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Chapter One

Temperance Brennan stared out her cottage window at her busy little village. Dozens of people were bustling around, over cobblestones, bartering fruits, vegetables, and livestock. Women were hanging up laundry to dry, while their little ones ran around, causing havoc around the tiny village.

None of these people knew what went on behind the closed doors of this specific little cottage of Temperance's.

She sighed, and walked over to one of the damaged walls, marking the 15th day that her parents and brother have been missing. They just left to go out one day and never returned. But not one of the other townspeople knew about this. Not one. And Temperance decided to keep it that way. Otherwise, she would be taken away from her home, and married off to the highest bidder. This was because in this specific little village, there was a law prohibiting any young women under a certain age to live alone, or without a husband.

Temperance was under this age. But at fifteen, she was now old enough to marry, and would no doubt be married to the very much bullheaded Andrew Hacker, a man who fancied her, and had enough money and power to buy her as his wife.

But Temperance wouldn't let that happen. She would be nobody's wife until she was ready. Until she found the man whom she could truly see as being her husband, the man she loved. And as of yet, she hadn't found that man. So, she wouldn't let anybody marry her off. Unlike many of the other dimwitted females in the village, Temperance had an education.

Though it was illegal for her to go to school after age 13, she continued her education with her father, who taught science at the local school, a subject that many didn't enjoy, but were coaxed into learning by Matthew Brennan, who could be very persuasive.

Because of her father, Temperance now knew more than any male in the village twice her age, which meant three times as any female, except her own mother, of course.

Temperance sighed and absentmindedly touched the necklace the hung loosely around her neck. Her mother's old necklace, that had the mark of a Dolphin in stone. She felt a tear slide down her cheek at the thought of her parents, but quickly wiped it away.

No. She thought. Don't cry. They'll come back. They have to.

She mentally chastised herself for being so irrational with her tears and walked back over to the window, looking out at the people, once more, looking for any sign of her parent's return.

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