The sunset was almost there, coloring the sky and clouds in golden colors.

The old white-haired man was sitting in the park, alone in this late hour of the day. His anxious movements were betraying his worries. A young man with mid-long purple hair, blue eyes, and strange blue and black outfit, walked calmly towards him, holding a metallic suitcase. When the old man saw the younger one, his face brightened. "Here you are, Trunks, I was starting to think you'd never come..."

Without talking back, Mirai-Trunks gave the old man the metallic suitcase. The old man grabbed it with excitation, opened it and started getting an overall look of the notes written by hand in the books.

Mirai-Trunks, after a long silence only interrupted by the shouts of surprises and giggles from the old man, finally spoke: "This is the last time, old man, it's over. You know enough."

The old man straightened up, his face now as white as his hair.

"But... Trunks... it can't be... you can't...", he said with a despaired voice. "What am I going to do...? I have a reputation to maintain..."

"The decision comes from higher", Mirai-Trunks replied, feeling the sadness of the old man, and trying not to be too concerned by it. "Besides, I heard that this would bring you the eternal glory. People will remember your name forever."

The old man seemed to look far and away, in a distant future that he was trying to figure out, perhaps...

Mirai-Trunks put his hands in the pockets of his gray jeans. "I must go now... Farewell...". With no more word, he turned and walked away in the alley of the park, disappearing from the sight of the old man in the middle of his books.


"Mom, I'm back!!", Mirai-Trunks shouted, as soon as he jumped out of his time-machine, "It's done!"

"Great", Bulma replied, "now let's see how that time-line will evolve with that scientist discovery"

"By the way", Mirai-Trunks started, "It seems to be very powerful, what you asked me to give him. Even *I* didn't understand everything, especially the conclusion... What does that mean "E = mc2" ? "



What sanity? OO;