Unexpected Lust


"Sookie, my lover, I think it's time I claimed what is mine." My body couldn't help but catch on fire as his lustful mouth devoured my neck. Tried as I might, I couldn't control my body. To top it all off, it had seemed that my body had a mind of it's own and liked what Eric was doing to it. I couldn't keep up with him, Eric's hands were literally everywhere.

"Tell me lover, will you finally yield to me and become mine?'' As Eric's mouth closed over my breast, his sculpted hand had reached its destination. Between my legs. Eric pressed his hand so deep that I gasped from the pleasure.

"I can't.'' I didn't seem to notice that Eric was stopping. "You will yield to me. Say yes Sookie or I will be forced to stop pleasuring you.''

What seemed like forever, I answered him. "Eric….Please stop teasing and fuck me already.'' I had expected him to say more, but before I could think on it, Eric's mouth was open and his fangs were extended. He ran his over them and his eyes took on an smoldering black with lust taking over. "Whatever my telepathic, fairy smelling woman says.'' He chuckled as I struggled to move my hand between us so that I could position his erection at the mouth of my waiting body.

"Lover…after tonight, I don't want another man to touch you. You Are Mine. To Touch. Kiss. To Dominate.'' As Eric said this, he had bitten into her most prized possession. Where the blood flows freely.

Eric looked up into her eyes and she gasped. He looked sexy and dangerous with her blood running down the corner of his mouth and looking at her like she was a treat.

"Now I will Claim what's mine."

I reached up and bit him on his left nipple(though I didn't draw any blood), and gasped as I heard Eric rambling In a language I didn't understand. Eric gave me a smoldering look and slammed so hard into me, that I screamed not in pain, but surprised pleasure.

Just as we reached our climax; "Lover, I Love You",Eric shouted as his seed shot into Sookie.

Sookie woke up panting and sweating to the unbelievable dream she had with a certain Viking vampire, Eric Northman. It felt so real that she could remember everything he had said to her and she could still feel the after shocks of the orgasms. A flicker of hope flashed in front of her eyes as she dwelled on the words Eric had shouted. 'He loves me? Even though we argue and hate each other?''

Instead of dwelling on it further, Sookie had once again fallen asleep, only this time it wasn't her viking, only a peace of mind.