" Well, well, well...my little runaway." His voice cracked. He brought up his hand and grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked.

I screamed, as he started to drag me. I pierced my nails through his knuckles but nothing seemed to faze him.

As he climbed up the stairs with me struggling along I turned my head and saw Audrey and Edward stepping out. Audrey put her finger to her lips. I nodded.

I stood.

"What? You choose now... to pay attention?" Frankie's eyes pierced my face.

I stared back at those lifeless eyes and didn't say a word. Audrey and them had to get out, I was already captured. The least I could do was be a decoy.

I turned my head slightly. Audrey was climbing up the side of the building, Edward was pulling her up. Elvis was crouched down eyeing Audrey as if any sudden movement would doom them all.


"What the hell was that?" Frankie looked ahead of me.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and strained him to look down at me.

"There's something you don't want me to see isn't there?" He tried to look up. "Let go of me you dim-witted human!"

His hands crushed my wrists as he pulled my hands away. Frankie caught sight of Edward.

"Eddie? You're joining the humans now? " Frankie's face was filled with resentment.

Frankie started up the stairs attempting to get a good stare at his brother of a traitor.

I took a hold of his arm. He looked down at me, face aggravated

I let go knowing he wouldn't restrain to hurt me again. I observed as he climbed up the stairs, unsure of every step he was taking.

The uncertainty in his steps were gone as he gazed at Eddy and the two vulnerable humans.

Audrey was petrified, Edward wasn't a vampire anymore. There wasn't anyone to protect us. It seemed for a moment she had resented turning him back.

I got the backbone to climb up the stairs, my breaths were short. Elvis noticed me and nodded slightly towards the door. I took the hint.

Taking in air I ran towards the giant doors and opened them.

Frankie turned, eyes wide. Pulling his radio he yelled. "SOLDIERS! Human leaving the premises! Capture her alive, she is also not to be fed upon under any circumstances."

I ran past the buildings and past what seemed to be a tricked out Hummer. That must've been what Frankie had arrived in.

Something laced my ankle as I tried to run, instantly the string pulled back causing me to fall forward. I sat up and looked at the object attached to my ankle. I winced and it tightened. My fingers dared to pry it off my leg.

Three soldiers approached me, they eyed me hungrily.

" It's been a while since I've gotten a taste." A soldier hugged me from behind, pressing himself against me. His lips hovering up and down my fragile neck.

I closed my eyes, frowning.

I took my free hand and elbowed him the nose, he pushed me down in anger. Holding his nose he ordered the other soldiers. "Take this pathetic human into the truck. She is to be restrained before Sergeant Frankie arrives."

They positioned my hands to a way I couldn't move.

Taking one last glance, the soldier spat his blood on the floor before he headed in the direction of Audrey, Elvis, and Edward.

I wished them the best of luck, the luck I needed was no longer an option.