Chapter 11

He caught up with her in the den, furiously putting on her coat, a task which was being made awkward by the fact that her wrist was still bandaged.

"If you're here to tell me that my behaviour towards Maxwell was not acceptable I swear to God I'll-"

But she didn't get any further for Niles chose that precise moment to kiss her. The soft contact of his lips made all words die in her throat as she surrendered, cupping his face with her hands to pull him closer.

"I would never scold you for something like that. Mr. Sheffield had it coming." And he kissed her again. "So where are we going to start?"

"With what?" she asked perplexed.

"You know, making passionate love? The stairs are close by…" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as his voice trailed off.

"Swine," C.C. growled, slapping his chest.

Niles chuckled warmly and pulled her against him, enjoying the feeling of her hands that were resting in his.

"But seriously, C.C., he did have a point. There are children in this house and it wouldn't be wise of us to…"

"Use your feather duster?" she added dryly.

"Mmm, exactly."

C.C. sunk her teeth into her bottom lip as Niles placed a heated kiss to her jaw line and then gently began to nibble the sensitive flesh there. She gripped his waist with her unbandaged hand in order to pull him even closer. He moaned quietly as she caught his lips with her own and pressed her hips fully against his.

"Not here," C.C. panted as their kiss broke and she slightly, yet still reluctantly, pulled away from him.

Her eyes fluttered closed as she took a few moments to catch her breath and to steady her whirling thoughts. She knew that if they didn't stop now, there would be no turning back, and she didn't want to even imagine how it would be to have to explain to Maxwell how or why she and Niles ended up together on the staircase in a most compromising position…

"What do you suggest?" he asked, his eyes still dark with passion for her.

It was quite surprising how a question so simple could cause her such trouble. Thinking in itself was being made difficult by his close proximity and scent and the lingering sensation of his lips against hers. Niles noticed her frown as well as her silence and used the moment of weakness to draw closer again, exploring her neck with his mouth.

"We have to… we have to…" she tried, but her thoughts were fleeting and out of reach.

With no restriction coming from her, Niles was unable to stop and gently pushed her against the front door while continuing his assault.

"You're so gentle," she voiced, surprise ever so lightly evident in her tone.

"You're still hurt," he growled in a low voice. "I can't risk it."

Her heart accelerated almost painfully and she was feeling an all too familiar pulling sensation.

"Take me home, Butler Boy," she purred.

He made one final assault to her mouth and then her neck as he tenderly pinned her even closer to the door. C.C. held tightly to him, though thankful that they would not fall through on this side.

"I live to serve," he whispered breathlessly into her ear, eliciting a shiver down her spine.

As Niles reached for the doorknob, the distinct, glass-shattering sound of Fran's approaching voice reverberated somewhere upstairs. Worry shadowed C.C.'s face in an instant.

"I think we still have some explaining to do," she said, her voice hoarse and her heart thudding hard.

He pulled her close to himself as he quickly yet silently turned the doorknob.

"It can wait," he urged.

And with the blink of an eye, they were out the door.

To be continued...

A/N: Well, we were planning on this chapter being the final one, but it appears that the NEXT chapter will be it. And it should be a treat for all of you. ;D