Chapter 18 - We're Just Friends

The sun shines through Kelly's room, causing her to wake up. She rubs her eyes, turns over to see that she's alone. She gets dressed and walks out of her room. As she walks towards the bathroom, she notices someone on the living room sofa. She walks into the living room to find Brandon lying on the sofa in a weird position. Kelly giggles but covers her mouth so that she doesn't wake up Brandon.

After Kelly comes out of the bathroom and does a quick check in Sammy's room, she comes to the living room to find Brandon awake.

"Good morning," said Kelly smiling.

"Good morning to you too," smiled Brandon.

"You know you could've come into my room," said Kelly.

"I know. I fell asleep after playing with Sammy last night," said Brandon.

"You really are a good sport. I'm sorry," joked Kelly as she goes to kiss Brandon on the cheek.

"Now you tell me all the places you are hurting and I'll make it all better," smiled Kelly.

Kelly starts to kiss all over Brandon's face.

"Well, I'm really tired over here," said Brandon referring to his lips.

"Oh, let me see," smiled Kelly as they kiss.

Brandon pulls Kelly closer and they start to hold each other. Silver comes out, rubbing her eyes to see them together in the living room. She doesn't say anything and goes to the bathroom.

Brandon and Kelly finally let go of each other.

"Brandon, thanks for spending some time with Sammy last night. He misses you," said Kelly.

"Well, I miss him...and you," smiled Brandon.

Kelly smiles. They kiss again.

"Ohh...Ok, we gotta stop or else I'm gonna be late for work," said Kelly breaking the kiss.

"Oh, you'll be very late," said Brandon pulling Kelly back as they kiss again.

Silver comes out of the bathroom to find Brandon and Kelly still kissing.

"Are you two done yet?" asked Silver.

"Sorry," said Kelly as they break the kiss.

"I'm still not dress yet. I'll be right out," said Kelly.

"Ok," said Brandon.

Kelly goes to her room and Silver smiles at Brandon.

"What?" asked Brandon.

"Nothing," replied Silver as she sits down.

"Nothing happened last night if that's what you're wondering," said Brandon.

"If you say so," said Silver.

"Silver, I was playing with Sammy and I fell asleep on the sofa," said Brandon.

"Ok. I believe you. But I would think that Kelly would've came out and drag you back into her bed," smiled Silver.

"Silver, we're taking things slow. There's nothing wrong with that," said Brandon.

"If you say so," said Silver.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Brandon.

"I'm saying that Kelly was in a very emotional state before you came along and that she's gonna need a lot of closure," replied Silver.

"Well, I can give her that," said Brandon.

"Good. I sincerely hope so," said Silver.

"Thanks Silver. It's always nice to have you on my side for once," said Brandon sarcastically.

Silver smiles. Kelly comes out of her room ready to go.

"Ready?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah," replied Brandon and Silver.

"Sammy, let's go," said Kelly loudly.

"Coming," said Sammy from his room.

Sammy comes out of his room ready.

"Good morning," said Kelly.

"Good morning mommy," said Sammy as he hugs Kelly.

"Ok, let's go," said Kelly.

"Mommy, I'm hungry," said Sammy.

"We'll get breakfast on the way," said Kelly.

They all walk out.

It's almost lunch time and Brandon is at work helping Lauren on her first day.

"So these are all the resources that this office had worked with before in the past. Definitely use them if you can to help you with any assignment," explained Brandon pointing to the computer screen.

"Ok. I'm pretty sure I can remember all this," smiled Lauren.

"Good. If you have any questions, just ask anyone or myself," said Brandon.

"Thanks," said Lauren.

"No problem. You're going to be a great columnist," said Brandon.

"Well, I'm not so sure about that. But I will give it my best," said Lauren.

"That's all I ask. Just write like you did on the article that got you this job and you'll do fine.

Don't be nervous," said Brandon.

"I know. It's just that this is a job of a lifetime and I don't want to screw it up," said Lauren.

"Just focus on getting the facts straight and you'll do fine," said Brandon.

"Thank you, Brandon," smiled Lauren.

"You're welcome...why don't we get some lunch and I'll go over the rest of the job," said Brandon.

"Sure, if it's not too much trouble," said Lauren.

"No, not at all. Say in about half n hour?" asked Brandon.

"Whenever. You're the boss," replied Lauren smiling.

"Ok. I'll see you then," said Brandon.

"Ok," said Lauren as she turned her attention back to the computer screen.

Brandon goes back to his office and checks his e-mail. His phone rings and he puts it on speaker.

"Thanks for calling the New York Chronicle, this is Brandon Walsh, how may I help you?" greeted Brandon.

"Well, you can come over here and I'll show you a really good time for the next hour," replied Kelly.

Brandon looks up and realizes that his office is opened and everyone heard what Kelly said and is looking at Brandon.

"Just a prank call," smiled Brandon to his coworkers as he closes his door.

"Hey babe," said Brandon.

"Hey. What happened?" asked Kelly.

"Oh nothing except that everyone in the office just heard what you said," replied Brandon.

"Sorry," said Kelly.

"That's ok. In a way, I'm kinda flattered," smiled Brandon.

"Good. Now what do you say? Lunch here with me?" asked Kelly.

"I wish I could but I told Lauren that I was gonna take her out to lunch seeing that this is her first day. I kinda wanna go over the job with her," replied Brandon.

"Oh ok," said Kelly disappointed.

"Are you mad?" asked Brandon.

"No, it's fine," replied Kelly.

"Ok how bout I just cancel with Lauren and come over?" asked Brandon sensing that Kelly is disappointed.

"No, don't be silly. Work comes first," replied Kelly.

"You sure?" asked Brandon.

"Yeah. How is Lauren doing?" asked Kelly.

"She's adjusting well," replied Brandon.

"Good," said Kelly.

"Kel, I gotta go. I'll pick up at 4?" asked Brandon.

"Yeah, I'll see you later," replied Kelly.

"Ok. Thanks babe. I love you," said Brandon.

"I love you too," said Kelly as they both hang up the phone.

Brandon walks out of his office and walks over to Lauren's desk.

"Ready to go?" asked Brandon.

"Yeah. You know you don't have to take me out for lunch," replied Lauren.

"Of course, I have to. I did it for everyone else when they first started. I don't want you to feel left out," said Brandon.

"Well, in that case, I accept," smiled Lauren.

They walk out together.

Later that night at Kelly's house, Brandon and Kelly are in bed. Brandon has a bunch of papers on the bed while Kelly is reading her book. Kelly notices that Brandon is really into what he is reading.

"Anything good?" asked Kelly.

"What?" asked Brandon as he turns and faces Kelly.

"Whatever you're reading. Is it good?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah. Lauren wrote this. Boy, I think her column will get this office back to normal and keep me from getting fired," replied Brandon.

"Kel, you gotta read this," added Brandon showing her the article.

"Oooookkkkk" asked Kelly who didn't want to read it.

Kelly begins to read it.

"You're right. It is good," said Kelly giving the article back to Brandon.

"And she wrote this on her first day," said Brandon.

Kelly pretends to smile.

"That's great. So how was lunch together?" asked Kelly.

"Fine," replied Brandon.

"What did you two talk about?" asked Kelly.

"The job, articles, and reports," replied Brandon.

"That's it? Nothing else?" asked Kelly.

"What else is there? It was a business lunch," replied Brandon.

"Well, I thought you were gonna discuss more about us with her," said Kelly.

"No, we didn't. It was just about work," said Brandon.

"Ok," said Kelly focusing back on her book.

"Kel, is there something you would like to talk to me about?" asked Brandon.

"No, it's nothing," replied Kelly.

"Ok," smiled Brandon as he goes back to work.

Kelly looks at Brandon for a bit.

"I'm kinda sleepy. I'm going to bed," replied Kelly.

"Ok," said Brandon quietly sensing that something is bothering Kelly.

"Do you want me to turn the lights off? I can go work in the living room," asked Brandon.

"No, it's fine. It's not bothering me," replied Kelly.

"You sure?" asked Brandon.

"Yeah...I love you," replied Kelly as she puts her book away and leans to her side.

"I love you too," said Brandon.

Brandon looks at Kelly on her side for a moment. He knows that something is bothering Kelly and has an idea that it has something to do with Lauren. But he just didn't know what to do about it. He wanted to assure Kelly that there is nothing going on between Lauren and him. But since Kelly didn't bring it up, Brandon certainly didn't want to start a conversation that'll worry Kelly even more. He turns and put his focus back in his work.

On the other side of the bed, we see Kelly lying on her side of the bed with her eyes opened. A familiar look came on her face; a look she knew all too well. It's the look of worry, which if it gets worse; it turns into the look of jealousy and envy. He wanted to trust Brandon so badly, especially when it took so long for them get back together. But Kelly hated to admit that their relationship wasn't going as well as she had hoped. She had imagined that their first days together would be romantic and their nights together would be passionate. Kelly had thought that Brandon was the only person left that could satisfy her in a way that she's been yearning for the longest time. Instead, after getting back together, Brandon seemed more focused on Lauren than Kelly. Even tonight being their first night together, Brandon would rather work than be with Kelly.

Another part of Kelly knew that Brandon wasn't the only person to blame. After all, she was a part of this relationship too. If she wanted to have a romantic night to Brandon, she should've made the first move. She thought about turning around, face Brandon, throw all his paperwork on the ground, and hold him. But she didn't. First, she promised Brandon that they would take their relationship slowly. And second, she didn't want to force Brandon to do anything that he didn't want to do.

The next day, we see Brandon holding a staff meeting. Brandon formally introduces Lauren to everyone and congratulates her on her first article.

On the other side of town, we see Silver and Kelly at Kelly's office eating lunch in Kelly's office in West Beverly High. Kelly is barely eating her lunch as she is focus on her book.

"So, Annie told me that she plans on having this wild party on Saturday. She wants to borrow my dress and I was like...," said Silver as she notices that Kelly isn't listening to her.

"Kel?" asked Silver.

"Kelly?" asked Silver again.

"What?" replied Kelly who is still reading her book.

"Like I said. I had sex the other day with this amazing guy and I think I may be pregnant," said Silver.

"That's nice," said Kelly still delusional to what Silver is saying.

"Wait...what?" said Kelly loudly as she looks up and faces Silver.

"Good, I finally got your attention," said Silver.

"Silver, you're not pregnant, right?" asked Kelly.

"No, don't worry," replied Silver.

"Oh good. I got enough problems already," said Kelly who looks down at her book again.

"What are you reading?" asked Silver.

"Women's Declaration of Independence," replied Kelly.

"Should I even bother asking why you're reading that?" asked Silver.

"I just want to show some interest in Brandon's work," replied Kelly.

"What does women's independence have to do with Brandon's work?" asked Silver confused.

"It's an article that Lauren wrote," replied Kelly.

"I doubt that you have to do this to impress Brandon. He loves you," said Silver.

"I know but I just wish he showed it last night," said Kelly.

"Kel, give the boy some room. You guys just got back together," said Silver.

"It's not just that. Last night was our first night together and he was working in bed," said Kelly.

"So? Maybe he had a lot to do…after all, he's the boss," said Silver.

"Yeah, but he had to time to shove Lauren's article in my face," said Kelly.

"Kel, you're both busy with other things. He's got an office to run and you're here all day. It's a miracle that you two get to spend the evening and nights together," said Silver.

"Exactly. That's why the nights are so precious to me. I want to feel the same way we felt when he first came back to L.A.," said Kelly.

"You mean, before Lauren?" asked Silver.

"Something like that," said Kelly.

"So you think reading this book will help?" asked Silver.

"Well, Lauren's article was about how women can live their own lives without men," replied Kelly.

"And Brandon approve that?" asked Silver.

"He was pretty happy about it," replied Kelly.

"So your plan is to prove to him that you agree with Lauren?" asked Silver.

"I was but after reading the book, I'm kinda beginning to feel like I'm against it," replied Kelly.

"How can you be against it? You were a single mom for the longest time and you survived," said Silver.

"Yes, I survived. But I was lonely. I love being mom. But like most people, I want to be loved. And I want someone to love," said Kelly.

"And you think that Brandon will like your opinion on men and women?" asked Silver.

"I don't know. But I do know that Brandon will like that I have an opinion," replied Kelly.

"Remember in the good ol' days when men were the ones trying to impress us, women?" asked Silver.

"Yeah, what happened?" asked Kelly smiling.

"I dunno but you're just making things worse," replied Silver smiling.

"How?" asked Kelly.

"Kel, it starts with reading a book. The next you'll know, you'll be going to those boring office parties," replied Silver.

"I'm working on my relationship. I want Brandon to know that I care about his work," said Kelly.

"Kelly, he's a guy. It's so simple," said Silver.

"I hate to tell you this but Brandon is not simple. Believe me, I know," said Kelly.

"Are you saying that he's complicated?" asked Silver.

"No, but it wouldn't hurt to know him a little bit better," replied Kelly.

"Know him? You guys knew each other since high school," said Silver.

"Yes, but I haven't seen him in over five years. His interest may have change. I want to be ready," said Kelly.

"I still say it's you he wants and nothing else matters," smiled Silver.

"I hope you're right," smiled Kelly.

That night at Kelly's, Brandon is in bed reading a newspaper. Kelly comes out of the bathroom and joins him.

"Not working tonight?" asked Kelly.

"Nope. I finished it last night," replied Brandon.

"Oh. You know, Brandon, I was thinking about Lauren's article from last night and...," said Kelly who was kind of nervous about knowing exactly what to say.

"And...?" asked Brandon.

"Well, I have my own views on men and women. Would you like to hear them?" asked Kelly smiling at Brandon.

Brandon puts his newspaper down and smiled at Kelly.

"Yes, please go on," replied Brandon.

"Well, I think that even though I value independent women everywhere, I think that deep down, there are certain things that only men can do to satisfy women," said Kelly.

"Really?" asked Brandon.

"Yes," replied Kelly still smiling.

"Would you care to elaborate, Miss Taylor?" asked Brandon smiling.

"Sure...Now I can't speak for all women but for me, there's just this feeling that I can only get from a guy," said Kelly.

"What kind of feeling would that be?" asked Brandon.

"Oh I's hard to describe. But all I can say is that it makes me feel special and loved," replied Kelly.

"Could it be something like this?" asked Brandon as he leans towards Kelly and kisses her.

"'re close," replied Kelly smiling.

"How bout this?" asked Brandon he leans very close to Kelly.

Kelly gasp as she feels something under the sheets.

"Oh my," smiled Kelly.

"Is that what you have in mind?" asked Brandon smiling.

"Yes...and then some," replied Kelly smiling.

They kiss again and started to hold each other.

"Wait here. I'll be right back," said Brandon smiling.

"Ok. I'll be waiting," said Kelly smiling.

Brandon goes into the bathroom. Kelly smiles and rests her head on her pillow. A minute later, Brandon comes out of the bathroom.

"Ok, ready for not, here I...," said Brandon.

Brandon sighs as he sees that Kelly fell asleep.

Brandon goes over to Kelly's side of the bed and pulls the covers over her shoulders. He turns off the lights and closes the door.

Brandon goes to the kitchen and sees Silver making herself a bowl of cereal.

"Hey Brandon," said Silver.

"Hey Silver. Still hungry?" asked Brandon.

"Yeah, I can't help it," said Silver.

"Where's Kelly?" asked Silver.

"She's asleep," replied Brandon.

"Why aren't you there with her?" asked Silver.

"I'm not tired," replied Brandon.

"You ok?" asked Silver.

"I guess. I just wish Kelly and I were a little more romantic," replied Brandon.

"Believe it or not, she thinks the same way," said Kelly.

Brandon suddenly looks like he has an idea.

"Silver, are you busy tomorrow after school?" asked Brandon.

"No, why?" asked Silver.

"I want to take Kelly out for the evening and the night and I was wondering if you can watch Sammy," replied Brandon.

"I could but I don't think that Kelly's gonna let me be alone with Sammy after what happened the last time," said Silver.

"It's ok. I'll talk to her. Just stay with him," said Brandon.

"Well, it's fine by me," said Silver.

"Thank you. It means a lot to us," said Brandon.

"Let me tell you something mister; you better make my sister happy," smiled Silver.

"I think that'll be easy considering she has already made me very happy," smiled Brandon.

"Good," said Silver.

"I think I'll go in there and keep Kelly company...Good night Silver," said Brandon.

"Good night, Brandon," said Silver.

Coming Next - Brandon gets his paternity test results in the mail.