought, considering that it had been himself whose mind had been streaming to the small human. He had to admit that he was in love with this small Viking. Still, procreating with another dragon would have been smarter. His son would have been full beast and not… caught between the races- ouch!

Toothless shook his massive head to rid his thoughts of the pain that had been induced to him by a sharp hit. Just in this moment, a second stone hit him behind his left ear and he growled and turned, his teeth bared. He did not stop growling even as he saw that it was Hiccup who had attacked him with a slingshot.

"Why have you done that, mother?" Night Shadow asked, slowly gliding down on his mother's shoulder and eying his father with great respect with regard to his big, pointy teeth.

Hiccup sighed and slumped down on the ground. "Because your father is a real idiot and because all this is his fault!" Toothless growled once again, clearly disagreeing with Hiccup. "Oh, stop it Toothless! It was not my decision that…" Glancing at Night Shadow, the Viking stopped his speech. "Do you know that your son can talk? I mean like a human?"

Toothless stopped growling and snorted. "So, I take that as a yes", Hiccup concluded with an aggressive undertone. "And you don't seemed pleased with it, either. Well, let me tell you something: My father was also not pleased when he heard him! If he had not been so shocked, he would very likely have killed Night Shadow! He was about to declare a new war between dragons and humans! What have you been thinking when you-!" Once again, he interrupted himself and just motioned silently to Night Shadow.

"What's wrong?", Night Shadow asked., crawling down his mother's chest and nestling down on Hiccup's lap, staring up at him. "You seem worried, mother…"

Hiccup smiled and scratched Night Shadow behind his ear. "You should better stop calling me that…" He murmured. "I do not even know where you've got that idea from…"

Night Shadow snorted. "Because you are the one that gives of more of a warm feeling and less of an aggressive impression than he does." He motioned to Toothless with one of his wings. "Now tell me what's wrong. I do not like to see you so troubled." His ears dropped and he looked up at Hiccup with his sad big eyes.

Surprisingly, Hiccup felt how his suppressed tears well up at these sweet words. He stared at Toothless staggered. "Do all dragons grow up this fast? He could barely walk some weeks ago – and now he's talking my language!" Toothless just answered with something between a nod and a shrug of his wings.

Hiccup sighed and rubbed his eyes as Night Shadow gently pressed his forepaws against his stomach to regain his attention. "I'm sorry, Night Shadow", he tried to smile, but it turned into a crooked version which slowly disappeared behind his slowly falling tears. "Why is this so hard?", he murmured to himself while turning away from his son who was staring at him expectantly. "Night Shadow, it was no good idea to talk in front of my father."

"What? What was wrong with that?" Night Shadow sounded miserable while saying that, consequently, Hiccup could not help himself but to hug him. "Oh Night Shadow!", he sighed while pressing the small head against the bend of his neck. "I am so proud of you that you can talk with me. You're very special – and you surprised me big time when you suddenly started talking!"

He knew that this much was true. He would be able to communicate with his son! That was good – only the fact that it would separate him from Night Shadow hindered this situation from being great.

"Well, still, my father was not as delighted as I am… You see, he is not really that open-minded. He thinks that you are dangerous… because you are different from the other dragons. He fears what he doesn't know." He sighed. "You were there and heard what he said… You have to stay away from the village, so that nobody hears you talk. As soon as this would happen, they would most probably go crazy with fear!" Because you are probably more intelligent than most of them, he thought to himself before looking Night Shadow seriously in the eyes. He was slightly put off by the fact that Night Shadow stared back with the same amount of seriousness and understanding.

"They would kill you and your father, if something like this happened." Night Shadow looked confused then.

"What does kill mean, mother?" He mumbled, sensing that it was something very bad that he did not want to be happening to himself. Hiccup frowned, not having expected such a question ever from his son. Toothless, who had been watching this whole thing silently, growled restrainedly. "Night Shadow", Hiccup murmured. "That's what you're doing with the rabbits before you eat them. Just that the village people won't eat you."


"Well, yes, anyway, to avoid that-" "I am not to enter the village again. Understood", Night Shadow finished for the young Viking. "So were am I going to stay then?"

"Oh, you're a dragon, there's nothing wrong with living in a forest!", his father inserted rumbling.

Hiccup looked at Toothless accussingly. "Toothless, I know you aren't pleased with this situation, but don't be so angry with him! He's just a kid!" He smiled at Night Shadow. "By the way, your father know just the right place to hide. Nobody will bother you there – and I will come to visit you as often as I can! I will stay with you most of the day… if I don't have to work in the forge or to stay with Dad…"

Night Shadow smiled, showing his canine teeth in a very human way. Maybe he really had soft lips and movable than those of a normal dragon. "I'm going to be okay, mother", he assured the boy before Hiccup hugged him to his chest.

"Night Shadow, you've got no idea how much you mean to me", Hiccup murmured before letting go. "I've got to go back. It's getting dark and my father will most likely collect a new search party if he fears that I ran away with Toothless one more time!"

He set Night Shadow on the leaf-covered floor and turned away from his son and Toothless, rubbing his eyes. Why did everything have to turn out like this?

And then he heard a rustling sound of heavy paws behind him and turned, seeing that Toothless was about to follow him. The dragon stopped when he turned, looking kind of surprised, as if he had followed Hiccup more out of an instinct than due to rational thinking.

"Toothless, you've got to be kidding me!" The boy raged. "Why are you following me? Don't you care about what will happen to Night Shadow? Your son? You'd rather stay with me than with him? After all you've done to me to have him?"

Toothless sat down, staring sadly at Hiccup. He felt guitly for running after this boy without thinking and meanwhile turning his back to his own flesh and blood, but still, was the Viking not the least bit happy that he wanted to stay with him?

"Listen you… you dragon!" Hiccup said, pointing at Toothless with a shaking index finger. "If anything happens to my son, I won't ever see you again!"

Then he stomped away, furious, sad, frustrated and feeling completely helpless. He blinked through his tears and stumpled clumsily throught the night forest with his mismatched legs. At least Toothless did not attempt to follow him once again. And thank Woden that he did not have to fear to get attacked by dragons – now that he was their friend. Though this did not brighten his day very much.

When he reached the first lights of the village, he stopped, wiped away his tears and took a deep breath. Not feeling like he would be able to calm down any time soon, he stepped past the his father's and his house and towards the forge, where he started the fire and commenced to hammer down on a bronzen bar of metal, trying to form slender rings.


"You would have actually left me alone here." Night Shadow said accusingly. He sat there, not sure whether he should snarl at his father or just walk away holding his head high. He surely felt like doing the latter… but he also knew this would not be a good idea. Still, Toothless might as well know he was angry.

The look his father gave him as an answer made him shrink back though, for Toothlees seemed to be angry, too. Very angry, in fact.

"You have no idea what it feels like to…" He growled, sounding like a hurt animal near death. "What it feels like to see what you love most turn it's back on you!" Then he laid down on the ground, turning his back to Night Shadow while curling into a ball of wings and black scales. He gave of an air of despair that made his son's heart ache.

The small dragon, too, curled up, near his father's tail tip, and hid his face by clapping his wings over it. "I'm getting a taste of what it feels like – I miss him, too, already." He murmured feebly in dragonese. "I am so sorry, father, if I had just kept my mouth shut, all of this would not have happened."

I am but trouble for you and mother…, he thought secretly.

Toothless' ears perked up at the tone in his son's voice. He shifted, encircling his son's small body with his tail and placing his head near Night Shadow's, nuzzling the wings gently away from his son's face. Night Shadow looked up at him from big sorrowful eyes. If he were any more human, he would be crying right now, Toothless was sure of that.

"Don't let your thoughts wander down that road", he murmured. "Do not think that we would be better off without you or if you had never been born. Thoughts like that won't get you anywhere."

Night Shadow stared at him doubtfully and the big Night Fury chuckled deeply. "Furthermore, I do not think that we would be better off without you. Hiccup and I we were friends, we connected races and ended a seemingly everlasting war. Still, you created a connection between us that goes deeper still – or at least I want to think you did."

Night Shadow's eyes closed for a moment and when he opened them again, he did not look at his father. "One day, you'll have to tell me the whole story of how you met my mother. But first, I think it's more important that I learn about dragons, about Night Furies, about… well, anything that will help me survive out here." He snuggled closer to his father and chuckled. "At least, I already learned how to fly, for you won't be flying anywhere until mother decides to bestow us with his presence again!"

Toothless growled, then snorted. "As if I would not know that… Are you shivering?" He remarked surprised, staring at the moving of his offspring's scales.

"Yes, what did you expect? I spend most time in a forge!" Night Shadow mumbled. "It's so cold out here."

"Oh, don't be so whiny, you will get used to this fast enough! And you better should, this is a rather mild spring night… If you stay like this, you'll freeze to death in winter." Although he hoped that Hiccup would have found a way to let them be part of the village again until then. Hiccup always seemed to find a way to get things right. The Night Fury sighed and took Night Shadow carefully between his tallons, pressing him to his breast.

"So, here's the first lesson on dragons before we go to sleep: We may be able to spit fire, but we do not have to use our heat like this. We may just as well warm up a bit of gas in our firelung as soon as we feel the cold creep in from our outer scales. The lungs heat the blood near the lungs and our hearts bump the blood in top speed from the tail tip to the tongue tip, so to speak. It's easy, normally, it should be instinct but I guess you never really had to use it, sleeping in houses and forges! Just do as you would when you'd make gas ready for a real great fire, but instead of burping it up to your mouth, you'll leave it in. Just fight the urge to let go – unless, you fear to overheat, of course! – and then you should be alright."

Night Shadow grimaced and shifted as if unconfortable for a bit, then observed. "It's strange keeping it in, but I already feel warmer." He nuzzled into Toothless' armpit, nevertheless. " I would like to stay like this for the night, though, if you allow, father."

His father offered him a toothless smile, then continued to murmur lessons. "You must always be aware of the temperature around you. Our scales are very fitted to do that. Cold can hurt us, for we can turn immobile if we don't heat ourselves up in time, like other reptiles would. This does happen to careless dragons, too. I once know a Nadder who…" And thus, his lessons turned into stories, and before long, the hatchling fell asleep.


"You look tired, boy. For Valhalla's sake, did you spend the night here?" Gobber asked surprised when he entered the forge the next morning. He had assumed that Hiccup was spending the night with his dragon and the young one when the boy did not return home. The blonde Viking actually was a bit angry at the young boy for leaving him with a still very much concerned father, who did not grew less worried when his son did not return after a while. He had not gotten plenty of sleep, reassuring the Chief that he could trust Hiccup and that his son would be alright.

Hiccup just grunted something and as he – finally – put together the last rings of the bracelet together. Now, I'll only have to shape the leaves out of a nice piece of bronze, he thought satisfied. Good thing I dried them, so that they won't wither or foul.

He was startled as a big hand laid heavily down on his shoulder. "Are you alright, Hiccup?", Gobber asked, concern written clearly in his face. As well as sleep-lack, which the young Viking registered with a sense of guilt.

"I am alright, Gobber. Just a bit shaken from the events of last night." He patted the hand on his shoulder reassuringly. "Thank you for taking care of my father after I was gone, I am sure he had a hard time accepting the fact that I accept a talking dragon so easily."

"Oh, he's still having a hard time with that!" Gobber murmured. "But now, I am sure he will be doing most of his smoldering about the matter silently – he better should, shouting will only sport the headache he surely has right now after the amounts of mead he swallowed yesterday! And I think he will come to terms with it… as long as you stay true to your word and the young dragon will stay out of this village and won't prove a threat otherwise."

Hiccup gulped. That was as much help as he could get out of the older Viking, he knew that much. Gobber had always been very supportive of him, but he was a Viking of Berk nevertheless, a dragon-fighter when you examined the roots of his live. Someone who was also shaken by the fact that a dragon could talk, even if he reacted calmer on the outside to it than his father did.

"Well, I think you should go now, Hiccup!" Gobber said while lifting the slender boy and placing him out of the forge. "You won't be any help to me with those rings under your eyes. Furthermore, I would like to know that your father needs to worry a bit less about you, when he sees that your home."

"But, Gobber, you have sleep-deprived eyes yours-" Hiccup started to say, but the forge's door was already closed before his eyes. Furthermore, he had to admit that he was tired and thus less inclined about being stubborn on this matter. He could do with a bit of sleep – he could only hope that his sleep would not be troubled with dreams about his son and Toothless, which he both already missed. His sight clouded with tears once again, which he rubbed away before starting for his bed.

-END of chapter-

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