Chapter Five

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"Circe! What're you-?" Rex rushed over, extending a hand to help her up.

"Rex, we have to get out of here! The Pack..they-!" She seemed frantic as she got up, looking worriedly back at the forest.

"Say no more, Circe. I'll get you out of here.."

Rex, gripping Circe's hand as if it were his lifeline, ran to the edge of the cliff and peered downward.

"We're going to have to jump and slide down the face of the cliff." The male teen frowned and looked back at the other for a response.

"You can't fly us down?"

Rex's face turned sheepish.

"Er..Providence is studying me for the next 24 hours...I'm not allowed to use my powers until then." He lied.

Circe sighed.

"Just my luck. Let's go, then! We don't have very much time before they catch up!"

Rex nodded.

"Hold on, Circe. It's going to be a little bumpy." He swooped Circe off of her feet, and for once in his life, Rex was thankful for Six's crazy training. He took a few steps backwards, and, with girl in arms, ran and leaped into the air.

Rex observed the steep base of the cliffside quickly approaching beneath them and braced his legs for impact.

Maybe...this wasn't such a good idea...

He narrowed his eyes and got ready to roughly hit the ground. Time seemed to slow as Rex's black shoes connected with the rocky face of the earth, his knees acting as suspensions to the shock. He skidded downwards, almost losing his balance and tripping on the uneven surface. Gathering energy, he leaped again, landing on slightly less-steep ground and sliding down the slope. Time slowly returned to normal as they hit street-level. Rex's legs felt all tingly.

He huffed a sigh of relief and placed Circe back on her feet. She wasn't as shaken as he was.

"That was fun." Rex commented, brushing off the base of his pants with his hands.

They both laughed a little.

Rex's face became serious again as he looked up the cliffside.

"You still aren't safe. We have to get you into the city." He held out his hand, of which she placed hers on top. They both ran off towards the city to escape impending doom.

Back at Providence, several search parties were off and looking for Rex. Agent Six had stayed behind on White Knight's orders.

Holiday was busy observing different nanites in different solutions, writing down her results. A door closed behind her, and she automatically knew by the lack of sound in the person's steps, that it was the green agent himself.

"Six.." Doctor Holiday turned around to face the agent, a worried expression on her face. "Without his powers, Rex is in danger."

Agent Six, who was leaning against the good doctor's worktable, had the same calm expression he always had.

"The Providence search agents have been deployed. Rex will be returned safely."

"What if they aren't in time? What if something happens? Six, I know you'd be able to find him in a heartbeat. You always have."

There was a short silence. Six adjusted his glasses and frowned.

"You know very well of my position in this matter, Doctor Holiday. It is out of my control."

The doctor turned to one of her monitors which'd started beeping.

"There's EVO activity approaching the city..." She breathed, whirling around to give the green agent another glare.

"Six. Orders may be orders, but you have to help Rex. He could be in potential danger!"

Agent Six's frown deepened ever-so-slightly. Saying nothing, he got up and headed out the door.

The sound of clicking heels resonated, echoing slightly in the large room as Holiday caught up with Six, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around.

She looked up at the agent, forgetting what she was going to say to him. Her mouth gaped open slightly as she stared into his face.

"...Thank you...for doing this..." Holiday gave him a hug, her head resting on his chest.

Six stepped backwards, for he wasn't one for human all. But seeing that she wasn't going to let go anytime soon, he placed an uncertain hand on her back, looking down at her.

"I'll find him, Doctor Holiday." He pledged.

"...Now can you release me?"

"Rex..." Circe started. They stopped running. "Thank you...for helping me.."

"It's technically my job to protect you." Rex smiled.

There was a short silence which ended as soon as both of the teens remembered why they were running. Rex cleared his throat.

"We still have to keep moving." he turned, leading the two of them down a residential road, and minutes later, into the thick inner-city limits. The two of them caught their breath. Rex straightened up and looked around.

"Circe-" He turned towards her, "-we need to talk." His eyebrows lowered slightly.

"Not out here.." She pointed towards a nearby restaurant. "In there."

The two of them casually walked up to the entrance. On the door, the title of the eatery.

Le Chateau Fleur De Resturante

"I have NO idea how to pronounce that." Rex looked confused, but opened the door, letting Circe enter first.

The restaurant was dark on the inside, lit dimly by low candle light. Rex looked around in awe, for he'd never been in a restaurant before, let alone a fancy one.

"May I seat the two of you?" A man in white with a black suit with coat-tails approached them, smiling. Rex looked over to Circe with a confused expression once more.

"U-uh...sure!" He paused. "!" The waiter gave them a street-view window and they sat opposite eachother. Rex had his elbows on the table.

"So Circe...What happened to you since the last time we..met?" He wasn't one for starting awkward conversations.

"I was taken back to Abysus, and confronted by Van Kleiss. He said he'd give me another chance..but he lied..." She looked down at the table and fiddled with the silverware wrapped neatly in a pure white napkin.

"Then how..?"

"On The Pack's next mission, Van Kleiss ordered them to attack me, and I barely made it. But thanks to you, I have a chance to live." Circe looked up, a weak smile on her face.

Rex frowned and stood up, a determined look on his face.

"No, Circe. You are going to live. I guarantee it. I'm taking you to Providence, because I know they can help you." He waited for her to get up, and she followed him out the door.

Once outside, they made their way up the different streets and alleyways. Neither said anything. Rex turned down a street and headed up a hill. Once it leveled out, he looked around. They were on a deserted street, and only one street lamp lit the entire way.

Circe stopped, her eyes wide.


"Yeah?" He turned around.

There was the sound of glass breaking, and the street lamp blew out, throwing the entire street into darkness, lit only by the moonlight.

"They've found us!" Circe got into a fighting position, soon followed by Rex.

Two figures stepped out from a side-street in front of them. A large lizard EVO and a four-armed schoolgirl EVO blocked their path. Rex grabbed Circe's hand and started to run in the opposite direction, only to be blocked by a third figure. Biowulf.

Circe got ready to fight, her mouth morphing, and Rex just bunched up his fists, trying to get his nanites to cooperate.

The Pack surrounded them, and Circe closed her eyes.

"Rex..." She turned to face him. "I'm...sorry.."

"You're wh-" Circe inhaled, then with a short scream, knocked him backwards into Skalamander. Rex dodged a fist thrown by the lizard EVO, rolling off to the side and jumping to his feet.

It was a trap?

"Aren't you going to fight back, Rex?" Breach teased, tossing two portals at him, which circled around the teen. Through one portal came a large fist, which Rex blocked, but was kicked in the back by Breach's foot. Rex stumbled forward.

"Where're your precious powers now, kid?" The gurgling voice of Skalamander came next. The lizard whipped around, a large clawed hand flying at the teen. Rex barely dodged, bending backwards to get out of the attack's way. He swerved off to the side and leapt towards the large EVO, delivering a punch to the being's face.

He felt a cold clawed hand grab his ankle, yanking him backwards into the middle of the fight. The teen landed on his back, skidding a few inches.

I- I can't win!

Biowulf now loomed over him, the metal of his form glinting in the moonlight. The EVO drew his claws, slashing down at Rex, who dodged and quickly got to his feet. He whirled around just in time to see a large metallic foot collide with his stomach, knocking the wind out of him and sending him to the ground again.

The world was blurry, but he managed to sit up. There was only one person left, and that person was standing a few feet away from him. Circe.

Rex held out his hands to protect himself, but she unleashed a sonic scream that knocked him out cold.

Skalamander bent over and picked up the fallen teen, slinging him over his shoulder. Breach opened a portal, the mutated trees of Abysus were seen on the other side. They entered, one by one.

The world spun a little as Rex opened his eyes. He was lying on his back, and the ruins of an old castle glared back at him from above. Browned, mutated branches and vines crept up the walls, and the entire room was in a dim light.

A dark figure approached the teen, a gold gauntlet glinting in the low illumination as well as a pair of grey-brown eyes that seemed to bore through one's soul.

Rex groaned, sitting up to get a better look at the figure, even though he already knew who it was. A calm voice rung out, echoing in the space of the area.

"I sent The Pack to your precious Providence to cut the set the captive EVOs free..." The teen blinked and narrowed his eyes, waiting for them to adjust better in the lighting.

"I knew Providence would retreat to their second abode, where I knew you would stumble upon the Deactivation Module, Rex."

The teen fought the urge to correct his captor on the device's proper name.

"I knew you couldn't resist the machine's charms. I knew you'd touch it."

The figure elegantly circled around Rex, one hand behind their back, the other, gauntleted hand gesturing as they explained their plan.

"Powerless, we waited for you to break out and away, watching from afar. Circe was a valuable player in this plan...and she did a splendid job of acting as bait and leading you into our trap." The figure came into full view. A man with black hair, streaked with white came closer to Rex, looming over him.

"Welcome to Abysus, Rex."

The teen scowled, baring his teeth a little.

"Van Kleiss..." Rex growled, clenching his fists.

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