Chapter 13 - The Truth Shall Set You Free – Part 2

The next day after work, Kelly drove across town to the L.A. office to see Brandon again. She thought about what she wanted to say to Brandon. She wanted to be direct and get it over with.

Kelly saw that most of the lights were off when she got to the office. She assumed all of them have already left for the day. She was about to leave when she saw a light coming from Brandon's office. She walked to the door to see Brandon at his desk.

"Hi," said Kelly.

"Kelly. Wow, two days in a row," said Brandon.

"Yeah, I needed to talk to you about something," said Kelly.

"Ok. I'm on my way out. Do you have time for a late lunch?" asked Brandon smiling at Kelly.

"Umm...Sure," replied Kelly who smiles back at Brandon.

It was obvious that Kelly was trying to delay telling Brandon about Sammy. She wanted to spend as much time with Brandon as possible. She knew that once Brandon knows, things between them will never be the same.

Kelly didn't get a chance to tell Brandon during lunch at the Peach Pit. They laughed and talked during lunch like old times when they were in high school or college. That kind of connection was so hard to get.

In fact, it was so wonderful for Kelly that after lunch, she had a change of heart and decided not to tell Brandon the truth after all. She didn't want to change anything between them. She had wanted to be in this place for so long and have that feeling where she knew everything was perfect just the way it is. And now that she's finally had it, she wasn't ready to let it go.

Brandon and Kelly found themselves walking on the beach. It wasn't too hot or too cold. The temperature was just right for a romantic stroll on the beach. Brandon reached for Kelly's hand and cross his with hers. She smiled as she hinted to Brandon that she didn't mind at all. He smiled back at her.

"I haven't had much of a chance to come here after moving back," said Brandon.

"Why did you come back?" asked Kelly looking at Brandon.

"For the job…and for you. But when you said you didn't want to be with me, I wanted to give up and go back. There really wasn't anything else keeping me here," replied Brandon.

"What changed your mind?" asked Kelly.

"I thought along the years when we were friends and when we were together that you never gave up on us," said Brandon.

"I think I owe it to you, to myself, and to us, not to give up on what could be the best thing we've ever had," added Brandon.

Kelly doesn't respond right away.

"Brandon, I have to tell you something," said Kelly as they stopped walking.

"What is it?" asked Brandon.

She looked at Brandon sweetly for a moment. She leaned forward, took his face, and kissed him deeply on the lips.

"Nicely said. What was that for?" smiled Brandon as she lets go.

"I wanted you to love me before you hate me," replied Kelly.

"I could never hate you...but I do love you," said Brandon.

"Please don't make this any harder than it already is," said Kelly.

"Why, what is it?" asked Brandon.

"When Sammy was in the hospital, the doctor told Dylan that he may not be capable of having children," replied Kelly.

"I don't understand," said Brandon a little shocked and confused.

"Apparently Dylan's crash in 1994 caused some damage to his organs. And with my condition, our chance of having children are low," explained Kelly.

"How low?" asked Brandon.

"Very low," replied Kelly slowly.

"Oh Kel, I'm sorry," said Brandon as he hugs Kelly.

"Well, at least you were lucky enough to have Sammy," replied Brandon.

"Brandon, the doctor ran a DNA test and found out that Dylan might not be Sammy's father," said Kelly who looks up at Brandon.

"How could that be? Were you involved with somebody else at the time?" asked Brandon.

Kelly doesn't reply and continued to look at Brandon. When she gave Brandon a quick but sad smile, Brandon understood.

"Kelly, are you saying that I might be Sammy's father?" asked Brandon.

"Yes," replied Kelly.

"When did this happen?" asked Brandon.

"When I visited you in Washington that time," replied Kelly.

Brandon stayed silent for a while as Kelly continued to look at him.

"Brandon, please say something," said Kelly.

"I really don't know what to say," said Brandon.

"Brandon, please understand that you don't have to be involved if you don't want to," said Kelly.

"No, it's not that," said Brandon.

"Then what is it?" asked Kelly.

"How long have you known about this?" asked Brandon.

"Two days," said Kelly who was afraid of answering the question.

"So you had no clue that I might be the father before then?" asked Brandon.

Kelly looked down as Brandon looked at her.

"How long, Kelly?" asked Brandon loudly.

"I just didn't know for sure," said Kelly.

"You didn't know or you didn't want to know?" replied Brandon.

"Brandon, please. I just wanted to tell you the truth," said Kelly who started to cry.

"No, I don't think you wanted to. I think that you don't want me to be the father," said Brandon.

"That's not true," replied Kelly loudly.

"Then why did it take you so long to tell me?" asked Brandon who started to cry a little.

"Because you didn't want a relationship. Dylan did. Your life was in D.C. and mine was here." replied Kelly.

"So what's change? Because the doctor found out about your little secret or because Dylan left again? Is that why all of a sudden, you wanted to be with me?" asked Brandon.

"Brandon, you don't have to love me. You don't have to even like me very much right now. I just wanted to be honest with you," said Kelly.

"I knew this was too good to be true," said Brandon looking down.

Both of them just stood there with tears in their eyes.

"You have no idea how much I missed you. Whenever I hear someone knocking on my door, I always wanted to be you. I even kept your picture at my desk in D.C., telling everyone that you were my girlfriend," said Brandon.

"Why would you do that?" asked Kelly.

"Because I didn't want to fall in love with anyone else," said Brandon.

"I still love you, Brandon," said Kelly.

"You know what, Kel? If you had said this the other day when I told you, I would've believed you. But now, I don't know what to think anymore," said Brandon.

They stay silent for a bit.

"Brandon, if you want to go the doctor's tomorrow to make sure, I can go with you," said Kelly.

"Is that what you want?" asked Brandon.

"Yes," replied Kelly.

"I'll think about it," said Brandon as he leaves.

Kelly stood there on the beach as she watches Brandon leaves.

When Kelly got home, Silver and Sammy were already waiting for her for dinner.

"Hey, where have you been? We've been worried," said Silver.

"I was with Brandon. I told him," said Kelly.

"Everything?" asked Silver.

"Yeah," replied Kelly.

"So how did he take it?" asked Silver.

"Just like I imagined he would," asked Kelly.

"I'm sorry. Come, sit down, and have dinner with the people who still love you," said Silver as she walks Kelly to the dinner table.

"What are we having?" asked Kelly.

"Spaghetti and meatballs," replied Silver.

"Thanks. You're such a good mom," said Kelly.

"Only to you," smiled Silver.

Sammy comes out of his room and goes to the dinner table. He takes a seat next to Kelly.

"Hi mommy. Are you ok?" asked Sammy.

"Yes, honey. Mommy is fine," replied Kelly as she kisses Sammy.

As the three sat down for dinner, Kelly took a look at everyone at the table. Even though she felt so alone, she was glad that her family still loves her despite everything that's happened.

The next day at work, Kelly kept busy dealing with the students, which in turn kept her from thinking about her own problems. But when the day was almost over, all she could think about was whether or not Brandon was going to show up.

Just before 4pm, Kelly packed up her things and headed to her car. She stopped as soon as she saw Brandon waiting for her by the parking lot.

"Hey," said Kelly.

"Hey," said Brandon.

"Thanks for showing up," said Kelly.

"I'm doing this for ready?" replied Brandon.

"Yeah, let's go," replied Kelly.

They both got into their own cars and drove to the hospital.

At the hospital, Brandon and Kelly walked to the nurses' desk.

"Hi, I have an appointment with Dr. Lambert," said Kelly to the nurse.

"And your name?" asked the nurse.

"Kelly Taylor," replied Kelly.

"Ok. The doctor will be right out. He's just finishing up with a patient," replied the nurse.

"Thanks," replied Kelly.

Brandon and Kelly take a seat to wait for the doctor. Kelly looks at Brandon from time to time. She could tell that Brandon was hurt and sad. She wanted to tell Brandon that he's not alone and that she'll be there for him, hoping that he'll do the same for her.

"So how was work?" asked Kelly trying to get Brandon to talk.

"Fine," replied Brandon.

"Are you ok?" asked Kelly.

"Look, I just want to get this over with and go home," replied Brandon.

"Oh," said Kelly quietly.

"Miss Taylor, Dr. Lambert will see you now," said the nurse.

"Thanks," said Kelly as they both get up and go into the doctor's office.

"Hi Dr. Lambert; this is Brandon Walsh," said Kelly.

"Miss Taylor. Mr. Walsh, glad to meet you," said Dr. Lambert shaking Brandon's hand.

"Please sit down," said Dr. Lambert.

"Thanks for seeing us on such short notice," said Kelly.

"My pleasure. Anything I can do to help," replied Dr. Lambert.

"So Mr. Walsh, are you aware of what we need to do?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Yes Doctor. How soon will I know the results?" asked Brandon.

"It'll take about two to three weeks...we'll mail them to you," replied Dr. Lambert.

"Ok. Thanks," said Brandon.

"Are you ready?" asked Dr. Lambert.

"Yes," replied Brandon.

"Miss Taylor, unfortunately Mr. Walsh is going to have to do this alone. So if you want, you can wait in the waiting room," said Dr. Lambert.

"No problem. Brandon, I'll be outside," said Kelly.

"Ok," replied Brandon quietly.

"Mr. Walsh, please follow me," said Dr. Lambert.

As Brandon went for his paternity test, Kelly sat in the waiting room. She was so afraid for Brandon and for herself. But in many ways, she'll be happy if Brandon turns out to be the father. Sammy will get a chance to bond with his dad and he'll have a male role model to look up to. Even though Kelly knew that her chances of being with Brandon romantically may not be as good as before; she knew that she'll have plenty of chances to win his love since Brandon is back in L.A.

As Kelly continued to wait, she looked around the hospital. She saw women in labor, patients with broken arms, legs, or necks. Somehow, that reminded Kelly of that even though the truth hurts, it's going to hurt more if not treated right away. Even though, she didn't know how Brandon would react to the news when he gets his results, she thought to herself that he would have a better chance of being a father to Sammy than Dylan ever will.

A while later, she saw Brandon come out of the room and headed towards her.

"Everything went ok?" asked Kelly.

"Fine. Can we go?" asked Brandon as he headed for the door.

"Aren't you going to talk to me at all?" asked Kelly.

"What do you want me to say?" replied Brandon turning around to face Kelly.

"Look Brandon. If you don't want to be a father, just tell me," said Kelly loudly.

"It's not that. I do. I just didn't want to miss five years of his life!" said Brandon.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry," said Kelly who seems to be pleading with Brandon.

"Kel, you are one of the closest people to me. But lately, I just feel like I don't know you anymore. First you come onto me, then you tell me that you don't want to be with me, and now you changed your mind after you found out that I might be Sammy's father?" asked Brandon.

"It was never like that, Brandon," replied Kelly.

"Then what is it?" asked Brandon.

"I didn't want to hurt you," replied Kelly.

"And you can hurt Dylan by telling him that he's the father?" asked Brandon loudly.

"He's different," said Kelly.

"How?" asked Brandon.

"Because he can take the hurt. You can't!" said Kelly loudly.

Brandon pauses for a second as he notices everyone in the room is looking at them.

"You're right, I can't. Are you happy now?" asked Brandon looking at Kelly sadly.

"No, I'm not happy. Brandon, please know I didn't do this on purpose. I do care about you...and I do love you," said Kelly.

"I can't deal with this right now," said Brandon.

"You said you love me too…Did you mean it?" asked Kelly.

"I did. Now, I just don't know anymore," replied Brandon.

"You know, I've won your heart many times before in the past, Brandon...I can do it again," said Kelly.

"Don't waste your time," replied Brandon.

Kelly watches Brandon leave again as she stands there. Kelly walked out of the hospital to find that Brandon had already driven away.

After dinner, Silver goes to Kelly's room to talk.

"Hey, how did it go today?" asked Silver.

"He came. That's the only good thing about it," replied Kelly.

"I know Brandon would come through," said Silver.

"Yeah, but he still didn't want anything to do with me," said Kelly.

"Kel, it's going to take a while. He'll come around," said Silver.

"I know. I'm just trying to make this better," said Kelly.

"You're really serious about this, aren't you?" asked Silver.

"What are you talking about?" asked Kelly.

"Trying to get together with Brandon," replied Silver.

"Yes. The way I feel when I'm with him is something that I haven't felt in a long time," said Kelly.

"So you're in love with him?" asked Silver.

"Yes, I am," replied Kelly.

"How do you know that?" asked Silver.

"Considering the fact that I still want him even though he doesn't want anything to do with me, that's love," replied Kelly smiling.

"Doesn't seem like love to me. Sounds like you're desperate," said Silver.

"It's hard to explain. It's something I just feel," said Kelly.

"Are you sure this doesn't have anything to do with the fact that he might be Sammy's father?" asked Silver.

"No. Whether or not Brandon wants to be with me, he'll be there for Sammy. In fact, I think he'll be there for Sammy even if he wasn't the father...I'm doing this for me," said Kelly.

"Well, you deserve him," said Silver.

"I hope he shares your opinion," said Kelly.

"So, how are you going to win him back?" asked Silver.

"I don't know. It's been so long since I had to do something like this. I'm going to need some help," said Kelly looking at Silver.

"Count me in, sis," smiled Silver.

"Great," smiled Kelly.

"I'm surprised you never tried this with Dylan," said Silver.

"With Dylan, it's always me trying but he never gives an effort. Besides, it's always him who is letting me down. And somehow I'm always the one trying to get him to forgive me," said Kelly.

"So, what makes Brandon different from Dylan?" asked Silver.

"Brandon will notice how much I want him back," replied Kelly.

"But how do you know that he really loves you?" asked Silver.

"Because he told me before I told him about Sammy," replied Kelly.

"Well, looks like we got a lot of work ahead of us," said Silver.

Kelly smiles.

Coming next - Kelly attempts to win Brandon back through her own special ways. Meanwhile, a new job applicant catches Brandon's attention at work.