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Chapter 4

"X-men," the whispered word was filled with panic and the girl's eyes shot a frightened look at each of the gathered X-men and then her eyes shot to Xavier.

"It is rude to go where you haven't been invited," she snarled at the old man.

Logan shot the professor a glance. Had the old man tried to get in her head? What a hypocrite. He was proud that the girl had somehow known what Xavier was doing and anger bubbled in him at the thought of the professor invading the girls mind like that, he didn't care what the old mutants reasons were either.

He noticed that everyone else had thrown the professor a look ranging from mild surprise to outright shock.

During the few second of distraction the girl summoned all of her strength, Logan hearing her sharp breath turned to her.

Logan tensed as the girl began to struggle, sitting up and apparently having no concern about her injuries. Panic in her eyes as she took in the strangers surrounding her. One who had tried to just get into her head.

Sure way to get someone's confidence Wheels. She winced, forcing her broken bones to co-operate.

Logan was new to the whole mate thing but he knew one thing. You didn't mess with the instincts and right now the instincts were screaming at him to protect the injured girl now struggling in the medical lab. Even if he had to protect her from herself. And now was one of those times.

He jumped forward as the girl began to struggle more violently against her own body.

Logan's protective instincts flared to life stronger than ever when a whimper escaped her throat and she rolled dangerously and purposefully near to the edge of the bed. He jerked forward, catching her in his arms before her body could connect with the hard floor and she could injure herself even more than she was.

"Oh no you don't darling," he grumbled in his deep voice.

He sank to the floor with her back pressed against his chest as she struggled to get free.

"Let me go, you have to let me go," she whimpered, her struggles as useless as a baby against an adult. Helpless tears slid from her eyes and his heart clenched as his senses picked up the scent of the bitter, salty liquid.

"I don't want to be here," she cried, still struggling although he could tell that she was rapidly losing strength as her body sagged more and more against him.

"I want to go home…" she sobbed.

Logan began to rock the distraught girl gently, trying to calm her as best he could. He could really blame her reaction. She was after all, surrounded by people that she didn't know.

And then a loud, sickening, metallic moan filled the air, grating on Logan's keen senses and making him hold the young terrified girl even closer as she seemed to forget that she had been begging him to release her only a second before. Now it was like all she wanted to do was crawl into his chest to escape the noise.

Logan quickly directed his gaze towards the professor who had just closed his eyes – obviously concentrating hard. Just as quickly as the old mutant's eyes had closed they shot open again.

Logan saw then that he was not the only one looking towards Xavier but the three other X-Men were also awaiting instructions.

"The jet bay,"

Everyone sprung into action at the professor's words.

Logan rose carefully from the floor and placed the girl back onto the bed where she looked even smaller and paler than before as she sat and shivered in fear.

He heard the med-lab doors whoosh open and closed again as the team ran from the room towards the hanger, Scott issuing orders as they rushed away.

He went to move away from the girl but was shocked when her small hands gripped at him stopping him from leaving only to release him after a few seconds as though touching him scorched her palms.

"Go Logan," Xavier ordered him and fir the first time that he could remember Logan hesitated for a reason other than pure pig-headedness or to get at Scott. He hesitated for a much more real and deeper reason. He heisted for the girl that was his mate. He couldn't leave her. He had to protect her and keep her safe his animal instincts all but gluing him to her.

So he stayed. He ignored the words issued by the man who could know nothing of the instincts that were controlling him – the Wolverine. Never before could Logan remember both sides of him being so prominent.

He could hear the approaching fight and smell the acidic scent of burning that now hovered continually in the air. He could even hear the team yelling to each other occasionally over the noise. The girl's heartbeat was accelerating to dangerous levels and he wondered if she was getting any of the nightmare like flash backs that were occasionally triggered by sounds or smells.

he tensed slightly when the girl unexpectedly screwed herself into a tight ball against his side, her arms wrapping tightly around his mid section and her forehead resting on his cheat while her knees were drawn up to her chest at a very uncomfortable and awkward looking angle. But Logan knew that the girl wouldn't even care or register the angle as she tightened her grip and whimpered under her breath. The frightened keening immediately broke through to the animal and his entire body tensed against his will. He shook his head at the frowning Xavier and turned slowly to face the door within the girls grip, her hands now resting on his stomach and her head on his back.

His senses were on full alert as he heard the battle get closer. He quickly loosened the girl's grip on him as gently as he could and crouched forward just as the door to the medical lab was ripped from the wall and went flying down the hall and out of view. Logan only hoped that none of the team was in the way when it landed.

He concentrated fully on the door but his senses flared. He could hear and feel the girl behind him as she dragged in raged breaths and he could hear the gears in the professor's wheelchair groan and whirl as the older man moved away from the door as fast as his chair could carry him.

Arms outstretched he flexed his muscles and ignored the pain that came with his claws shooting from his body. He was poised and ready to protect his mate by whatever means necessary.

Smoke billowed into the room setting off countless alarms as it invaded every corner. Logan was hardly surprised when Magneto came pacing through the smoke and into the room. But there was one thing that he knew that no one else did. He knew that although Magneto was wearing his cape, his suit and his trademark helmet the guy wasn't Magneto. In fact, the guy wasn't even a guy. He was Mystique. And when the form gave him that cat like smile he knew so fell he knew for sure.

He knew he had to keep them away from the back of the room when he had heard the girl scramble from the bed to the far wall.

He saw a flicker of something in Mystiques borrowed gaze but he ignored it and braced himself as she threw herself at him changing into her own form mid pounce. He quickly ducked out of the way, spinning about to see her land and twist where he had been standing.

He made to run at her when suddenly his whole body tensed and stiffened. He struggled against the familiar feeling, straining muscles and adamantium coated bones in an attempt to free himself from the powers of the metal controlling mutant.

He could hear the muffled crying of his mate and that just caused his struggles to intensify, fighting against Magneto. He could hear and feel muscles tearing and tendons snapping in his limbs as he struggled fruitlessly.

He heard a grating metallic noise and saw the professors chair move at a very odd angle to the door where he saw the real Magneto standing in the doorway, flanked by Mystique and Sabertooth. Logan couldn't help but growl at the sight of the male, only thinking that he had better stay away from Rogue.

"Where is she?" the words rang in Logan ears shattering the few seconds of silence that had fallen after he had been puppetised.

"Who Eric?" the professors voice was that irritating calm way, even though Magneto probably wouldn't think twice before sending the wheelchair into the wall.

"No games Charles!" Magneto growled.

"Grandpa," the small, shaking voice came from his mate and he found himself unceremoniously dumped to the floor, unable to do anything to protect her as his limbs healed.

Wait a minute.


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