Okay, now here's what the whole story has been leading to! The flashback in this chapter reveals ALL! Okay, on with the chapter!

Chapter 7

It was about 11:00 when a doctor came and told Robin he could now visit her. He went up to her room and walked in. The first thing he saw was a nurse trying to get Starfire's pillow adjusted and Starfire arguing that she knew how to put a pillow down herself. Robin chuckled a bit at that. Finally, Star gave in and just sat up to let the nurse do it.
''There! See, much better.'' said the nurse.
Starfire rolled her eyes and motioned for Robin to come and sit down. The frustrated nurse walked out and left them alone.
''I hate having them all try to take care of me! It makes me feel as if I am worthless.'' she said.
''Well, you're not. They know that, it's just that if you don't let them help you out with everything, something might go wrong. THAT would make you worthless.'' Robin said comfortingly. Starfire giggled and nodded in agreement.
''I don't even know why my pillow position is such a big deal, seeing as how I'd rather sit anyway.'' she said. Now Robin laughed and said
''I don't see how you're gonna make it through this week.'' he said, ''you're very independent, which isn't bad, it's just that you're probably not going to ask for help; even when you need it.''
They both laughed a little, and then came an awkward silence.
''I think a gay baby was just born.'' said Robin. (A/n: if you've never heard that expression, it's that every time there's an awkward silence, a gay baby is born.)
''So how are you feeling?'' Robin asked.
''Much better. They gave me a shot to numb my ankle until tomorrow and the little electrical jolts just kind of wore off themselves.''
''That's good at least.'' he said.
Starfire took a deep breath and asked
''Robin, what happened? I mean I remember everything, but I still have yet to comprehend exactly what all happened to get us here.''
''Well, basically, I decided to be a jerk and not talk to you about anything. I got really mad at you, even though all you were trying to do was help, and I broke up with you. Later, there was I fight, this girl, well not really a girl...she was a robot, well, she fell on me and kissed me to hypnotize me.'' he paused for a minute to let her take it all in.
''So...then you were under her control?'' asked Starfire.
''Pretty much. So basically she made me meet her and then you saved me from her killing me and...You know the rest.''
''Yes.'' she agreed. ''But who built the robot? I am sure they do not build themselves, correct?'' she said.
''Well...that kinda leads to what she was saying right before you saved me. Did you hear any of that?''
''Yes. I remember her saying how you wouldn't join your father and that you would end up like him or something like that.''
''Well, all this is connected. In our last big battle, Slade told me something that I've been trying to prove isn't true for some time now. You remember how I told you a few months ago about how my parents both died in a trapeze accident?'' he said.
''Yes. Are the memories beginning to come back to you?'' Starfire asked with sympathy.
''Not the memories. Why that robot was yelling about being with my Dad. It's because, last time we battled Slade, while you guys got trapped behind the stone wall, he talked to me. We didn't really fight. He told me to have a seat and talk to him. He sounded calm, not like he does when he's trying to trick us, so I did. I still remember every word he said...''

''Poor poor Robin. You've been alone for so long now.''
''I haven't been alone. I've had Bruce and now I have my own team. What are you talking about?''
''Your parents, Robin. Your parents left you alone. They left you with nothing.''
''It wasn't their fault! Accidents happen!''
''But they never came back to you. They promised they would, but they lied''
''Why does it matter to you? How do you know all this?''
''You know they're gone, Robin, but I only left.''
''I never left you, Robin. I've only been waiting.''
''What are you talking about?''
''All this time, I've only been testing your strength and making you stronger. It has worked, and now you are ready for the truth.''
''Son, you are ready to fight by your father's side. By my side. I never died; I've just paid a heavy price for my life...my good side. And now you will join me, and together we can conquer any obstacle.''
''You're LYING!''
''Check for yourself. If you don't believe me, do the research. My blood runs through every vain in your body. Every part of you...is me.''
Robin sat in disbelief for a moment.
''no.'' he said, ''NO!'' he ran toward Slade, ready to attack, but before he could reach him, he almost disappeared. (Really he just moved away very quickly.)
''You're not my father!'' he shouted.

(A/n: ''Robin, I am your father.''
''Yes. And together we will rule the galaxy as
father and son!''

Sorry, had to put the Starwars summary!)
------------------------------------End flashback------------------------------------

Robin explained every word to her. When he finished, Starfire sat there in awe, amazed at what he told her.
''Robin, I am so sorry that I did not give you the required space.'' she said.
''Stop being sorry! If I could just get over myself and say what I need to…I'm sorry I didn't tell you from the beginning. I only wish I could rewind and stop myself from acting so irrationally. I just want to make things better; for you and for...us. I'M sorry!'' he said gently and warmly.
Starfire sat up towards him a bit more.
''All is forgiven.'' she said simply in a quiet voice.
They both leaned forward simultaneously and hugged each other. A few tear drops fell onto Robin's shoulder, so he hugged her tighter.
''You can never imagine how terrible I feel for putting you here. I promise I won't leave until they kick me out. That is, if you don't want me to.'' he almost whispered into her ear.
''Never.'' she said slyly, kissing his warm cheek.
When their hug broke, Star leaned back onto her pillow. Just as soon as she did, a knock came on the door and a nurse opened it, moving out of the way to let Cyborg, Beastboy, and Raven in.
''You have some more visitors.'' She said smiling before closing the door.
''Hey Star! How ya doin?'' Cyborg asked.

''Much better than yesterday, thank you.'' she said as they all took seats around the bed somewhere.
''Sooo...do you guys want to catch us up on whatever we missed?'' Raven said in her usual toneless voice.
''Yeah, I still don't even know what all happened to you, Star.'' Robin said, and thus the story began, Robin and Starfire both taking turns telling what had happened with a quick interjection from Beastboy or Cyborg every here and there. Almost as soon as they all finished, a nurse walked in saying that visiting hours were over, when they could see her tomorrow, and saying that she'd be back in 5 minutes to give Starfire another pain pill. Star just rolled her eyes as the nurse walked out and everyone else began crowding around to her goodnight. First Cyborg, then Beastboy, and then Raven. They had all walked out before Robin leaned down and hugged her.
''You think you'll be okay tonight?'' he asked.
''I think I'll live. But if one more nurse tries to help me hold a cup of water or something, I think I'm gonna-uuuggh!'' she said.
They both laughed. When their hug broke, Robin pulled Starfire's newly fixed communicator out of his utility belt, tucking it into her hand and wrapping his around it.
''If there's any trouble, you know who to call.'' he said sweetly. (A/n: lol! Theme song reference!)
''Thank you.'' she said.
Robin began to walk away, but neither of them would let go of each other's hands. Robin turned back to her and pulled her into an upright position, kissing her freezing lips. His were warm on hers, and warmth was something she had missed ever since all the medication they put her on. It wasn't a huge dramatic make-out kiss, but a loving goodnight kiss. More sweet than passionate, but just enough to make Robin's heart stop and Starfire's skip a beat. After a moment, Robin broke away, for he heard a nurse coming and knew he would be 'severely punished' if he was caught kissing someone extensive care, and swiftly slipped out the door. He paused outside of the room for a moment, silently celebrating in his head. Now he knew they'd be okay, because she had kissed back once he began. Starfire, right on the other side of the wall Robin leaned on, was also doing an imaginary victory dance, glad that this whole or-deal hadn't completely torn them apart.

Okay, how was it? I know, some of you are like 'well DUH! Of course Slade's Robin's daddy!' or 'huh…I never thought about that possibility before.' and some are thinking 'Yeah right! You're crazy!' Well those of you thinking the last one, please just remember that it's only an opinional story. I just thought that when I saw the episode "Masks" when Slade said

"If you think about it, I could even become like a father to you." (Or something like that)

And then Robin said

"No…I already have a father."

I just thought, 'omg! That would be SO weird if Slade was Robin's dad' because he always gave me that kind of 'dead-guy-come-back-to-life'ey vibe! You know? So it could kind of make sense. Slade was originally Robin's dad, he sold his soul to keep his life, he became evil with no soul, he found out his son had become Robin, and he figured the only way to get close to him again would be to become a villain and try to make Robin stop him. He thought eventually he would win and get Robin's respect, but became addicted to the evil on the way and just kind of gave into it; still just trying to reunite Robin with himself.

So Robin did a blood test and found out it was accurate and got so mixed up in it all that he thought he didn't love Starfire anymore and here we are now. So now that I've explained the chapter and everything, I want to know what you think. Which one of the opinions listed above do you have or is it a completely different one? Tell me your opinion and whether or not I should keep writing. I want at least three different people telling me whether it should end here or I should work on another chapter. Flame if that's what you feel like, but I'd really like to know if you liked it. I'm stuck here and not sure if it's over or if I should keep going from here, so tell me what you want. Okay, thanks! Bye guys!