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Neutralization, or

the Reason the Vampires are still in the Badass Club, or

How the Cybermen Killed Jasper Cullen

"We have received orders from the CyberKing," a Cyberman droned.

A second one turned to face its superior officer and, in a slightly higher voice, asked, "What are the orders?" The first Cyberman told the second. If it weren't for the pesky lack of human emotions, the second would have squealed in glee as it stomped off to fulfill its orders.

In the far northwestern corner of North America, in a town where there was a warrant out for the arrest of the sun—it had been shining too brightly—a pale, blonde youth was leaning casually against the wooden wall of a classroom building at the local high school. He was watching a group of giggling girls meander slowly across the wide, rain-swept green between classes, his eyes narrowed, his nostrils flared. He looked vaguely constipated, or maybe he was trying to pass a kidney stone. It was hard to tell. He inhaled loudly and his lithe body tensed, as if one part of his mind were warring with the other, one half pushing him forward toward the kill, the other half barely maintaining control.

It was so hard, his vegetarian life. But he had not broken his promise yet—he'd sworn off humans, he'd taken the pledge; he was on Step Eleven out of Twelve. His girlfriend was so proud of him, and he really didn't want to disappoint her. The thought of her drove the enticing scent of those obnoxiously giggling girls out of his mind, though honestly, it might have been that the wind had changed. He was so absorbed in his battle with self-control and his thoughts of his girlfriend that he didn't notice the Cyberman approaching him, even though its every step sounded like a shotgun blast.

"You are Jasper Cullen, vampire," the Cyberman stated. It wasn't a question.

"Yes," the boy said, "and you are going to die." He launched himself at blinding speed toward the Cyberman, who would have sighed if it still possessed the human emotions the boy was trying and failing to manipulate.

"Delete," the Cyberman said, almost cheerfully, as its arm lashed out to catch hold of the vampire's neck. Pulsing electricity riddled his body as he screamed, falling to his knees and then collapsing completely, fried, at the Cyberman's feet. The Cyberman would have smiled, but again, the emotions were lacking. It was proud to have saved the CyberKing the embarrassment of belonging to the same club as that weirdsmobile. It stomped off back to its regular duties, practically humming with delight.

Jasper Cullen, vampire, was not so delighted. In fact, he couldn't be, because he was no longer undead. He was now dead, never to move, let alone sparkle, again. Fan girls the world over cursed the Cybermen for depriving them of such a real, sensitive gentleman, but no amount of screaming would ever bring their Southern dreamboat back to life—er, unlife?—and the true, non-sparkling vampires of the world gained re-admittance to the Badass Club. The Cybermen were satisfied that they had been the means by which the threat had been neutralized. And all badass creatures slept content that night, saved of the embarrassment of one of their own replacing menacing with something as completely un-badass as sparkling

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