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It was dark in the small room of the Mutou & Sennen P.I. Agency. There was a sofa with a pillow and a blanket falling off of it, two desks with a laptop and a chair at each, a television on a short stand, and a small coffee table between the sofa and TV. In the back was a window with curtains drawn. There was a doorway to the left which led to a small kitchen with a small dining table inside. To the right was a bookshelf with books on magic, mythology, folklore, and things of the supernatural.

Then a man of twenty years walked in and tossed his blue jacket onto the arm of the sofa. He had spiky, violet tipped, black hair with blond bangs. His eyes were violet and he was roughly five feet and six inches. He loosened his black necktie around his neck. He wore a white shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. On his left wrist was a silver watch which read 7:20 AM on it. He went to the window to open the curtains when he finally noticed the other items falling off the sofa. Then he sighed.

Name: Yugi Mutou

Race: Human

Age: 20

Occupation: Supernatural P.I.

Hobbies: Duel Monsters and complicated puzzles

Other names: None

Yugi saw movement in the shadows. "Atemu," he said flatly, finally heading to his desk, "I can see you. You can forget about a surprise attack."

From the shadows came a boy who looked to be seventeen, but his violet eyes showed much more age. He was similar to Yugi, but he was taller by an inch, had bronze colored skin, and a few blond bangs slicked back like lightning bolts. He wore a black tank top, skinny, black jeans, and black, heeled boots. "You're getting better." He said with a grin, which exposed his two, sharp fangs. "Maybe you can notice my presence before you reach the sofa."

Name: Atemu

Race: Vampire

Age: 3000 but looks 17

Occupation: Supernatural P.I.

Hobbies: Duel Monsters and Tarot cards

Other names: Yami Sennen

Yugi switched on his laptop. "I can still open the curtains to let in the sunlight." He threatened. "Then you'll be nothing more than a pile of dust."

"But you will not have someone to argue with." Atemu replied with a bigger grin. "And I doubt you will do much good by yourself if I am gone."

"So?" Yugi retorted, opening a file on his laptop. "The only reason you're helping me instead of killing me is because you want to find the vampire who turned you, and you need my help to do it. Plus, I'm the only one who knows the truth about you and other supernatural beings."

"That's true. Unfortunately." Growled Atemu. He turned his head towards the door. "Sounds like Anzu's coming. He sniffed the air. "She has breakfast."

"She's only coming to see you." Yugi pointed out as he typed on his laptop. "And it's Tuesday. So she's got our breakfast."

Atemu cringed. He liked Anzu, but not as someone he would spend the rest of eternity. He went to the door, flipped on the light, and opened the door before there was a knock.

A woman of twenty stood outside. She wore a black tank top, a short, red skirt, white boots that stopped above her ankles, and a white belt. She had short, brown hair and azure blue eyes. Her cheeks flushed when she saw Atemu. "Hi Yami." She said brightly.

Name: Anzu Mazaki

Race: Human

Age: 20

Occupation: Ballet dancer

Hobbies: Dancing

Other name: None

"Hello Anzu." Atemu grumbled. He allowed her inside and closed the door behind her.

"It's Tuesday." Anzu said with a small smile. "I brought both of you breakfast."

"Thanks." Atemu and Yugi muttered in unison.

Anzu sighed. "Anything interesting in cases?" She asked.

"Not since we found Mokuba for Kaiba yesterday." Yugi answered, his eyes never leaving the screen of his laptop.

"It has been pretty quiet." Atemu agreed, now heading to his desk. "I wonder if we will ever get another case."

Anzu smiled. "I'm sure you will." She assured. "There's no one around here who is as good as you two." She then set the bag with their breakfast on the coffee table and left.

Atemu sighed. "I know not how much longer I can act like this." He muttered.

Yugi snickered. "Well. You can just tell Anzu that you're not interested in her."

"Then what?"

"Atemu. You're a vampire." Yugi looked at Atemu. "Are you telling me that you're afraid of a girl's wrath?"

Atemu blushed. "I used to be a pharaoh of ancient Egypt and I have problems with women."

Yugi laughed. He stopped and looked at the door when he heard a knock. "Uh...come in!"

The door opened and a nineteen year old female walked in. She had blue hair cascading down to her hips and silver bangs reaching her shoulders. Her eyes were silver and gentle. She wore a white shirt, a blue skirt, and black shoes. Around her neck as a silver chain with a silver pendent of a pentagram with the twelve astrological zodiac signs on a circle surrounding the pentagram and a sapphire gems at each point of the star. "Um..." she muttered shyly, "this is Mutou & Sennen P.I. Agency, right?"

"Yes." Yugi said as he rose to his feet. "Come in. Have a seat."

The girl walked in and sat down on the sofa.

Atemu looked at her. "What is your name?" He asked.

The girl clutched her skirt. "I...I'm Umeko Ameteratsu." She answered.

Yugi smiled. "I'm Yugi Mutou. And this is my cousin, Yami Sennen."

Umeko smiled shyly. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Yugi walked over to her and sat down next to the strange blue haired girl. "What do you need Ameteratsu-san?"

Umeko swallowed the lump in her throat. "Someone broke into my parents pet store."

"Robbery." Atemu concluded, now looking at his laptop screen and typing.

Umeko shook her head. "For whatever reason, all the cats were slaughtered." Her silver eyes moistened. "It looked like some kind of animal ripped them apart and ate them."

Atemu's ears pricked. "Some kind of animal ate the cats?"

Umeko nodded.

Yugi looked at the Pharaoh. He had a look that said, 'We have another case.'

Atemu nodded a reply to the expression to the smaller's face. "We shall look into it."

Umeko looked at both of them with surprise.

Yugi turned his attention back to the blue haired girl. "Don't you worry Ameteratsu-san. We'll figure this out for you. No one is going to harm another animal in you're family's store again. I promise."

Umeko smiled brightly and threw her arms around him. "Oh, thank you! Thank you!" She blushed when she heard Atemu snickering and pulled away from Yugi. "Um...gimme your hand."

Yugi was confused, but did as he was told.

Umeko held his hand between hers, turned his palm upwards and studied it. She smiled. "I can foretell some events that will happen in your life." She smiled. "By looking into your past, you have never touched a woman or girl out of love or anger."

Atemu chuckled and Yugi blushed.

Umeko tilted her head to one side. "You'll have a romance though in your future. Her name starts with a 'U'." Her eyes grew wide and she released Yugi's hand. "I'm sorry." She stood and bowed. "Again. Thank you for looking into this strange occurrence." Without another word, she left.

"Your future romance will start with a 'U'!" Atemu laughed.

"Shut up." Yugi snapped as he tossed the pillow at the Pharaoh. He looked at Atemu. "Ok. Check out the Tarot cards and see if it will happen again."

"Tarot cards are a hobby of mine, Aibou. I do not always use them to predict the future."

"Do it anyway." Yugi got up, went over to his desk, and looked up Umeko Ameteratsu on his laptop.

Atemu opened his desk drawer and pulled out a deck of Tarot cards. Then he shuffled them, while thinking of a question.

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