Chapter 7 - Truth and Consequences

Brandon woke up that Tuesday morning tired and alone. His stomach was still aching from the night before. Yet, judging from the smile on his face, he seemed to be in a pretty happy mood. Knowing that Kelly would have a hangover of a lifetime, he thought it was the perfect opportunity to get the date he didn't get last night. I know what you may think but Brandon wasn't thinking like a pervert. He would be there for Kelly, simply to nurse her back to health. After Kelly's fallout with Dylan, Brandon knew this was the perfect chance to prove to Kelly that he will be there for her.

Kelly, on the other hand wasn't off to such a good morning. She felt tired, sick, and something shaking her, telling her to wake up.

"C'mon, Kel. You're going to make us late," said Silver trying to wake up Kelly.

"Ugh, I don't feel so good, Silver," said Kelly.

"I can see that. So I guess you're not going to work, then," said Silver.

"I guess not," said Kelly trying to go back to sleep.

"Ok, I'll tell the secretary," said Silver.

"Thanks," said Kelly.

"So, what happened last night?" asked Silver.

"I don't remember. I don't even remember how I got home," said Kelly.

"I'm assuming you got drunk and Brandon brought you home," said Silver.

"Oh my god, Brandon...I totally forgot I was suppose to have dinner with him last night," said Kelly.

"Was he mad?" asked Kelly.

"Well, I was already asleep when he brought you home," replied Silver.

"Oh. I think I vaguely remember that," said Kelly.

"Could you also take Sammy to daycare?" added Kelly.

"Sure. You just stay in bed," said Silver.

"Ok, thanks," said Kelly as she goes back to sleep.

Silver leaves and comes back with Kelly's breakfast.

"Kel, here's your breakfast," said Silver.

"Thank you," replied Kelly.

"I'm leaving now; bye" said Silver.

"Have a good day. Thank you," said Kelly.

Silver leaves the house with Sammy.

Kelly wakes up three hours later, feeling much better. Most of her headache was gone and she could walk on her own again. As she comes back from the bathroom, she heard the doorbell rang. She sees that it's Brandon and opens the door.

"Brandon, hi," said Kelly.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" asked Brandon.

"Still a little groggy but much better," said Kelly.

"What are you doing here?" asked Kelly.

"Well, I thought you can benefit from some hot soup, courtesy of Nat and some Aspirin, courtesy of yours truly," said Brandon.

"Oh, that's so sweet of you. Thank you," smiled Kelly.

Brandon walks in and goes to the kitchen to get Kelly some water for the Aspirin. He then helps Kelly into bed and gives her the medicine.

"So, why aren't you at work?" asked Kelly.

"Already went. They're doing fine without me so I figure my services could be put to better use here," said Brandon.

"Well, thank you, but you didn't have to go out of your way for me," said Kelly.

"I wanted to. Besides you're much more interesting to talk to than the people at the office," said Brandon.

"So, when are you leaving?" asked Kelly.

"Most likely in a couple of days," lied Brandon.

"I'm gonna miss you, Brandon" said Kelly looking at Brandon.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Kel," said Brandon looking at Kelly.

"Look, I'm really sorry about last night," said Kelly.

"It's ok. The important thing is that you're alright," said Brandon.

"When Dylan cancelled, I just lost it. I mean, I should've seen it coming," said Kelly.

"It's ok to be mad," said Brandon.

"I don't even know why I even bother caring whether he comes or not," said Kelly.

"Because he's your friend and you care about him," said Brandon.

"I sure wish he'd care enough about spending some time with his son," said Kelly.

"Did he say when he was done over there?" asked Brandon.

"I don't know and I don't really care," said Kelly.

"I don't even remember much of what happened last night," added Kelly.

"You got drunk and I brought you home," said Brandon.

"Was that all? I don't remember," said Kelly.

"Yeah, that was pretty much it," lied Brandon.

"Brandon, I may not remember much from last night but I do remember what happened between us," said Kelly.

"What are you talking about, Kel? Nothing happened between us," said Brandon who started to get a little nervous.

"Because I vaguely remember that we kissed here last night," said Kelly.

"Ok; there may have been a kiss or two but I knew going any further than that would be me taking advantage of you. And I didn't want to go there," said Brandon.

"Well, it must've been very easy to resist me being that I was so wasted," said Kelly.

"It's was never easy to resist you, Kel," said Brandon looking at Kelly.

"Thank you for being a gentleman," smiled Kelly looking back at Brandon.

Kelly leans in and kisses Brandon on the lips. As Brandon starts to pulls back, Kelly leans in to kiss him again. Brandon enjoyed the kiss but since he was taken off-guard, he eventually pulls back.

"Kelly, what are you doing?" asked Brandon.

"Brandon, I may not remember much from last night but I did recall something very sweet that you said to me," said Kelly.

"And what's that?" asked Brandon.

"You said that if you do make love to me, you'll want me to remember it," said Kelly.

"You remember that?" asked Brandon surprised.

"Yes, I do. Now, the only question is, did you still mean what you said?" asked Kelly.

"Yes," said Brandon after pausing for a moment.

"Then what are waiting for?" asked Kelly softly.

"Kel, I don't know. I mean, I want to, but I'm afraid of how we're gonna feel afterward," said Brandon.

"I promise you'll feel loved, comforted, and satisfied...and so will I," replied Kelly.

Kelly sits up and gently pulls Brandon to the bed.. She slowly and softly kisses Brandon on the lips. Brandon smiled as he enjoyed every moment of the kiss. He started to slowly rub his face against her's.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," said Kelly.

"It sure does," agreed Brandon.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" whispered Brandon to Kelly's ear.

"Yes. I want you so badly," replied Kelly softly.

"Me too," said Brandon.

Kelly moved her hand towards Brandon's stomach, reaching for his pants when Brandon felt a pain.

"Ow..," said Brandon loudly.

"What; are you alright?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah, it's just that my stomach is still sore from last night," explained Brandon.

"Were you drunk too?" grinned Kelly.

"No, there was this biker guy who was trying to take advantage of you. I got into a fight with him," said Brandon.

"Oh my god; are you ok?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just glad you're ok," said Brandon smiling at Kelly.

"Well, I am, thanks to you. I promise I'll be gentle," said Kelly looking at Brandon.

Brandon smiled at Kelly as they kiss some more. Kelly pulls Brandon into and over to the other side of the bed. They start to kiss again as they slowly take turns in undressing each other. Before dropping their last article of clothing, they stared into each other's eyes and smiled. Kelly went first and dropped her panties to the floor. Brandon then dropped his boxers.

"You look so beautiful," said Brandon looking at Kelly.

"Thank you and you look so adorable," smiled Kelly which made Brandon smile as well.

They lean in and kiss again. Brandon goes on top of Kelly as she pulls the covers over them.

An hour later, Brandon and Kelly are still in bed holding each other. Kelly has her right hand stroking Brandon's chest. Kelly looked up at Brandon and he smiled at her. He kisses her shoulder, her cheek, and forehead. This certainly was not what Brandon had expected to happened but glad it did. What had happened made his decision of whether or not to move to L.A. an easy choice. Brandon was convinced that Kelly wanted him in her life and he wanted Kelly in his.

"Mmmm, I gonna miss this warm body when you leave," said Kelly.

"Who says I have to go?" asked Brandon smiling at Kelly.

"C'mon. Brandon, you got a life and a job back in D.C.," said Kelly who doesn't know Brandon wasn't joking.

"I could have a job and a life here too...and I'll have you too if you'll let me," said Brandon.

"What are you talking about, Brandon?" asked Kelly as she loosens herself from Brandon.

"I got promoted to vice president of the L.A. office," said Brandon.

"So you're moving here?" asked Kelly surprised by the news.

"Well, I haven't gave them an answer it but after today, I'm sure I will," smiled Brandon at Kelly.

"So, when were you going to tell me about this?" asked Kelly who now looks mad.

"Kel, what's the matter? I thought you would be thrilled about this," asked Brandon.

"Nothing...look, I gotta get dinner ready for Silver and Sammy," said Kelly who is getting dressed.

"Kel, what did I do?" asked Brandon who is surprised by Kelly's reaction.

"I think you should just go," said Kelly.

"Kelly...," said Brandon.

"Brandon, just go; please," said Kelly.

As Brandon got dressed, he looks at Kelly with a confused look.

"Can I call you later?" asked Brandon.

"I don't know" said Kelly as she walks out of the bedroom dressed.

Brandon walks out angry and confused. After Brandon left, Kelly comes out of the bathroom sad. She goes back into her room and shuts the door.

Spending the day with Kelly meant everything to Brandon. When Brandon held her, he felt safe, loved, and special. For once, he felt like the same Brandon before he left for D.C. At the same time, he was so disappointed of the way Kelly reacted to his news about moving back to L.A. He just didn't see it coming. What made things worse was that he still have a decision about the job to make. Before sleeping with Kelly, though he was confused about her feelings towards him, the thought of not knowing still gave him hope of winning her over. But now that he knows how she feels, he felt like he's wasted his time loving someone who won't love him back.

The next few days were hard for both Brandon and Kelly. Though they didn't contact each other after the other day, it seems that it was all they could think about. Brandon tried to keep busy at the office. He managed to clean everything up and sort all the usable articles from the trash. He tried calling Kelly a few times but got the voicemail. Brandon must've left her about ten messages begging and pleading her to call him back. He needed answers and he needed them now! Kelly, on the other hand, felt a little better after Sammy got over Dylan not showing up, and was happy again. Still, her mind wasn't on Dylan anymore; but on Brandon. She had gotten all of Brandon's messages. The more she listened to them, the sadder she got and started to cry. At one point, she regretted sleeping with Brandon and hurting him to the point where their friendship was in trouble. She simply didn't know whether she was the one to blame or not.

That Friday afternoon was a quiet one at the West Beverly High School parking lot. The weekend was here and not a single student was in sight. It's 4pm and Brandon stood by his car, hoping to get a chance to talk to Kelly when she comes out. He had been waiting for her since 2:30pm. Since Kelly's car was still on the lot, he knew that she was still inside. He didn't want to go in to her office, cause a scene, and resort to having security escort him out. Even though he wasn't planning on causing trouble, he wasn't leaving anything up to chance. After all, he felt he had nothing to lose. His relationship with Kelly wasn't going to happen, their friendship was ruined, and his job promotion turned out to be much more than he bargained for.

Brandon finally saw Kelly step out of the building into the parking lot. Brandon headed towards her and catches her off guard.

"Hey," said Brandon.

"Brandon, what are you doing here?" asked Kelly.

"I came to talk to you. You haven't returned any of my phone calls," said Brandon.

"I was busy," explained Kelly.

"Kel, I just want to know what did I do wrong" said Brandon.

"Brandon, I got to go pick up Sammy," said Kelly.

"Ok. We can we talk on the way there?" asked Brandon.

"No, I prefer it if we didn't," said Kelly.

"Why?," asked Brandon who is hurt.

Kelly looks down and realizes that she had to tell him the truth.

"You wanna know why? You lied to me. That's why," said Kelly loudly.

"I didn't lie to you," said Brandon.

"Yes, you did. First, you told me that you were only going to be in L.A. for two weeks; then you tell me that you're moving here," said Kelly angrily.

"Kel, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about the job. But why does it matter anyway? I love you and I want to be with you," said Brandon sincerely.

"How do I know that you really love me? Because we slept together or because you conveniently got a job here?" asked Kelly.

"Look, I didn't wanna tell you because I wasn't sure of how you felt about me," said Brandon.

"So when did you figure out how I felt about you? Before, while, or after we made love?" asked Kelly.

Brandon doesn't answer because he didn't know the answer anymore.

"Brandon, you made me think that this was nothing more than a fling," said Kelly.

"So, doesn't that constitute as you using me for sex? And for the record, I never thought it was a fling," asked Brandon.

"You did the first time," said Kelly.

"What? We only did it one time," said Brandon.

"Oh, you don't remember? Think back long and hard, Brandon. You know what I'm talking about," Kelly said.

"Kelly, don't bring that up again," said Brandon knowing what Kelly was referring to.

"You made me feel like such a loser that time; like I was used" said Kelly as tears start rolling down her face.

Brandon started to have tears in his eyes as well.

"I didn't know you felt that way," said Brandon.

"Well, I did," said Kelly.

"Kel, you came to me for comfort that time. And that's all I thought you wanted," said Brandon.

"Isn't that the same as what's happening right now?" asked Kelly.

"Or maybe it's the fact that you're the one that's hurting this time instead of me," added Kelly.

"So is this payback for me hurting you? And why didn't you say anything to me that time?" asked Brandon.

"Because if you really wanted to be with me, you wouldn't have let me go," said Kelly.

"Kel, I did want to be with you. I still do. I just didn't think you wanted to be with me...until now," said Brandon.

"Brandon, we did it this time because we were both lonely. We comforted each other. That was it," said Kelly.

"When did I ever give you the impression that I was so lonely that I needed pity sex from you?" asked Brandon angrily.

"When you called, you told me that you were always traveling alone and you never get to meet anyone. I thought I was doing you a favor," replied Kelly.

"I didn't ask you to do me any favors, Kelly," said Brandon.

Kelly stayed silent and doesn't reply. As Brandon looked at Kelly, he realized something. He saw that Kelly was crying. But being so mad that he was, he couldn't help but make the situation worse.

"You know what, Kel?" asked Brandon.

"What?" replied Kelly angrily.

"Might I ask, before I came along, when was the last time you were comforted by someone?" asked Brandon.

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Kelly angrily.

"Because it seems to me that you needed to sleep with me more than I needed to sleep with you," replied Brandon.

"Shut up, Brandon!," said Kelly angrily.

"Or was it because Dylan was away for so long that you were so desperate that you came onto me?" asked Brandon.

Kelly's face turned and looked at Brandon. He could tell from her eyes that she was hurting and that he wished he could take back what he just said. But before he could apologize, Kelly slapped Brandon hard on his left cheek.

As Kelly walked away with tears still rolling down her cheek, Brandon just stood still, looking down.

Coming next: Dylan returns to L.A. and Brandon goes back to Washington D.C.

Author's Note – Originally, Brandon and Kelly's love scene was very descriptive. But since this was just a tease, I decided to save the detailed love scene for a future chapter.

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