Author's Note - As expected, I received a few comments and e-mails on the reason why I made Kelly Taylor act like a bitch by not telling Brandon about Sammy sooner. I was prepared for this after I got the first responses from my friends a few years ago. First of all, I had no intention of making Kelly act like a bitch. She's my favorite character on the show. Second, I've read so many BK fanfics over the years where Sammy was 5 years old and Kelly asked both Dylan and Brandon to do a paternity test, making Brandon the father. While those fanfics were good, the problem I had was that neither Dylan nor Brandon ever questioned Kelly of why she never told them the possibility of the other guy being the father. They didn't even get mad at her. Shouldn't Brandon be pissed? I know I would be. So, that's why I decided to addressed this issue in my fanfic. In fact, I got the idea from Jennie Garth who said in an Access Hollywood interview about doing a paternity test if Brandon were to returned. If that were to happened, my storyline would've become somewhat of a reality. Third, Kelly was in a confused state. Yes, it's still wrong but at the time she got pregnant, she simply assumed Dylan was the father and telling him otherwise would cause him to leave. And lastly, these kinds of situations are real. There are many children in the world who don't know who their real parents are.

I hope this helps clarified things. If you have any more questions, just write them on the comments. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the story.

Chapter 14 - If At First you Don't Succeed, Try Again

Spending the weekend alone gave Brandon plenty of time to think a lot about Kelly and Sammy. It was obvious that this was going to bother him for some time. Kelly and he came so close into being a couple again that a part of him wished that Kelly didn't tell him about Sammy. But please don't be mistaken. Brandon would love to be the father and having a kid with Kelly was a bonus to him. However, the fact still remains that he had missed five years of his son's life. He wanted to be there for Sammy's birth, his first steps, his first words, and all the other priceless moments of his life.

Just before 9am on Monday, as Brandon headed to his office, his secretary stopped him.

"Good morning, Mr. Walsh. Here are your messages for today," said the secretary who handed Brandon a bunch of messages.

"Thanks Sheryl. This is all from this morning?" asked Brandon.

"Yes, sir. They're all from that lady who was here last week," replied Sheryl.

Brandon thought for a moment of who could that be. He didn't recall having any female clients or customers here last week. But when he looked down at the messages, he saw it was Kelly who called him.

"Thanks Sheryl," said Brandon as he walked into his office.

"You're welcome, sir," replied Sheryl.

Brandon got to his desk and look through all the messages he got from Sheryl. In one way or another, all of the messages said the same thing, "I'm sorry and I love you."

Brandon tossed the messages aside. He pressed a button on his direct phone to check his messages.

"You have 35 new messages. Please press play to play the first message," said the answering machine.

Brandon has a confused look on his face and pressed play.

"Hey Brandon. Good morning. I just wanted to say that I'm still very sorry about what happened and I hope that you can forgive me. I love you. Please call me," said Kelly.

Brandon pressed delete on his answering machine.

"Brandon, hey. I was thinking if you're not busy later, maybe we can have a late lunch together like last time. I had fun. Give me a call when you can. Bye," said Kelly.

Brandon pressed delete on his answering machine.

"Hey, it's me again. Sorry, but I forgot to tell you that I love you on my last, I love you," said Kelly.

Brandon pressed delete on his answering machine. He quickly went through all the messages on his machine and they were all from Kelly.

"Sheryl," said Brandon loudly.

Sheryl comes into Brandon's office.

"Did you give this person my direct number?" asked Brandon.

"Yes. She said she's your friend...Was I not suppose to?" asked Sheryl nervously.

"No, it's ok. You didn't know. Next time, please check with me before giving my number out," replied Brandon.

"Ok. I'm sorry sir," said Sheryl.

"That's ok. That'll be all," said Brandon.

"Ok," said Sheryl as she headed back to her desk.

Brandon sat at his desk just thinking how many more phone calls can he expect from Kelly before the end of the day, better yet before lunch time. He picked up the phone and was about to call Kelly back but decided he couldn't. He didn't want to talk to her. Whether or not they were together when Kelly was pregnant, he had the right to know about Sammy. However, he wanted to believe Kelly when she said she wasn't sure who the father is. But in his mind, he still believes Kelly wanted Dylan to be the father instead of him.

It's almost lunch time at West Beverly High and Kelly is getting ready to go to lunch.

"Hey Kel," said Silver as she walks into Kelly's office.

"Hey," said Kelly.

"Where are you going?" asked Silver.

"To lunch with Brandon," replied Kelly.

"So you guys are ok again?" asked Silver.

"No, I'm going to surprise him at his work," replied Kelly.

"Aww…that's sweet...Good luck," said Silver.

"Thanks," smiled Kelly.

Kelly left the building and arrived to the Peach Pit to pick up lunch for her and Brandon.

"Hey Nat. Is my order ready?" asked Kelly.

"It sure is. Be sure to say hi to Brandon for me," replied Nat.

"Will do. Thanks Nat," said Kelly.

"No problem. Bye," said Nat.

"Bye," said Kelly as she leaves.

It was a sunny day in L.A. As Kelly drove to the other part of town to the Brandon's office, she can't help but wishing that she was spending the day with him. She just hope that he got all her messages and was calmed enough to have lunch with her.

Kelly arrived at the L.A. office and approached the receptionist.

"Hi, I'm here to see Brandon Walsh," said Kelly.

"Oh hi, I remember you. Mr. Walsh is finishing at a meeting right now. Would you care to wait?" asked Sheryl.

"Sure," said Kelly as she takes a seat.

A few minutes go by and Kelly is getting impatient. She checks her watch as she finds out that she needs to get back to work soon.

"Hi, do you know whether Mr. Walsh is going to be finishing up his meeting anytime soon?" asked Kelly.

"I don't really know but I can take a peek...hold on," replied Sheryl.

"Thanks," said Kelly.

Sheryl goes and takes a peek into Brandon's office and comes back.

"They're finishing up," said Sheryl.

"Thanks," said Kelly.

"You sound familiar, were you the same person who also called him so many times this morning?" asked Sheryl.

"Yes; sorry about that," replied Kelly.

"Oh, don't be. I think it's sweet. I wish my boyfriend would call just to tell me that he loves me," said Sheryl.

"Thank you. Did he sound ok with me calling him this morning?" asked Kelly.

"I don't know. But I think he was upset with me because I gave you his direct line," replied Sheryl.

"Oh...sorry...I didn't mean to get you into trouble," said Kelly.

"It's ok. So how long have you and Mr. Walsh been dating?" asked Sheryl.

"We're not, actually. I'm just trying to get him to notice me," replied Kelly.

"Oh. Well then, I have to say you're doing a fantastic job about it," said Sheryl.

"Thank you," smiled Kelly.

Brandon finished up with his meeting. From the look of his face, it doesn't look like it went well for him. He looked stressed and when he came out of his office, the last person he wanted to see was Kelly.

Kelly stood up when she saw Brandon. Brandon doesn't notice Kelly and goes to Sheryl's desk.

"Hey Sheryl, could you order me some lunch? I don't think I'll have time to go out today," said Brandon to Sheryl.

"Actually, I have your lunch right here," said Kelly.

Brandon looks at Kelly.

"Kelly, what are you doing here?" asked Brandon as he heads towards her.

"I was thinking that we could have lunch together," replied Kelly.

"Sorry, this is not a good time," said Brandon as he leads her to the hallway.

"Oh. I drove all this way to come here to see you. Can we at least talk for a few minutes?" asked Kelly.

"There's nothing else to talk about," replied Brandon.

"We can talk about us...about how we feel about each other," said Kelly.

"There is no us, Kelly," said Brandon.

"Look Brandon, I'm just trying to make things better between us," said Kelly.

"How? Just because you left me a bunch of messages and brought me lunch doesn't make everything alright," said Brandon.

"So you're never going to forgive me?" asked Kelly sad.

"I don't know but this is not a good time to discuss this," replied Brandon.

"So, when is a good time?" asked Kelly.

"I don't know," replied Brandon.

"That's not good enough, Brandon," said Kelly.

"What do you want from me? Do you want me to forgive you for taking five years of my son away from me?" asked Brandon loudly.

"No, what I want you to realize is that even though you lost five years, you can still be a part of his life now. He still has the rest of his life ahead of him," replied Kelly.

"My problem is you, not Sammy. I'll be there for him. But I can't forgive you for what you did," said Brandon.

"You know, you're worse than Dylan. At least he pretends to care...enjoy your lunch!" said Kelly as she tosses Brandon his lunch and walks out.

Brandon comes back inside the office to find out that most of his co-workers were listening to his conversation. He goes into his office to eat his lunch.

He takes the megaburger and fries out of the brown paper bag. Brandon noticed that there was something else inside the paper bag. It was a card with his name on the envelope. Enclosed with the card was an old photo of him and Kelly in Washington together. The card reads,

"Brandon, I hope you'll forgive me so that we can relieve these happier times once again, Love, Kelly."

As he stared at the card and the photo, he can't help but feel sorry about the way he treated Kelly. He too missed the times that he shared with Kelly. Brandon did have time for lunch and would love to work things out with Kelly. In a way, she was right. He always wanted to be a father. Now that he's most likely going to be the father, he should take some responsibility. He looked at the photo a few times as he ate.

That evening after dinner, Kelly spent most of her time going through a bunch of old boxes in the basement. Silver sees Kelly and joins her.

"Hey Kel," said Silver.

"Hey," said Kelly.

"What are you doing?" asked Silver.

"I'm just cleaning up some of this old junk," said Kelly.

"You need some help?" asked Silver.

"No, I think I'll be fine," replied Kelly.

"You sure? You've been down here for almost three hours," said Silver.

"Yeah, I lost track of time looking at some of the old photos and reading some old letters," said Kelly.

"Mind if I join you?" asked Silver.

"If you want to," replied Kelly.

Silver picks up one of box of photos and starts to go through them. She comes across a few pictures with Kelly, Brandon, Dylan, and Brenda in them.

"Wow, Brandon was really cute back then," said Silver.

"I always thought so...In a lot of ways he still is," said Kelly.

"So how did lunch go today?" asked Silver.

"It didn't. He was busy," replied Kelly.

"I'm sorry. Did you guys at least talk?" asked Silver.

"Yeah. But we just ended up arguing again," said Kelly.

"What did he say to you?" asked Silver.

"The same. He still blames me for not telling him," replied Kelly.

"Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bother him at work," said Silver.

"I know. But I just can't stop thinking about him," said Kelly.

"Did you call him this morning like you planned?" asked Silver.

"Yes, I did. I left him a few messages," replied Kelly.

"How many?" asked Silver.

"Just...50," replied Kelly.

"50? Are you insane? He probably thinks you're crazy," said Silver.

Kelly doesn't respond.

"Kel, I didn't mean like that. I know you really want him back...Do you?" asked Silver.

"Yes, I do," replied Kelly.

"Why don't you try a different approach," said Silver.

"Like what?" asked Kelly.

"How about getting him some flowers?" asked Silver.

"Flowers? Silver, he's a guy," replied Kelly.

"I know but it's the thought that counts," said Silver.

"You're right. I'll try anything," said Kelly.

Next to the photos, Silver notices a bunch of letters.

"Ohhh, are these your love letters?" asked Silver.

"Hey, don't you dare read them. They are private," replied Kelly.

"Why? What are you trying to hide?" asked Silver smiling.

"You know what? Go ahead. I don't care anymore," replied Kelly giving up

Silver smiles and starts to go through them.

"Looks like you were in full control of Brandon and Dylan back in the days, Kel," said Silver.

"How so?" asked Kelly.

"From all these letters. They must really love you," replied Silver.

"The only hard part was choosing between the two," said Kelly.

"I really like Brandon's letters..."I tried to not think about you today. Fortunately, I failed miserably. Thank you for giving me that feeling that lets me know that you're with me even when you're not. I love you and I'll see you when I get back"," said Silver.

"Yeah, they don't call Brandon a writer for nothing," said Kelly.

"So where did he go?" asked Silver.

"If I can remember correctly, he had to film something for the campus TV show," replied Kelly.

"How long was he gone for?" asked Silver.

"Just the weekend," replied Kelly.

"Awww...sounds like he missed you like crazy," said Silver.

Kelly smiles.

"I also like Dylan's poetry. Did he write these himself?" asked Silver.

"Yeah, Dylan loved poetry," replied Kelly.

"His words are so powerful yet gentle. It makes me think and appreciate what he's trying to say," said Silver.

"I can see how you have trouble choosing between them," added Silver looking at Kelly.

Brandon walked into work early that Tuesday morning. He had a full day of interviews and he was not so prepared of the questions he should be asking his applicants. He passed by Sheryl who handed him his list of applicants to interview and a bouquet of flowers from Kelly.

"Thanks," said Brandon.

"I think those are from the lady who was here yesterday," said Sheryl referring to the flowers.

"I think you're right," said Brandon looking at the card.

"So, are you going to call her back?" asked Sheryl.

"I don't know," replied Brandon.

"If you don't mind me saying sir, she is very persistent," said Sheryl.

"Yes, she is. This is not her first time," said Brandon.

" sweet," smiled Sheryl.

"Ok then," said Brandon as he walked into his office.

After sitting down, he sees that there were ten messages waiting for him.

He thought for a moment and pressed the button to hear his messages.

"Hey Brandon. Good morning. I just wanted to apologize about yesterday. I know you were busy and I shouldn't have bothered you at your work. I'm sorry and I hope we can still talk soon. Bye," said Kelly.

Brandon pressed the button for the next message.

"Hi. It's me again. I'm at work. I was staring out the window looking at these two kids making out on the bench. I can't help but think of how we used to be like that. I guess I just missed you a lot. I love you. Bye Brandon," said Kelly.

Brandon smiled as he heard the message. He too can remember all those times where they were making out in public. They didn't care what anyone else thought. They were both in their own little world at the time.

Sheryl came into Brandon's office.

"Mr. Walsh?" asked Sheryl.

Brandon doesn't reply.

"Mr. Walsh?" asked Sheryl looking at Brandon.

"Oh, I'm sorry Sheryl," said Brandon snapping back into reality.

"Are you ok?" asked Sheryl.

"I'm fine," said Brandon.

"Good. Your 9 o clock is here," said Sheryl.

"Ok. Send him in," said Brandon.

"Ok," said Sheryl.

As Brandon started his interviews, he can't help but think back to a time when he was the one sitting on the other side of the desk. Just like his applicants, he was nervous, scared, and desperate to get a positive reaction from the interviewer. That day he heard many stories of why someone wanted to be a writer. He listened as they tell them about their goals, their hopes and dreams, and where they want to be in five to ten years. It's funny how people who are very ambitious would say anything to impress the boss. Whether or not they were telling the truth or bending the truth; overall, he didn't hear anything from the applicants that he hadn't heard before.

"Mr. Walsh, your last applicant for the day is here," said Sheryl as she came to Brandon's office.

"Ok," said Brandon.

As the applicant walked in his office, Brandon noticed that she seemed a lot different from all the other applicants. For starters, she was dressed much more casual. Her hair was a mess. She was sweating heavily and reeked of baby food.

"Hi, Brandon Walsh," said Brandon extending his hand to the applicant.

"Hi, I'm sorry for being late. I had to leave my kids with the neighbor," said the applicant.

"That's ok. Are you alright?" asked Brandon who has a weird look on his face.

"Yes, I'm fine. I just had a crazy day," replied the applicant.

"That's ok. Can I get you some water or something?" asked Brandon.

"Water would be great...and a paper towel if you have one," replied the applicant.

"Sure," said Brandon who reached under his desk for the paper towel.

"Sheryl, could you bring the lady some water?" asked Brandon on the intercom.

"Right away," replied Sheryl.

Sheryl brings the applicant some water.

"Thank you," said the applicant.

"No problem," said Brandon.

"Would you like a few minutes to relax?" asked Brandon.

"No, I'm fine," smiled the applicant.

"So, what's your name?" asked Brandon.

"Oh sorry, it's Lauren," replied Lauren.

"Ok Lauren, please tell me about yourself," asked Brandon.

"Well, I spent my entire life in Los Angeles. I always wanted to be a writer. I just never really had the chance because I was always busy taking care of my kids," replied Lauren.

"How many kids do you have?" asked Brandon.

"Two girls, both 4," replied Lauren.

"So what's change that you now have time to be a writer," asked Brandon.

"I'm planning on enrolling my kids in a daycare center. I didn't want to leave my kids with anyone at an early age. So, I had to put aside my writing career and be a full time mom," replied Lauren.

"Can't the father help you out?" asked Brandon.

"I'm actually a single mother. Their father left us when they were one," replied Lauren.

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Brandon who is intrigued by Lauren's answer, which caught his attention.

"It's ok. It's just been a difficult time for me because no one would give me a chance because I have so much baggage," said Lauren.

"Oops...I probably shouldn't say that. There goes my chance of ever being hired," joked Lauren.

"No, don't be silly. Please go on," said Brandon.

"Thanks. If it helps, I was able to take a few online creative writing courses," said Lauren.

"If you don't mind me asking, how difficult is it to be a single mother?" asked Brandon.

"No, I don't mind. It's actually a lot harder than it looks. It's a never-ending job that has no pay. But I have no regrets about being a full time mom. I love being with my kids," smiled Lauren.

"Why did the father leave?" asked Brandon.

Brandon paused for second.

"I shouldn't have asked you that...that's none of my business...I'm sorry," added Brandon.

"That's ok. I don't mind," said Lauren.

"The father was really excited at first. We were both in love and working at the time. But then when the babies actually came, he saw his dreams of running his own company fading away. He just felt that being a father slowed him down. I know he still loves me. But he just had to do what's best for him," said Lauren.

"What would you do if he wants to be a part of their lives again," asked Brandon.

Lauren thinks for a moment.

"I don't know. I guess it would depend on the circumstances and how much he's willing to stay," replied Lauren.

"How do your kids feel about their father not being there?" asked Brandon.

"They asked a lot about him when they were younger but they eventually got used to the fact that he's never coming back," replied Lauren.

"Thank you for the honest answer," said Brandon.

"Sure. Do you have any kids?" asked Lauren.

Brandon hesitates for a moment before answering.

"I have a son," said Brandon.

"Aww...I always wanted a boy," said Lauren.

"How old is he?" asked Lauren smiling.

"He's five," replied Brandon smiling.

"Are you a single father?" asked Lauren.

"It's a very complicated situation," replied Brandon.

"Oh. Never mind then," said Lauren.

Lauren takes a look at the time.

"I'm sorry but I actually have to be going," added Lauren.

"Oh, so soon?" asked Brandon.

"Yeah, I promised my neighbor that I would be back within an hour," added Lauren.

"Ok. Again, I'm sorry for asking you so many personal questions," said Brandon.

"It's ok. It didn't look I was going to get the job anyway looking like a mess. I'm sure you got a bunch of people who are far more qualified than I am," said Lauren.

"I do look at other qualities as well. And you certainly have many," smiled Brandon.

"Well. Thanks for humoring me. But if you don't mind, I would like to give you my writing sample. If you can tell me whether it's good or not, please give me a call," said Lauren.

"Thanks. I definitely will. Thanks again Lauren for coming in. I'll get back to you about the job within a few days," said Brandon.

"Thank you for the opportunity," said Lauren shaking Brandon's hand.

Coming next – Kelly gets herself into trouble while trying to get to Brandon.