Chapter One

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"What do you MEAN that I have to double my training?" The whining voice of a fifteen-year-old boy resounded through the hallways of Earth's largest EVO-fighting organization: Providence.

"I'm just following orders, Rex. White wasn't pleased on your latest...'Heroics' in San Francisco." Another voice, calm, controlled, and stern responded. "It's simply your punishment. Not my decision."

The boy, Rex, was an EVO himself, and Providence's ('Self-proclaimed', as many had stated) secret weapon. The other person, clad in an all-green business suit, was Agent Six. He was Rex's (As the boy put it, "Aggro-Nanny") mentor, trainer, and overall overseer.

"It's not MY fault the EVO went on a rampage and destroyed the Bay Bridge." the teen stuck out his lower jaw and crossed his arms.

"You provoked it."

Rex opened his mouth to retort, but really couldn't deny that he had, in fact, purposely provoked the EVO.

For fun.

Fortunately there were no injuries to the civilians, save for Rex, of whom was thrashed around, resulting in the overall destruction of the bridge.

After a silence, Rex spoke.

"Where're we headed?"

"Holiday's lab. You're due for a checkup." Six's face turned from stoic to frowning when he saw the youth's smile beam ever brighter upon the mention of the good doctor's name.

As they entered the room, Doctor Holiday was working on a nanite solution, a vial in her hands. She didn't seem to notice the two enter.

"Honey! I'm hooommmee!" Rex smiled and held out his arms, a carefree expression on his face.

An audible sigh was heard from across the room as Holiday put down the vial and walked over, brushing her hands on her labcoat.

"Six, Rex. What're you two doing here, today?" Holiday put her hands on her hips. The question was directed at the agent, but she knew Rex would have a cow if she didn't include him in the question.

"He's here for a checkup." Six stated.

"A full-body exam works, too, Doctor Holiday." the teen interjected, pushing Six a little out of the way to be in front of the doctor.

Holiday couldn't help but notice Rex's expression. It was so happy - it unnerved her.

"Okay. Rex, sit down over there and take off your jacket. I'll take your blood pressure." The doctor walked over and grabbed a few instruments out of a drawer. She watched Six leave out of the corner of her eye.

Holiday walked over to Rex, who promptly stuck his arm out. His face showed that he was obviously lovestruck with her. She fastened the device on his arm, and slowly tightened the device.

"Is there an airport nearby? Or is that just my heart taking off?" Rex had the worst pickup lines, and somehow, Doctor Holiday was able to stand them...just barely. She listened to his heart beat through her stethoscope.

"Keep your heart under control, Rex." She frowned and tightened the device a little more in punishment, getting a small squeak out of him. "I don't want to read the wrong measurement."

"Don't worry, doc. You can't read me wrong."

Holiday de-pressurized the device and took it off. She stuck a thermometer in his mouth to shut him up.

The doctor walked a ways away, turning her attention through the window in her lab. The entire Petting Zoo, as Providence called it, was visible.

"Doc? Are you from Tennessee?" Rex took out the thermometer and smiled at her. She didn't look at him.

"No, Rex. I'm not-" her voice was bored answering the question. Rex interrupted her.

"Because you're the only ten I see!"

There was silence.

"Kid, your pickup lines are worse than your attention span." Heads turned to see Bobo Haha, Rex's friend and 'bad influence', walk in. The chimp was toting a drink with a long straw, and occasionally sipped from it.

"-Says the ape who wears a diaper." Rex made a face.

"It's a simian--forget it." Bobo sighed and hopped up on a shelf. Holiday retrieved the thermometer from Rex, who obviously wasn't even using it.

"Okay, Rex. Do you have any cuts, scrapes..or anything of the sort?" She asked, crossing her arms.

"I have a small cut on my leg, but I'm sure-" the teen shut his mouth before he could say any more.

"Pull up your pant-leg, and let me disinfect it."

Rex's face turned to worry. He was sure that the highlight of every checkup for Doctor Holiday was to find some wound, smother it in some awful, needless disinfectant solution, whilst finding a way to make it hurt most, and then slap some sort of embarrassing band-aid on it. Reluctantly, Rex pulled up his pant-leg, showing Holiday a nasty cut.

She sighed. "How'd you get it?"

"Falling for you."

The doctor got out a spray disinfectant, shook it and sprayed Rex's leg before he had time to protest. Rex's yelps could probably be heard from across the base. Rex bet that if Six had heard his cries, that he'd have done the impossible and smiled.

Holiday got out two packages of band-aids.

"Do you want the Power Rangers, or the pink ones?" She daunted, smiling.

"Hard decision, chief. I'd pick the pink ones if I was you. They match your personality." Bobo snickered.

Rex frowned.

"Can't you just kiss it and make it better?" The teen was doomed anyways, so why not fit a cheesy pickup line in there?

Silence once more. Holiday gave him a dangerous look.

"...Power Rangers."

As night fell, the EVO agency, Providence, powered down for the night. Several laboratories were left lit, of course, to study EVO nature and nanites 24/7. The rest of the base, however, was dark.

The teen EVO, Rex, was, like the laboratories, bright and wide awake, unable to fall asleep. The half-day of 'mandatory' (As Six had put it) briefing had put him to sleep, leaving him restless.

Shoving his covers aside, Rex got up and out of his bed. Sighing, he looked around, eying Bobo, his chimpanzee 'partner in crime', who had fallen asleep in the corner of his newest room.

Rex sighed and immediately became bored of the situation. He was stuck awake in the middle of the night, with nobody to bother, and nothing to do.

With a smile, Rex placed his hand on the white door leading out into the hallway. White Knight had insisted to keep "The Weapon" as he called him, locked up for the night for 'security issues'.

Rex let his nanites do the work, white lines brightly crawled down his hand and partially into the door. Almost instantly, a small -click- was heard, and the door opened slightly. With a large grin, he slipped outside.

I don't have anything to do, BUT it beats rotting in that hole they call a room.

The hallways were dark, sure, but they weren't pitch black, so navigating was fairly easy. After a few minutes of walking, Rex decided to sit down on a bench located in the center of the hallway. He took in a deep breath and relaxed slightly.

Doctor Holiday had always told him that his nanites were controlled by his emotions, but he never really took that to heart. She even suggested calming yoga lessons, breathing exercises, and other nonsense. All of which had failed. Rex inhaled and exhaled once more, trying to mimic what she'd demonstrated as 'calming'.

Rex looked up at the opposing hallway wall, where a poster hung. It had directions for an escape route in case of an emergency. Rex chuckled.

"The only real emergency they'd have around here is if Six suddenly grew a heart."

Rex wiped away an imaginary tear from laughing at his own joke and sighed once more. He looked down the hallway to his right. Holiday's lab was down there, and cracks of light could be seen underneath the closed door. With a bright smile, the teen EVO got up and walked towards the light. What could be better than bugging the woman who so obviously had the hots for him?

Rex suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. Freaking out, he whirled around, stumbling, and eventually landed poorly on the ground. He looked up, wide-eyed, his hand to his heart in shock. One of the only people Rex didn't want to run into, was standing before him, clad in a forest green suit, black tie, black sunglasses, and a frown.

"Hey, Six. Fancy meetin' you here." Rex was unnerved at the sudden appearance of his mentor and fighting 'partner', but kept his voice as normal and casual as possible.

"Rex." Agent Six acknowledged the teen. "Need I ask why you're out and about at this hour?"

"Got bored." Rex answered plainly, getting up and dusting himself off. "You're gonna give me a heart attack one of these days, sneaking up on me like that."

Even in the poor lighting, Rex saw Six's eyebrow raise and his frown deepen ever-so-slightly.

"You're going back to your quarters. You know you aren't allowed out of your room after midnight." Six grabbed his arm and started to tow him back to his room.

"You act more and more like a nanny every day, Six. But I don't want to go-" Rex started complaining, but was silenced when Six raised his left hand.

"What? What's the matter? Am I not allowed to-" The agent's hand suddenly covered Rex's mouth. If Six hadn't looked so serious, whether or not to lick the agent's hand wouldn't have been a question.

"We have intruders. Listen." Six whispered, letting Rex go. The teen looked up towards the ventilation shafts, where slight scrabbling and thumping could be heard. Rex looked to Six for advice.

Suddenly, there was a noise of powering down. Providence's halls became pitch black, and their generators weren't kicking in. Someone or something had manually cut the lines and prevented the backups from producing electricity. Rex looked down the hall towards Holiday's lab. No light was shown under the door.

A slight beep of a comlink being opened sounded. Rex looked back over to Six.

"We have a situation. Intruders and a power outage. Manually lock down the petting zoo, laboratories, and other EVO holds. Try to get that power back. Evacuate the petting zoo of all personnel, as well as laboratories. We will have no accidents, today." Regardless of the situation, the agent's voice was calm when alerting the control towers.

Rex's eyebrows lowered and he gave his mentor a look of determination.

"Six, what should-"

"Get to your quarters. Now."

"But I think I can-"

"Go. That's an order." Rex blinked, then nodded, turning to run down the hallway, his bare feet making a light padding sound on the white metallic floor.

There was the sound of creaking metal followed by the tearing of steel, and the crashing of a heavy being on the floor. A low growl was heard from behind at Six's location, and the clanging of metal on metal was heard seconds after.

"Six?" Rex stopped, his feet skidding a bit on the floor. He turned and started to run back.

Before he got a few feet away, a monstrous figure dropped from the ceiling, crashing onto the floor with such weight and force that debris and metal shrapnel was thrown into the air. Rex covered his face with both of his arms to shield himself.

The all-too-familiar form of Skalamander loomed over him, crystals glinting in the low light, and the bits of slime and drool coming from it's mouth refracting that light.

"It's past your bedtime, kid. Let me put you to rest-- Permanently!" The gurgling voice of the lizard EVO rang out as it shot large crystal shards at Rex, who dodged them just in time. The crystals imbedded them into the wall behind Rex.

"Is it?" Rex formed a cocky smile and eyebrows lowered as he activated the large mechanical hands he'd dubbed 'Smackhands'.

"Then let me give you a hand!"

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