I sat there, the anxiety of it all was destroying us. Jane had been taken, poor woman tried to make a break for it and now it's just me and Dan over here. And with these odds, it seems Dan is starting to lose the last bit of sanity he has left. We sat in silence.

"Cassandra? Do you think maybe if I take the last crossbow gun and hightail it-" Dan stopped anxiously.

I turned to him his face was drowned in it, the fear in his eyes.

"Don't think of such things, remember? Remember how many of us were here in the beginning?" I sat up. "How many of us still had the hope and sanity we no longer hold today? Jane! That dear woman! All these years and she chose to leave out of the blue with no authorization of any soul!"

He sighed and I fell back. 18 years trapped in this house, stuck in this bedroom with the smallest portion of food in the old barely functioning refrigerator inside the closet, Dan had rewired.

I cursed for three nights as I figured out Dan wasn't kidding he had left with every weapon and the portion of food, that was so desperately needed. As months went by I had heard news of Dan disappearing, when I received this news I felt betrayed not only had he left he had become one of them. He had pleaded for his life by giving me away, offering me like some kind of free sample.

I knew they were coming, I made my bed and sat there. Waiting, just waiting for my faith to come and take me by the neck and send me to my death.