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Broken Angel

Chapter One

It was meant to be a very simple straight forward mission. Well, that should have panicked everyone from the beginning. Since when have ANY missions been simple? Yip, NEVER!

They were supposed to infiltrate the lab, grab the files and high tail it out of there.

Well...things didn't exactly work out that way.

"Logan!" Storm screamed as a bullet went flying at him to graze his head revealing a streak of shining adamantium before the skin suddenly closed over the gap, only leaving a few drops of blood.

It would take everyone the rest of their lives to get used to the fact that the Wolverine was indestructible.

Logan snarled and barrelled towards his would be killer and made short work of returning the favour - successfully!

"I thought Xavier said this place was deserted!" He yelled at no-one in particular as he sliced open another would-be killer.

"It was!" the weather witch screamed back as she slammed her fist at another body, her powers not allowing her to do anything in such a close confined space.

Logan realised that Scott and Jean were both missing and he could smell blood. He breathed in deeper. It wasn't the blood that he had just sent spurting from the men now on the floor, it wasn't blood from the graze that Storm had acquired on her arm either.

Scott and Jean came racing back into the room a box in each of their arms as they both took in the room - the dead bodies surrounding Logan and the unconscious ones surrounding Storm.

Ok so the blood wasn't from Scott or Jean either.

"Time to go," Scott announced in his 'I am the fearless leader of the x-men though shalt obey me' voice and everyone did just that - all heading to the door. Apart from Logan

"Logan!" Scott snapped trying to get his attention.

Logan has his head tilted back, inhaling deeply through his nose trying to identify the blood.

"I'll catch up," he snarled back - he would never take kindly to being ordered about - especially by the boy scout.


Logan ignored Scott's words and the sound of the man following him as he followed his nose. All of the fighting had been happening where he and storm where and by the looks of things Scott and Jean hadn't got into any trouble on their way to the files so where was the blood coming from.

He followed the scent down a concrete set of stairs and through half a dozen metal lined corridors until he was nearly knocked over by the scent of blood - both old and new.

He reached a door and saw a clip board hanging from the wall. His instincts nearly made him turn around at the bloody stench but he stayed and quickly flicked open the file. All of Jean's brain washing finally paying off.



"Really Logan we have to get out of here,"

Logan ignored Scott - it wasn't really that hard after all of the time he had had to perfect the art and he unsheathed his claws severing the lock as easily as a steak knife slicing butter.

He only just managed to stop himself from gagging as his heightened sense of smell was suddenly flooded. He heard Scott coughing violently as he allowed his eyes time to adjust to the darkness of the room.

He quickly scrubbed the word room and inserted the word 'cell'. The room was pitch-black, there were no windows and from what he could see there was no switch for a light. The only light that was shining into the room was from the dim glow coming from the corridor.

He blocked out the sound of Scott's heavy breathing and dry heaving and focused on the room. He could hear a heartbeat and breathing...by the floor.

He leaned down, once again switching on his selective hearing and blocking out the (no doubt) dumb question that Scott was now gasping out.

He peered under the bench and saw a small shivering bundle curled up as far into the wall as it could get. He heard teeth chattering and little whimpers. He took a deep breath.


"We're not goin' to hurt you darlin'," he whispered after a few more silent seconds. He could tell that Scott was getting a bit anxious but he would just have to damn well wait. Pansy!

Another whimper came from under the bench and he heard the slight rustle as she pushed further into the wall, almost like she was trying to vanish through it.

Logan moved further forward. He knew that they were running out if time without Scott telling him and by the look and scent of things the girl...women whatever she was needed to get out of here more desperately than they did.

He reached out to grab her and drag her from under the bench and she actually let out a terrified scream.

"Don't touch, don't touch," she whimpered repeatedly, her voice cracking and breaking and Logan could now smell salt water in the air and knew that if he could see her face he would see tears there.

One thing the voice allowed him to judge was that she was young.

He continued to reach for her despite her protests. They all needed to get out of here.

Then he remembered what the file at the door had said.

Something about deadly skin...

See now it was at moments like this that he wished there were more witnesses. See he knew that the x-men thought that he was all muscles and no brain. You know the kind you get to do the dirty work and get shot at but the kind you don't exactly go to for an educated answer on something. See that was where they were all wrong.

None of them knew that he actually did possess a brain – and it was probably a good thing to because they would no doubt all have a fit of some kind. So he was more than capable of putting two and two together and getting four.

He grasped the gilr by the shoulder. Making sure than there was a layer of clothing – or whatever was wrapped around her – between his hands and her at all times.

"It's ok darlin', I won't touch ya," he tried to reassure her though she was no longer struggling or whimpering, just crying silently.

The bloody smell got stronger as he lifted her and held her close to his chest. Jean would be able to see to her when they got to the jet.

"Logan...what are you do-" Scott started.

"Can it One Eye," he growled, heading towards the surface and the jet.

They got to the jet a lot quicker than it had taken to reach the cell and they climbed the ramp.

The girl gave out a small cry with every step that he took and he could smell fresh blood.

Storm took off as soon as they had got on and Jean walked from the cockpit.

"Where did she come from?" she asked in shock before her doctor side kicked in and she started gathering equipment from over head storage compartment and from under seats.

Logan kicked out an exam table that was attached to the wall and slowly lowered the shaking girl to it.

He got a good look at her for the first time.

She had her eyes tightly shut and she turned onto her side – huddling into herself. Her hair was long but filled with dirt and blood, making it look more like a nest than hair. She had large black smudges under blood shot eyes and numerous bruises and cuts along her cheeks and forehead. She also looked like she hadn't eaten in days.

She opened her eyes and looked straight into his and suddenly Logan wanted to go back and kill all of them all over again.

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