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My feet hit the cold linoleum floor; my senses were acute to everything going around me. Meredith's breath was easy and her eyes were focused on the path in front of her. I on the other hand was completely paranoid watching for any sign of movement that could depict an on coming fight.

Meredith led the way into a largely populated department store. My skin crawled just looking at so many people rubbing up against each other. She moved silently throughout the store. Her fingers traced over the many colored fabrics. Stopping every few steps picking up clothing that she felt would fit her petit frame.

Suddenly she turned to me and held up a few pieces of clothing to my body, a red tank top, and a green cardigan.

"I feel like Christmas."

"Too big for you anyway" she giggled merrily to herself. Placing it back on the rack. Her hand stopped on a pair of denim jeans. She held them up to herself. They would fit her perfectly.

"Would you like a pair?" she asked tensely.

"You know I don't like to wear denim."

"Of course not nothing but slacks and skirts for you." I simply smiled as her response. I never did find a love of denim as Meredith did. She took them to the fitting room.

Although we had been shopping for the entire day we had yet to find a coat that we could both agree on.

She came back out with her hands and palms up, "What do you think?"

"Very cute I really like them."

"Okay I will think about them , now let's find you a coat." Her back turned to me and she began to riffle through different racks of clothing.

"How about this one?" Meredith held up yet another pepper black pea coat.

"I love it" I replied enthusiastically. She threw it at me, giving me a dirty look in the process. I took off the heavy black cotton trench coat. Meredith held out her arm and I draped the old coat over her outstretched arm.

Slipping on the new coat, the coarse wool caught on my undershirt. Gently it bushed against my wings. Once I had it on I turned to the mirror. The sleek lines perfectly outlined my waist, just like every other piece of clothing I've ever tried on. Meredith coughed and I looked up.

I looked at the reflection in the mirror. I saw them, brown beautiful eyes, with a ring of deep red on the outer edge. My eyes, the eyes of every imp on the planet.

"Earth to Kendal!' Meredith's voice shattered my day dream. "That coat looks amazing on you!" She had changed out of the pants and was back in her cropped cargo shorts.

"Thanks but I don't need another coat"

"We have been searching for one all day!" she sounded exasperated. "Please just get it."

"Fine will you pay?"

"Only if you pay me back!"

"Fine after this will we be ready to hit the road?"


"Good, are you going to get those pants?" I asked pointing at the ones in her arms that she had just tried on.

"I don't know I think they made my thighs look big." her face grew red and she kept looking down at them.

"No they looked perfect! Get them."

Meredith thought about it as she played with the button of the jeans. Finally she let out a big sigh and made her way to the register.

"I'm going to wait outside." I had to get out of the cramped store.

"Okay." Meredith called while weaving her way to the front of the store. She had no problem being so close to other people. I on the other hand couldn't breathe.