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Chapter 1. Dinner Conversation.

I was sitting in my room reading a book to pass the time before dinner, just as I got to the really good part of the book my Mom called me to come and eat. So I closed the book, looked at it and said "I'll see you later." Yeah I talk to my books, but hey what can I say I don't deny being sort of weird.

My name is Isabella Swan (Bella), I'm 17 years old and live with my Mother and Father , Charlie and Renee Swan, my little brother, Seth, who is 14, and my little sister, Kathleen, who is 10. We all live in a good sized town in California, and are a very close family. There are not a ton of things you need to know about me. I have two best friends; they both are boys and are like big brothers. Emmet McCarthy looked like that biggest scariest guy alive with black curly hair, brown green eyes and muscle tone that would put any NFL football star to shame, but when he smiled and his dimples showed he looked like a complete dork. Oh he could, and can be mean and could pound you into stuffing, but he really was just a big teddy bear on the inside and some times, no most of the time, he acts like a 5 year old. Jasper Hale is almost nothing like Emmet, except that they both would beat any guy up that tried to ask me out, are my best friends and both act like goofballs. But Jasper is mostly a calm and easy going guy, with blond honey colored hair and blue eyes, he is also built but nothing like Emmet, Jasper can be extremely serious and at other times almost worse that Emmet and act like a 4 year old. One other thing he is is a very good listener. The only other two things you should know about all of us is that we are pretty well off, and by that I mean that my friends and I live in mansions, and we all love music, Emmet, Jasper and I, all go to one of the best musical high schools in California. I sing Emmet can play the drums like no other guy I know and Jasper is one of the best base players for his age.

As I went up the stairs I saw that my younger sister and brother were already at the table, along with my Mom and Dad. I sat down I saw that we were having one of my favorite meals, stir fry with chicken. That means that Dad cooked tonight, huh I wonder how he got Mom out of the kitchen. My Mom always says that my Dad cooks with too much sensing. But I never mind I like things salty.

When I sat down we prayed and then dug in. We had normal dinner conversation for us, how was your day sort of thing. My little sister Kathleen had just finished telling us about something funny that happened at school when my Mom suddenly stopped laughing and said "Oh I almost forgot, there is a new family that is moving in down the street. The Cullen's I think. Anyway, I invited them to have dinner with us tomorrow night"

A new family, hummm…..I wonder "Mom are there any kids moving in?" asked Kathleen, she took the question right out of my mouth.

"Ummm, let me think, yes but they are all Bella's age, and I think that there are three kids. Doctor Cullen is taking a job down at the hospitable and Mrs. Cullen is a…oh I can't think of the word you know a house designer and is working on some of the local mansions"

"Oh I know what you mean, but I can't think of the word ether" I said.

"So what time are they coming over?" Dad asked.

"I told them to be here at 6pm. So be ready guys"

Later that night after I had finished reading and I was getting ready for bed when my cell rang. When I went to go pick it up I saw that it was Emmet.

"Hey Emmet. What's up?"

"Hey there Bells, have you heard that there is a new family moving in like right down the street from you?"

"Yes I know. But how do you know? We are having dinner with them tomorrow night."

"I was just taking a walk-"

I cut him off "No you were going to come over so you could barrow my notes. Am I right?" I said even though I knew I was. I laughed. Even though Emmet was a very smart kid, school board him and he hated taking notes.

"Yeah, but anyway can I? Please, please, please, Bella bear."

"Ok I guess. But this is the last time." And with that I hung up, knowing that he would be here in about 5 seconds. After Emmet left I went to go do my homework, which consisted of writing a song about a day of my life. It needed to be handed in and preformed for my teacher my Monday but I liked to get the melody down early. I had just got the melody down when I saw what time it was. Almost 11pm. Well I better go to bed; tomorrow was Friday witch meant it was almost the weekend, and I wanted to go swimming witch meant that I should get some rest. As I fell asleep I wondered what the family down the street would be like. Especially the kids, would they be my friends or my enemies?


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