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I Didn't Mean To

Chapter 1
It was all an accident. It led to something bigger than an accident though, a discovery. I guess I'm getting ahead of myself, though. It all started on a completely normal Friday in October. The Titans were all bored, Beastboy and Cyborg were playing video games; Raven was attempting to read; and Robin and Starfire were getting ready for their date that night. (A/N yes: Starfire and Robin are a couple in here.) They were going out to this new hot spot in town for dancing and pizza. It had been open for a few months now and this was going to be their eighth visit together and the first visit for all of the Titans, they had just decided that no preparation was required for a hang out place. Anyway, they left the tower around 8:00 and got to the club 15 minutes later.
''So what's the place called again?'' Beastboy asked on the way over.
''Fast Pass Party Hut'' Robin responded.
''Sounds cool, but...what's it like?''
''Well it seems that you will now find out.'' Starfire said as they pulled into the parking lot.
They all got out and headed for the door.
''Get out you ID cards, guys. This place is for 16 and up, so they'll need to see identification.'' Robin said, as the others pulled out their wallets and purses. (A/N: just so you know the ages it's Beastboy: 16 Raven:17 Robin and Starfire:18 and Cyborg:21) They pulled out the Id cards for their secret identities (Kori Anders, Dick Grayson, Garfield Logan, Victor Stone, and Rachel Ross) and handed them to the man at the window.
They got into the club and saw 'millions' of teens dancing in the colored lights in the first room. They had a table for fruit punch on the left side and a DJ booth in the back blaring ''Tic Tock'' with a line of kids in front of it. Walking into the other room, they saw a few less kids, but still enough to get lost in, dancing in the multi-colored strobe lights. They had speakers leading in from the other room, and a pizza stand on the left. (A/n I'm going to start calling them by their secret identities now just to make things less confusing.)
Dick pulled out his wallet and handed everyone $20.00.
''Let's try to meet at the front door around 10. Have fun.'' he said, hooking arms with Kori and disappearing into the crowd. The others observed their surroundings for a bit longer before moving. Rachel was the first to regain motion, having spotted an empty corner where she could be alone. Then came Victor and Gar, who made a bet to see who could find the first girl dancing alone and they too were surrounded into the ocean of teens. Dick and Kori searched for a spot where they could dance and found one just in time for a slow song. Dick was holding Kori around the waist and she held him around the neck, both leaning their heads on each others shoulders. Soon, Kori realized he wasn't holding her very tight and that she was almost leading. When she tried to back off, they nearly stopped dancing. This went on for a good 2 minutes, (A/n I know, that's like the longest slow song ever, but it has to be and you'll see why soon) before Kori leaned back to see his face.
''What's wrong?'' she asked.
''What?'' said Dick, almost like he had just been pulled back to reality. ''Oh, nothing.''
''You seem distracted.''
''Sorry, I don't mean to.''
''It's alright, but might you tell me what is on your mind?''
''Nothing.'' he said, turning away.
''It must be something, what?''
''It's...complicated. You wouldn't understand.'' now he had let go of her and folded his arms over his chest.
''I might if you told me.''
''It's nothing, okay?'' he said, almost angrily. ''There are some things going on that you wouldn't understand. And don't think it's just you, because no one would!'' He said almost yelling.
''But you know everything about me, why should I be denied your problems?'' she asked.
''Because there's no way you could know without it causing trouble.''
''What trouble?'' she asked, almost matching his quiet yell. ''Dick, I know I love you, but if you cannot tell me what troubles you, I begin to wonder if you trust me to.''
''Don't think you have anything to do with it, because you don't! It's just some things I'm not sure about that I need to look further into before I tell ANYONE!''
''But why?''
''Like I said, you wouldn't understand. You're only making this harder.'' now he was completely yelling.
''Then why do you remain with me if you believe I cannot understand you?''
''I probably shouldn't.'' he mumbled.
''What?'' she said quietly, as tears began forming in her eyes.
He thought for a moment about what he said, and then said,
''You heard me! We're through! If you can't except me having secrets, then we're done being together!''
Kori began crying and so he softened a bit to ensure she didn't completely hate his guts.
''I'm sorry, but right now, you're only complicating what's already hard to understand. We've got to be apart now.''
It didn't work. She began crying and ran as fast as anyone could through a crowd that large to the girl's bathroom where she was free to cry her heart out.

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