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6 months later…

"Edward! Slow down!" I shout in his ear as we speed down the back roads toward Seattle.

Edward just ignores me and drives faster. Usually I wouldn't complain about him driving this fast but I'm already nervous enough because we're on our way back to Wolf Pack tattoos.

See Edward and I have been dating since the night he took me out to dinner and then to see Superchick perform. We are by no means the perfect couple, but we're perfect for each other. I can see the changes in Edward as he can see them in me.

A few months after we got together we were lounging around on the floor in his room listening to music and we started talking about his tattoos. His sleeve has always fascinated me and he did promise to explain them to me if I showed him my sketchbook. We were playing a game where I would explain what inspired one drawing and he would explain one tattoo.

When we got to the drawing I did for our art class I could tell Edward was a little taken aback because he didn't pick a tattoo to explain, but when he did it was just as heavy as my drawing. He decided to explain the words inked just above his elbow.


"l'amo il mio sole" Edward whispers and my fingers begin to trace the words near his elbow.

"It's beautiful." I whisper back, "What's it mean?"

"I love you my sunshine." Edward says with a smile, "The literal translation is 'to hook the sun' but my mom used to say it all the time before she died."

"You still love her a lot." I say with a smile.

"Yeah I do. She was my whole world before Carlisle and Esme adopted me."

"It's okay to love them all." I whisper before kissing Edward's check and curling up so his body wraps around mine.

Edward kisses my temple and whispers, "Thank you my Bella."

We fell asleep spooning on his floor, then woke up the next morning and had to take care of "little Eddie".

End Flashback

After that conversation Edward convinced me to get my drawing inked on my skin after a lot of playful arguing. For the longest time I didn't know if I was brave enough to take a needle on my skin, and leaving an image for the rest of my life.

In order to sway me towards Edward's dark side he made me come with him to watch as Paul gave him a Fernum ladder. I have to admit it was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen and I couldn't help squirming a little in my seat as I watched.


"Alright Edward don't look at Bella." Paul says as he prepares his supplies.

"Why?" Edward asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Because I can't have you getting hard while I'm sticking needles through your dick and you dam well know that every time you so much as look at her you little man stands at attention." Paul states in a matter of fact tone.

I chuckle from my seat on the other side of the room which causes Paul to shoot me a glare, "Am I going to have to kick you out?"

"No." I shake my head and smile like a little kid.

Before I could whip the innocent little smirk off my face Edward had his fly undone and his penis hanging out so Paul could get to work. Just thinking about where that beautiful specimen of male performance was earlier this morning has my sex dripping with want. Too bad I won't be able to give him as much pleasure as he can give me for awhile.

"Now Edward you know you can't have sex, get BJs or hand jobs, or show yourself some self love for the duration of the healing process." Paul says as he deftly impales Edward's cock with the needle.

"Yeah I know." Edward grumbles as I squirm just a little in my chair.

The whole month after Edward got his new piercings was the most sexual frustrating experience of my life, but once he was healed it was the most beautiful experience of my life. Let's just say it took Alice pounding on his door to shut us up.

Now we're finally here to get my first tattoo. I would be lying if I told you that I'm not scared. In all honesty I'm scared shitless.

"YO WHERE ALL MY DUDES AT?" Edward shouts as we walk through the familiar door.

I have dome to realize that this is the customary greeting just as "MY MAIN MAN ED WE IN THE BACK PARTYING IT UP WITH SOME FINE SISTAS" is the customary response.

Jacob is the first one to walk out of the back and smiles when he sees us together, "Ah aren't you just too dam cute."

"Hey Jacob" I say as I grab him in a fierce hug.

"So little Bella Edward finally talk you into getting ink?" Jacob asks with a head nod to the picture in my hand.

"Actually he did and I'm not telling you how." I say with a big grin, "I know you want my man, but he's all mine."

"Aww Bells…please can we share?" Jacob whines.

We've had this conversation many times before and every time it ends the same way; with Edward grimacing as he finds a comfortable seat.

Jacob hold out his hand for the picture, which I reluctantly give him, "So a song bird huh?"

"Yes. Is there a problem with that?" I ask with a raised eyebrow; daring him to question my choice.

"Nope. It's you…it's free…It's beautiful… when it spreads its wings it showers everyone it meets in happiness and love."

Quickly and with practiced movements Jacob gets his act together before telling me to straddle the chair like it was Edward's dick and move my hair out of the way. Then before I have time to object he's started and it doesn't even feel as bad as I thought it would be.


Hot dam Bella is sexy as fuck. Watching Jacob with his hands on her doesn't make me ecstatic, but as the song bird appears on her right shoulder blade I can feel "little Eddie" perk up in my jeans.

I really need to learn to control that. There have been far to many close calls for our liking. I've almost gotten Bella suspended multiple times in the last six months when in her entire life she has never received so much as a demerit. I can't really help my body's response Bella is just sex on legs without trying.


I'm starting to hate our MMA class at the end of the day. I'm extremely thankful that it's at the end of the day because if it was at any other time we would have a problem.

Having to watch Bella in her skimpy gym clothes is bad enough but because nobody else can keep up with us we're forced to spare and if you've ever watched MMA you'd know just how close we get.

Right now Bella currently has me pinned on the floor between her thighs with her forearm across my windpipe. I have no choice but to tap out only when I do Bella doesn't move except to remove her arm from my neck.

"Edward do you have a flashlight in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Bella asks with a wink.

I smirk and grind my hips up into her, "What do you think?"

Bella groans softly and I continue to grind up into her.

"HEY!" Jack shouts from across the gym causing us to untangle ourselves.

That was one of the many times we've had to forcefully pull ourselves apart. Now as I watch Jake work I can feel the draw to her again.

"All done." Jacob proclaims bringing me out of my thoughts and back to Bella's new ink.

I whistle in appreciation as Bella walks towards the mirror to inspect her new colors. As She looks in the mirror I walk up in front of her and wrap my arms loosly around her waist.

"What do you think?"

"It's beautiful." Bella whispers, "Thanks so much Jake."

"Yeah, yeah thank me later. Now you crazy kids get out of here and go enjoy the night." Jake says with a wink and a dismissive wave.

I chuckle and Bella giggles as we make out way out of the shop shouting our goodbyes to the gang. I can't contain my hands as we walk and Bella has to slap my hands away several times.

"Edward keep your hands to yourself." Bella teases with a slap to my wrist.

"Babe you know you're just too tempting for me to resist." I growl as I wrap my arms around her waist bringing her backside flush with my hard cock.

"Edward!" Bella squeaks.

"I can't wait to get home. There's so many ways I want to watch you come." I growl out as I grind myself against her.

"Edward." She moans softly.

I allow my hands to wonder along her body as we walk towards my bike, "I want to hear you scream my name so loud you wake the house up."

"Edward." Bella moans slightly louder as I rub the palm of my hand along the seam of her jeans over her sex.

I chuckle darkly as we reach my bike, "Some thing you want love?"

Bella groans and grinds down against my hand, "I want your dick buried deep inside me, and soon."

God dam I love it when she talks so dirty and she dam well knows it too. I might not make it home at this rate. My cock is already so hard there's likely to be an imprint of my zipper on it.

"Get on the bike Bella. We're out of here." I growl out as I quickly straddle my bike and feel Bella slide on behind me.

I can here Bella moan as the motorcycle rubles between out legs and I can't help thinking about the torture we're both about to endure on our drive home. Well maybe it doesn't have to be complete torture.

With that thought floating in my mind I speed out of the parking lot and out of the city and before we know it we're some place half way between Seattle and home where there is nothing but trees on either side of the road for miles.

I decide now is the perfect time to put one of my fantasies into play and quickly pull over to the side of the road where there seems to be a little path and cut the engine.

"Edward why did we stop?" Bella's strained voice asks behind me.

"I can't wait any longer. I need you now." I state simply as I walk my bike further off the road until we are covered by trees.

As I navigate through the trees Bella's hands begin to dance under the hem of my shirt along my sensitive abs. I can't help the shiver that runs down my spine as I lean into her touch. Then her touch is gone and she's standing next to me.

"Slide back Edward." Bella demands softly.

Who am I to deny this smoking hot woman who is about to fulfill a personal favorite fantasy of mine; so I scoot back so that there is just enough room for Bella to straddle my waist.

"Bella." I groan as she rolls her hips against me, "I can't wait any longer to be inside you."

"I need you too." Bella groans.

Before the words have even completely left her mouth we are tearing clothes away from our bodies until I'm sitting astride my bike naked with Bella on my knees.

"This is a work of art." Bella mummers as her hand strokes me softly.

"Belllaaa" I groan loudly, "Can't wait. Permanent damage."

"Now now we wouldn't want to damage something so beautiful no would we." Bella says before sliding down slowly, taking me deep inside her.

We let out simultaneous groans of pleasure as she is fully seated on my lap. Then as if a starting gun has gone off we are a tangle of teeth, lips, hips, and hands in the desperate pursuit of pleasure. I can't contain myself as Bella moans my name over and over again, asking me to go harder, deeper, and faster.

It seems as if my Bella can't contain herself either because out of the corner of my eye I catch a movement and realize it's her hand. Her hand sliding down her body to play with her clit as my cock pummels her pussy.

"Jesus Bella so close." I grunt between thrusts.

"Me too." Bella moans as she throws her head back in ecstasy.

My lips attack her neck as my thrusts become faster with renewed passion. My hands reach up to cup her breast and tweak her nipples as she writhes in pleasure. My hands are everywhere almost at once, playing her body like my guitar and always careful of the new ink on her beautiful skin.

With a few more hard thrusts and a duel pinch of both her nipples, my Bella is coming and screaming my name. I love hearing her scream my name and I am so close it send me over the edge spilling my seed deep inside my Bella.

My lips kiss her skin with tender affection as we come down from that incredible high. I love this woman and I don't hesitate to show it. She knows my faults and accepts me for them anyways. She is perfect for me.

"Looks like this badass isn't so bad any more." I mumble against Bella's neck.

"You can be bad." Bella says with a wink and a roll of her hips, "Just in different ways.

And with those final words the army brat and the badass quickly dawn their clothing and head off into the sunset.

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