Counselor Mikhail beamed at his campers. "Am so proud, like mama bear on first day baby bears leave nest."

"You six have earned Honorary Psi-Cadet In Training badges," Head Counselor Raz said, handing each of them a patch. "Congratulations!"

"So what does this badge mean?" Monica whispered to Bluestone, who was the most likely to know.

"Absolutely nothing," he whispered back.

"Of course, I am going to have to ask for your other badges back, until you earn them for real," Raz continued. All the kids groaned. "But at the rate you guys are going, that shouldn't be long at all!"

Raz paused.

"Hey, shouldn't there be six of you?"

"Where's Quentin?" Monica whispered to Bergan, who shrugged.

"Wait, where are my goggles?" Raz said suddenly, hands patting at the blank spot on his forehead.

"Never mind," Monica whispered again.

Raz quickly excused himself and ran off in search of his elusive headgear.

Counselor Mikhail moved to the front of the group. "This week, you have learned many important things. You have learned teamwork. You have learned ingenuity. You have learned many effective techniques with which to take down bear. You have also learned that there are many hidden layers to the mind, very secret places few can go."

"Wait," Monica said. "So the camp simulation was really just the inner workings of Head Counselor Raz's mind?"

"This is true," Counselor Mikhail said.

"Wow," Monica said. "Nurse Bubai was right. Raz really is a giant dork."

Counselor Mikhail leaned in, as if to share a secret. "Now, if you would like, you will be allowed to see inner workings of my mind." Before they had a chance to agree, he slapped the door on his forehead and drew them all into his mind again.

The world was blank except for the dancing bear.

"What?" Monica was very put out. "This is exactly the same!"

"No," said Counselor Mikhail. "Look closely. Bear is now wearing hat. Is very silly, this inner part of my mind."

Monica looked around her. Bergan was dancing wildly with the bear. Skye was happily tapping his foot in time with the music. Quentin was gone again. Bluestone and Smith were off…she didn't want to think about it. And she was left talking with Counselor Mikhail.

Yes, it was official.

This was the worst summer ever.