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Chapter 10 - The Less I Know, the Better I Am - Part 1

Brandon didn't go back to his hotel just yet. As he sat in that waiting room of Cedars Sinai Medical Center, he started to recall all the times he has been there. What struck him the most was the fact he was never there as a patient, but as a loved one who had to watch as his family and friends suffer in pain including Andrea after getting hit by a car, Dylan after his accident, Brenda's cancer scare, and Donna overdosing. Worse, being there reminded all the times he almost lost Kelly. Even though it has been so long, Brandon could still remember Kelly being admitted after being caught in the fire, after being addicted to cocaine, getting shot, and losing her memory.

Brandon had called Kelly's home after Sammy was admitted. Silver answered the phone and told Brandon that everyone would meet him there at the hospital.

When he saw Dylan, Kelly, and Silver running in the hospital towards him, Brandon stood up.

"Brandon, where is he? Where's Sammy?" asked Kelly out of breath.

"Room 19, around the corner," replied Brandon.

Dylan and Silver followed Kelly to Sammy's room. The doctor sees this and goes and talks to them.

"Oh my god. Baby, I'm so sorry," said Kelly to Sammy who is asleep.

"Miss Taylor?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, how's Sammy?" asked Kelly.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Lambert. Your son will be just fine. He just has some bumps and some bruises. He'll be out of here in a day or two," said the doctor.

"Oh, thank god," said Kelly with a sign of relief.

"Is he still unconscious?" asked Dylan.

"No, he's just asleep. Sammy might feel a little dizzy or drowsy when he wakes up. But the guy brought your son in just in time for us to prevent any further bleeding and swelling. Lucky he was there at the right time," said Dr. Lambert.

"Thank you, doctor," said Kelly.

"Sure. Miss Taylor, I'm going to need you to fill out some paperwork. Would you follow me, please?" said Dr. Lambert.

"Ok," said Kelly as she follows the doctor out of the room.

Dylan looks at Silver who still feels guilty of neglecting Sammy.

"You ok?" asked Dylan to Silver.

"I'm glad he'll be ok but I still blame myself for not being there for him," said Silver.

"Silver, you can't always blame yourself. Sometimes things happened for no reason," said Dylan who goes and hugs Silver.

Brandon knew that it would be very difficult for Kelly to see her son lying in a hospital bed unconscious. Since he and Kelly weren't exactly on speaking terms, Brandon wasn't planning on staying long. He just wanted to make sure Sammy was well taken care of. And with Sammy's entire family there, he felt that he have done his job.

Brandon walks into Sammy's room. He sees Dylan consoling Silver.

"Hey guys; sorry to interrupt but I should get going," said Brandon.

"Brandon, thank you so much for being there," said Silver as she hugs Brandon tightly.

"You're welcome. It was no big deal," said Brandon.

"Nope, it really was, man. We owe you big time. Anything you need, man; just let me know," said Dylan who hugs him after Silver.

Even though Brandon knew Dylan was speaking sarcastically, there were a few things he needed. Unfortunately, Dylan wasn't the person who could give it to him.

"No, you don't owe me anything. I did it because it was the right thing to do," said Brandon.

"Is he going to be alright?" asked Brandon.

"Yeah, the doctor said that he should be out of here in a day or two," replied Dylan.

"So what the hell happened?" asked Dylan.

"I was at the gas station filling up my tank when I heard a kid screaming," said Brandon.

"I rushed over and see Sammy getting beat up by some older kids," added Brandon.

"Man, what was he doing wandering outside?" asked Dylan.

"It's all my fault. I should have been watching him," said Silver.

"Silver, it's ok. The important thing is that he's alright," said Dylan.

"Good. Look, I got to go. It's getting late. I'm starting work tomorrow," added Brandon.

"So, how long are you staying in L.A.?" asked Dylan.

"Actually, I live here now," replied Brandon.

"So they transferred you to L.A.?" asked Silver.

"Something like that; yeah." said Brandon who assumed Kelly didn't tell Silver about his promotion.

"We should catch up over lunch, Brandon. It's been too long," said Dylan.

"Yeah, it has. We'll talk soon," said Brandon.

"Alright. Thanks and good night," said Dylan.

"Aren't you going to say hi to Kelly?" asked Silver.

"She's just filling out paperwork. She'll be right back," added Silver.

"No, it's ok. I'll talk to her later," replied Brandon who doesn't want Dylan or Silver to know about him and Kelly.

"Alright, bye Brandon," said Silver as she hugs Brandon once more.

Silver doesn't let go of Brandon right away.

"Silver, you have thanked me enough. Please let go," said Brandon.

"Oh, sorry. Bye," said Silver.

"Bye," said Brandon.

A part of Brandon felt left out of the group. He wanted to be in Sammy's room with everyone. But the other part of him felt selfish for even thinking of taking credit for saving Sammy. After all, the important thing was that Sammy was going to be fine. However, if by doing so forgives him for the fight he had with Kelly the other day; he wouldn't mind taking that as a reward.

Brandon walks out of the room and leaves the hospital.

A few minutes later, Kelly comes back.

"How is he? Any change?" asked Kelly.

"No; I'm just glad he's going to be alright," said Silver.

"C'mon, let's all go home," said Dylan.

"No, I'm staying here tonight," said Kelly.

"Kel, he's asleep. He won't even know you're here," said Dylan.

"I don't care. I don't want him to wake up alone in a strange room," said Kelly who looks at Dylan.

Dylan could see that Kelly was just being a caring mother. This was his chance to prove to her that he was a caring father.

"You're right. I'll stay here with you," said Dylan.

"No, I think me being here with him is fine," said Kelly.

"Kel, I want to," said Dylan looking at Kelly.

"Ok. Thank you," said Kelly as she gives Dylan a nod and a hug.

"I'll drive Silver home and come right back," said Dylan.

"Ok. Drive safely," said Kelly.

"Kel, call me if you need anything," said Silver.

"Thanks. I will," said Kelly.

Dylan and Silver leave. Kelly sits in one of the chairs. As she is looking at Sammy sleeping, Kelly suddenly remembered that Brandon might still be waiting outside. She goes outside to the waiting room, only to see that Brandon had already left.

A part of Kelly was sad that she didn't get to thank him for being there. Even though she knew the situation would be awkward after the other day, she was so thankful that Sammy was ok that she didn't care. She wanted to give Brandon a hug, a kiss, and to thank him for being such a good friend to her. Most of all, Kelly wanted to tell Brandon that sleeping together the other day meant a lot to her and what she expressed to him was real. But now, Kelly would be nervous of whether to call Brandon or thank him in person. Even so, she wasn't sure if Brandon was willing to see her. If he wanted to, he would've stayed till Kelly returned from filling out Sammy's paperwork.

Dylan returned to the hospital after dropping Silver off. He comes in and sees Kelly asleep in one of the chairs. He smiles and sits next to her. Kelly begins to stir.

"Hi," said Kelly waking up.

"Hi," said Dylan putting his arms around Kelly.

"Just got back?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah, how's Sammy?" asked Dylan.

"The same; I can't believe this is happening," said Kelly.

"Brandon said that he was getting beat up by a few kids and he found him near a gas station," said Dylan.

"Oh. Speaking of Brandon, did you see him leave?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah, he was in here while you were filling out Sammy's paperwork," said Dylan.

"He also tells me that he's in L.A. for good," said Dylan.

"He took the job?" asked Kelly surprised of hearing about Brandon.

"Yeah, did you know he was back?" asked Dylan.

"No, I thought he would've stayed in Washington after the other day," said Kelly who forgot that Dylan doesn't know about her sleeping with Brandon.

"What happened the other day?" asked Dylan.

"Nothing. He just told me that the L.A. office was a mess. And since I didn't hear from him afterward, I thought he would've just stayed in D.C.," replied Kelly a little nervous.

"Well, you know Bran; he loves a challenge," said Dylan.

"Right," said Kelly who is still shock to hear about Brandon staying in L.A.

"Kel, I just got news that I may have work soon," said Dylan.

"When do you have to go?" asked Kelly a little worried.

"I don't know yet. But I just don't want until Sammy's fine," said Dylan.

"Thank you," said Kelly.

Dylan and Kelly stayed together in Sammy's room into the morning. They were awoken by the sunlight coming through the window.

"Good morning," said Dylan who gives Kelly a small kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning to you," said Kelly to gives Dylan a little smirk.

Kelly looks at Sammy who begins to stir. She goes to him.

"Sammy? Honey? Are you awake?" asked Kelly.

"Mommy?" asked Sammy after seeing Kelly.

"Yes, honey; I'm here. I'm so happy you're ok," said Kelly.

"You ok there, pal?" asked Dylan standing behind Kelly.

Sammy nods to Dylan. Dylan goes over to the other side the bed and gives Sammy a kiss on the forehead.

"I'm going to go and get everyone some breakfast," said Dylan.

"Ok. Thanks," said Kelly.

"Sure," said Dylan as he leaves the room.

Kelly continues to smile at Sammy.

"Mommy, are you ok?" asked Sammy.

"Yes, I'm just glad you're alive and ok," said Kelly kissing Sammy on the cheek.

"Now, why did you leave the house by yourself, mister?" asked Kelly.

"I was hungry and Aunt Silver wasn't spending any time with me," replied Sammy.

"Well, she's sorry. But that's no reason for you to wander off like that," said Kelly.

"Look at you. If anyone were to happen to you, I don't know what I would do," added Kelly who starts to cry.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," said Kelly.

"I know. I'm just glad Brandon found you in time," said Kelly.

"Brandon was there?" asked Sammy.

"Yes, he's the one who saved you," replied Kelly.

"Mommy, I miss Brandon," said Sammy.

"I know honey, I do too," said Kelly.

Kelly goes and hugs Sammy.

A few moments later, Dylan comes back with breakfast.

"Ok. Who's hungry?" asked Dylan.

"Me!" cried Sammy as laughs.

"Here you go, buddy; breakfast of champions," said Dylan giving Sammy the donut and juice.

"Here you go, Kel," said Dylan passing the muffins and coffee.

"Thanks," said Kelly.

Silver comes in and sees them eating breakfast.

"Hi," said Silver.

"Hey, why aren't you at school yet?" asked Kelly.

"I just wanted to see how Sammy is doing" replied Silver.

"Sammy, I'm so sorry about last night," said Silver to Sammy.

"I'm sorry too," said Sammy.

"How are you feeling?" asked Silver.

"I'm feeling better," replied Sammy smiling.

Silver goes and hugs Sammy.

"Silver, are you hungry? There's plenty of donuts and muffins," said Dylan.

"No thanks. I already ate," said Silver.

The doctor comes in.

"Well, the whole family is here," said Dr. Lambert.

"Good morning, Dr. Lambert," said Kelly.

Dylan offers Dr. Lambert some breakfast.

"Oh. No, thanks," said Dr. Lambert.

"How's my patient doing?" asked Dr. Lambert to Sammy.

"I'm fine," said Sammy smiling.

"When can we take him home?" asked Kelly.

"I'd say tomorrow. We just got to run some tests to make sure there's no damage to his head or brain cells," said Dr. Lambert.

"What do you mean by damage?" asked Kelly who is getting worried.

"It's just procedure. This is to avoid any further complications. Don't worry; it's very rare there's a problem. I'm sure Sammy will be just fine," said Dr. Lambert.

"Thank you doctor," said Kelly.

"You're welcome," said the doctor.

"Excuse me, are you Dylan McKay?" asked Dr. Lambert to Dylan.

"Yes," replied Dylan.

"Could you both please follow me to my office? There is something that I need to talk to you both about," said Dr. Lambert to Dylan and Kelly.

"Ok. Sammy we'll be right back," said Kelly.

"I better go; I don't want to be late for school; bye" said Silver.

"Bye" said Kelly.

"Silver, could you tell Mr. Wilson that I'll be there as soon as I can?" asked Kelly.

"Sure," said Silver.

"Thanks, bye," said Kelly.

"Bye," said Silver as she leaves.

Dylan and Kelly follow Dr. Lambert into his office.

"Please have a seat," said Dr. Lambert

"Is there something wrong with Sammy?" asked Kelly as they sit.

"No, Sammy's fine. But I do have some questions about your paperwork," said Dr. Lambert.

"Why, did I forget to fill something out?" asked Kelly confused as she follows Dr. Lambert to the nurses' desk.

"No. Kelly, please take another look at the form and make sure everything you filled out is correct," said Dr. Lambert.

"Ok," said Kelly confused as she takes the form.

Kelly glanced through the information.

"Looks good to me," said Kelly as she handed the form back to the doctor.

"Thank you," said Dr. Lambert.

"I don't understand. Is there a problem with what I filled out?" asked Kelly.

"No, the reason I'm asking is that some of Sammy's information was missing from his file," said Dr. Lambert.

"What kind of information?" asked Dylan.

"His blood type, hair color, eye color, etc," replied Dr. Lambert.

"Didn't you get that information when Sammy was born?" asked Dylan confused.

"Apparently not. The doctor who delivered Sammy didn't fill everything out," said Dr. Lambert.

"Are you serious? What kind of doctors do you have working here?" asked Dylan who is insulted.

"Mr. McKay, Ms. Taylor; on behalf of the hospital, I am truly sorry for the error," said Dr. Lambert.

"It's ok. Thanks for telling us," said Kelly.

"You're welcome, but while trying to find more information on Sammy, I found something pretty interesting," said Dr. Lambert.

"What? That Sammy has ten fingers and ten toes?" asked Dylan sarcastically.

Kelly lightly hits Dylan in the chest.

"Sorry doctor," said Kelly apologizing for Dylan's rudeness.

"Mr. McKay. Again, I'm sorry but I need an honest answer on what I'm about to ask you," said Dr. Lambert.

"Fine, I'll play along," said Dylan not caring.

"Doctor, don't worry. He's listening," said Kelly.

"Good. Now Dylan, were you admitted to this hospital in November 1994 after a car crash?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Yes, but what does this have to do with Sammy?" asked Dylan.

"According to your file, you suffered a concussion, major blood loss, damage to several limbs and to your reproductive organs," said Dr. Lambert.

"What are you saying?" said Dylan.

"What I'm saying is that Mr. McKay, you may be infertile," said Dr. Lambert.

Dylan is now very shocked.

"Has anyone ever told you this information?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"No and I don't believe you one bit," yelled Dylan.

"Dylan, please, calm down. I'm only telling you what I found out," said Dr. Lambert.

"No, I will not calm down. I don't care about what you found out in your little computer; all I know is that I am perfectly capable of having children. Does the computer say I'm Sammy's father?" said Dylan.

"Yes, it does," said Dr. Lambert.

"Then, what's the problem?" asked Kelly.

"I'll get to that. Kelly, if I'm not mistaken, you miscarried before; am I correct?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Ah, I had enough of this. What the hell are you doing bringing that up for?" yelled Dylan.

"Can't you see that she's sensitive? What are you going to tell us next that she can't have children either?" added Dylan as he continues to yell at Dr. Lambert.

"C'mon Kel, let's go," said Dylan grabbing Kelly's arm.

"No, I want to hear this. Please go on, doctor," said Kelly letting go of Dylan's hand.

"Thank you. Kelly, you have a condition called Endometriosis, am I correct?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Yes, that's correct," replied Kelly as Dylan looks at her.

"Well, with both of your conditions combined, the chances of you two having children together is a very low percentage," said Dr. Lambert.

"How low?" asked Kelly with a serious look.

"Close to zero," replied Dr. Lambert.

"What are you saying that we can't have any more children?" asked Dylan loudly.

"That's a possibility, Mr. McKay," replied the doctor seeing that Dylan's not realizing the obvious.

"If you want to make sure, we can run some tests on your condition," said Dr. Lambert.

"Forget it. This is the most unprofessional hospital I've ever been in," said Dylan.

"And I don't want you to run any tests on Sammy either," added Dylan.

"Dylan, why don't you wait outside?" said Kelly.

"What? Kel, don't tell me that you actually believe this guy," said Dylan.

"Dylan, just wait outside. I'll be right out," said Kelly.

"Fine...and doc, thanks for making my day," said Dylan sarcastically as he storms out.

"Doctor Lambert, Again, I'm sorry about him. He's just very upset," said Kelly.

"I understand. The reason I'm asking is that I just want to make sure everything in Sammy's file is correct. The sooner we make sure, the less chance there will be a problem in the future," said Dr. Lambert.

"I understand," said Kelly who too is a little shock by the news.

"Now Kelly, I need to know one more thing," said Dr. Lambert.

"Don't worry, I know I'm Sammy's mother," said Kelly.

"No, not that. We know you're Sammy's mother. Both you and Sammy have been tested and there is a signed witness of Sammy's birth," said Dr. Lambert.

"Then what's the problem?" asked Kelly.

"How certain are you that Mr. McKay is Sammy's father?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Very certain. He was the only guy I dated at the time," replied Kelly as Dr. Lambert continues to look at her.

"I mean, I'm not someone who'll just sleep with anyone," said Kelly trying to defend herself.

"Kelly, I'm not accusing you of anything. If you say Dylan McKay is the father, then Dylan McKay is the father. I just wanted to make sure," said Dr. Lambert.

Kelly has a worried look and doesn't reply.

"Kelly, are you alright?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Fine. Yes, he's definitely the father," replied Kelly.

"Ok. I'll update Sammy's information. Thanks for taking time to speak with me," said Dr. Lambert.

"Thank you, Doctor," said Kelly who still has a worried look on her face.

"Oh and please tell Dylan that I am very sorry for the news and that if he still wants to check his condition, he's welcome to," said Dr. Lambert.

"Thank you," said Kelly as she walks out.

Kelly started to walk and acts like she's about to faint.

"It's about time. Let's get out of here," said Dylan who is holding onto Kelly.

"Are you ok?" asked Dylan.

"I'm fine. I'm just got a small headache," said Kelly.

"Maybe you should skip work today. I'll drive you home," said Dylan.

"Maybe you're right. Let's go," said Kelly.

Dylan and Kelly checked on Sammy one last time before leaving the hospital.

The doctor comes out of his office and goes to the nurses' desk.

"Doris, can you look up Dylan McKay's file to see if we still have any samples of his blood left?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Right away, doctor," replied Nurse Doris.

"Thank you," said Dr. Lambert.

Coming Next - Kelly's past comes back to haunt her when she finds out the results of a DNA test. Brenda Walsh makes a guest appearance.