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Warning: Som,e suicidal thoughts and actions.

Feelings and other useless things.


Naruto sat next to the tub watching as blood seeped out of his arm, mixing with water as it continued to swirl down the drain. He stopped the flow of blood after a while and bandaged his arm. He stood, wobbling slightly from all the blood loss. Stumbling to his bedroom, he collapsed onto the bed, still fully clothed, and drifted off.


"Sasuke i love you." He watched as both Saukra and Sasuke blinked at him in surprise.

"I- Naruto, you-

"Woah! Naruto is GAY? That's sick!" Sakura shouted. "Don't come near my Sasuke! Ever!"

Naruto shrank away, as Sakura seemed to tower over him. Before he knew what he was doing, he dashed away; yelling over his shoulder.

"Sasuke isn't yours!"

Naruto Sat in a tree reading the blinking screen over and over again.

~Sorry Naruto but I'm not gay. PLease leave me alone and stop trying. ~ Sasuke.

Over adn over agins the same message flashed through his head. That night was when the cutting had started, as Naruto reached his house he decided it was best. Keep the mask, loose himself to the pain, and later cut and release the pain. And that was exactly what he did.


Naruto woke groaning as his cell phone continued to righ. He picked it up growling into the phone.

"Hiya Naruto, Sorry to wake you but we're going to the bar later after training for dinner. You have to come with us! Ja!" Naruto heard the phone click off from Sakura's end. He knew Sasuke would have planned this. Ever since he had rejected Naruto, he seemed to want to also get closer to him. It made him sick. He got up, dressed in his training gear and left the house. He tried to steer clear of Sasuke for the daily training by partnering up with Kakashi. Sakura didn't mind partnering with Sasuke, who looked like he wanted to puke. Serves him right NAruto thought as he watched Sakurafawn over Sasuke.

After their training, Naruto sighed. He wanted to go home now and get rid of the pain.

"Naruto, Let's go!" Sakura called. Naruto pasted a smile on his face.

"I'll be over in twenty minutes! I'm going home to shower and change. I'll be their in a few!" He ran home, slammed the door behind him as he rushed to the bathroom. He took out the pocket knife he carried with him now and sliced over the still healing cuts. Cutting deeper into his flesh he watched the blood splatter into the tub. He watched, not bothering to stop the flow of blood; letting it flow on and on...and on...

Sasuke looked at his watch. 8:52. Naruto was twenty two minutes late. Sasuke pushed Sakura away who was trying yo attract his attention by rubbing herself against him. She shreiked as she fell to the floor and sasuke rushed out of the bar. Sasuke reached the door to Naruto's house and knocked on teh door.

"Naruto? Are you their? Naruto?" He threw open the door rushing in, looking for the blond. He went up the staris, turning to the bathroom with its lights on.

"NAruto?" sasuke pushed open the door and gasped. He stepped through teh blood and picked up the blond. He rushed thorugh the streets of Konoha pushing people aside as he rushed to the hospital. He burst through the doors startling patients and a red faced Shizune.

"Sasuke? What are you doing barging in like that?" Sasuke didn't answer as he threw Naruto into her arms.

"Hurry and heal him for me." With that Shizune rushed off leaving a panting Sasuke standing in the hospital doorway.


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