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"I can't believe this." Atemu growled, lying on the sofa and staring at the ceiling. "Two days since the picnic and I am unable to go out in the sunlight because Akiko stole my ring!"

"I guess that's what happens when you get into a fight." Yugi said. "But Rosa did save your life.

Atemu blushed. As he had fed from her, he felt her emotions and how they were about him. He might had lost the Ring of Ra, but he was still a vampire. He was determined to get it back and kill Hito.

"Anyways," Yugi announced, "Mokuba called this morning. Wanna head to his place with Umeko and Rosa tonight?"

"Sure." Atemu replied bitterly. "Might help, but I am not talking to Kaiba."

"You two usually get into an argument." Yugi pointed out.

"Kaiba is the one who starts it."

Yugi sighed. He knew the real reason for the arguments between the CEO and the Pharaoh.

Kaiba was Atemu's cousin reincarnated. He felt the same hate for Atemu as Seth did all those years ago. He didn't know it, but Atemu and Yugi did and they never told the brunet CEO.

Mokuba was up in the attic of the Kaiba Mansion, looking through boxes. He went up to the attic once in a while to think and remember the old days. Then he found a box full of old pictures when he and his brother were in the orphanage. He looked through the photos and found one with him, his brother, and all the kids at the orphanage before the two were adopted by their stepfather, Gozaburo. He smiled, bolted out of the attic, ran down the hall, burst into his brother's bedroom, and said, "Nii-sama! I found an old picture!"

Kaiba looked at his brother with surprise. "Oh?" He asked. "Of what?"

Mokuba walked up to him, picture still in hand. "The orphanage before we were adopted." He showed the photo to his brother.

"It's been ages since that was taken." Kaiba reminded, not looking at the picture.

"Yeah, but look at the girl with gray hair." Mokuba pointed out. "She reminds me of Reva, but she's so different from her."

Kaiba looked at the picture and he zeroed in on the girl with gray hair covering her face. He was surprised that she wasn't hard to find in the old photo.

"Well, we can see Reva's face more clearly." Mokuba added.

Kaiba looked at his little brother. "Go get the box you got this from." He ordered calmly.

Mokuba nodded. "Ok." He ran back to the attic. He eventually came back with the box and set it down on the floor. He and Kaiba pulled out old junk and photos, finding one of the same girl.

The girl was sitting on a window sill and looking outside. She was wearing dark blue jeans and a black sweatshirt, which its sleeves reached past her hands. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but her bangs still covered her eyes.

"Just who is she?" Kaiba mumbled.

"Hey." Mokuba announced, not hearing his brother's question. "I found one with you and her." He pulled it out and showed it to his brother.

It was one where Kaiba was playing chess with the girl. She held a white piece in her hand, making her first move. Kaiba looked determined and focused on the game.

Mokuba saw writing on the back and read aloud:

You'll never see my eyes. I promise that much, Seto.

Kaiba looked at him. "Did it leave a name?"

Mokuba shrugged. "Just says that and some nickname or something."

"Which is?"

"Music Melody."

Kaiba gently took the photo, looking at her and himself. He tried to remember his first move after hers. "Hmm. Are there any with you and her?"

"Yeah. Here's one!" Mokuba pulled out one with him and her at the swings.

She was pushing him on the swing, but his arm was covering her eyes. She had a blank expression, like in the other photos of her, but Mokuba was smiling in this one.

Mokuba pulled out another picture and stared at it. "Nii-sama. I found one where you can see something blue. I think it's her eye." He showed it to his brother. "See?"

The picture had Kaiba about to move her hair out of her face. Someone had zoomed in a little on the camera when it was taken.

So. Blue eyes. Kaiba thought. "I wonder why she hid her face so much."

"I think she told me. It was the same day you wanted to see her eyes when this was taken." Mokuba thought for a moment, trying to remember. "She said she didn't want anyone to see her cry, as well as her tears and frowns." He closed his eyes, remembering. "She even told me what happened to her parents, which was her reason for the tears and her not smiling."

"Not smiling." Kaiba shut his eyes, thinking for a bit. He remembered a conversation with Reva, but, aside from kissing her—which he liked more than anything—only one statement of hers stuck out in his mind.

"I never smiled since my parents died." Reva had said.

Kaiba opened his eyes and looked at the girl again, when he was moving her bangs from her face. He saw a red ribbon around her neck. "Hmmm."

"Something wrong, Nii-sama?"

"No. Just noticed it was late. Don't you have school in the morning?"

Mokuba looked at his brother with confusion. "No. It's Saturday, Nii-sama."

Kaiba became surprised. "Right." He tossed the photos on his desk and stood. "Well. I need to make a call."

"Uh. Right. Yeah. I'll be in the kitchen." Mokuba left, heading downstairs to the kitchen.

Kaiba looked at the pictures again. "Are you that little girl, Reva?" He asked as if she was present. "The one whose eyes I wanted to see so badly that it drove strange feelings inside me?" He stared at the photos for along moment and picked up the telephone. He was about to dial when he remembered he didn't have a number to reach her. Then he slammed the phone back onto the receiver. "Dammit. I need to know."

Kaiba opened a window in his room and sighed. He could feel the cool night air enter and it played with his chestnut brown hair. Then he heard giggling and saw Reva with a blond girl about her age. "Reva!" He called.

She and the other girl stopped and looked up. Reva was wearing a white top, a white skirt, and white heels as she carried a white purse. The other girl wore a pale blue top, a blue skirt, and blue dress shoes. Reva smiled. "Oh!" She yelled back. "Good evening, Kaiba!"

"Reva, I need to talk to you!" The CEO said.

"I can't right now!" The white haired beauty replied.

"Why not?" Kaiba demanded.

"I'm with my cousin!" Reva answered.

The blond girl smiled and waved. "Hello!" She called. "I'm her cousin! Lydia!"

Kaiba sighed, a little annoyed. "Come inside, please. I need to show you something."

Lydia turned to Reva and whispered, "He's kinda cute."

Reva blushed. "Um...ok." She muttered.

"Reva now!" Kaiba shouted.

She glared up at him. "Kaiba! You don't need to be rude!"

"Ugh." Kaiba groaned. He bolted out of h is room, down stairs to the main floor, and out the door towards Reva and Lydia. Then he grabbed the white haired girl and tossed her over his shoulder.

Lydia snickered, fighting back the urge to laugh at her horribly blushing cousin. Cute and demanding. She thought with amusement.

"S-Seto Kaiba put me down!" Reva cried.

Lydia giggled and followed them inside. He's sweet, but can have a temper. She thought. A typical male. No wonder you like him so much, Reva.

Once inside, Kaiba set Reva down and looked at her, trying to picture her as the little girl. "Reva," he said at last, "do you remember anything about the days in an orphanage?"

She nodded, still embarrassed and irritated. "Yeah." She answered. "Why?"

"Like who, or what?" Kaiba asked impatiently.

Lydia looked at her cousin.

"A boy wanted to see my eyes so badly that he challenged me to a chess game and lost." Reva explained. "About three weeks later, he tried to move my hair out of my eyes." She shut her eyes, remembering. "I ran away and hid. His little brother found me and talked to me, listening to my reason why I couldn't show my eyes." Then she opened her eyes and pulled out an old picture from her purse. "This was taken before I was adopted, but the boy and his little brother were adopted a man, so I never saw them again."

Mokuba came out into the living room, hearing Reva's story. "So then that means..." He began.

"You're the sad, little girl that made me have strange feelings for." Kaiba finished with shock, his cheeks slightly red.

Reva became confused. "I'm sorry." She muttered.

Kaiba smiled. "Don't be." He pulled the white haired girl into a hug, and she returned his embrace though she was still confused. "But how did your hair get to white from gray?"

"Hmm." Reva hummed. "Mom said hers changed due to the sunlight, and well, the gray was fading into white anyway."

Mokuba glanced at Lydia and went over to Kaiba and Reva with a small grin. "So, Nii-sama, what were these strange feelings?"

Kaiba blushed a little. "Well. My heart raced every time I saw her. I got nervous, and, well, I never did see her eyes." He looked away, a little embarrassed. "Desire to see her eyes just..." His voice trailed off.

Lydia giggled. "So, basically you had a crush on a girl that never smiled who turned out to be Reva."

Kaiba turned bright red as he let go of the white haired girl. "So it would seem." He said, rubbing the back of his head.

Reva was blushing too. "Seems like we were meant to be." She muttered under her breath and Kaiba looked at her.

"What was that?" The CEO asked.

Reva's eyes grew wide. "Uh, nothing." She lied. She then blushed crimson as Kaiba pulled her back into him. "Seto, Lydia and I need to be going."

"So soon?" Kaiba said. He sounded like he was whimpering.

"Yes." Reva sighed, "so soon."

The CEO pulled her in closer, making her look at him. "Oh?" He grinned when her blushing became worse.

"Mokuba, help." The white haired beauty pleaded.

"No way." The younger Kaiba chuckled.

"Lydia?" Reva begged.

The blond girl giggled. "Sorry.

Just then, a knock came from the front door.

"Who is it?" Mokuba called.

"Yugi, Yami, Rosa, and Umeko." A familiar, deep voice said.

Reva's eyes became huge. Oh no. She thought. Atemu. She tried to slip away.

Kaiba grabbed her and put the white haired girl over his shoulder again, more teasing her than anything.

The door opened and Atemu, Yugi, Rosa, and Umeko walked in. Atemu rolled his eyes, seeing Reva over Kaiba's shoulder.

"Good evening, guys." Mokuba said.

Reva struggled and her cousin giggled.

Umeko noticed Lydia and asked, "Who are you?"

The blond teen bowed politely. "I'm Lydia, cousin of Reva."

"Reva?" Muttered Umeko in confusion.

"The girl over Kaiba-sama's shoulder." Lydia giggled.

"Seto!" Reva cried, her face redder than red. "Put me down this minute!" She heard him smirking and sighed. "Please?"

"Fine." Kaiba teased and set her back down.

Reva fixed her shirt. "Thank you." She saw Atemu and Yugi but said nothing.

Lydia looked at her white haired cousin. "Reva, are you all right?"

"Uh, yeah." Reva lied. "I just spa—." Her voice broke and she fell to her knees.

Lydia knelt down next to her cousin. "Reva." She put her hand on the white haired beauty's forehead. "You're extremely warm."

"I'm fine." Reva protested. Then she began to shake.

"No," Lydia snapped, "you're not. I'm taking you home. I knew you leaving to go stand in the rain was a bad idea." She helped her cousin to her feet and headed out the door.

"Sorry, Lydia." Reva whispered.

"Stay quiet till we get you home." The blond girl hissed softly. She guided her white haired cousin away.

Mokuba shut the door. "Weird for her to get like that."

"Well, it is cool outside tonight." Rosa pointed out. "So her getting sick is pretty easy." She folded her arms over her chest and looked at the floor. "But that was a little too quick, if you ask me." She looked at Atemu.

The Pharaoh was looking at the door and said nothing. Why would Reva be here? He wondered. And when did she have a cousin? Is Fate playing a part in this? If so, then it is a very annoying part Fate is playing.

Back at the Yushiro Mansion, Lydia helped Reva get to bed and gave her cousin some medicine. Then she left the white haired beauty, letting her sleep. "Take care, Reva." She muttered. "I'll see you again soon. Keep singing what you feel." She headed back to the hotel she was staying at.

Something was at the hotel, waiting for Lydia and it had a fireball in its hand.

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