A/N: This is a short story for all of you NCIS fans who always wished that Abby and Gibbs would have a little something more going on between them. Hope you enjoy. Please R&R J

The two of them hurried into the house, slamming the front door behind them. Gibbs took Abby into his arms and began frantically kissing her as her pushed her up against the solid oak door.

"So gorgeous…" He moaned as he continued his assault on her body. She groaned and continued to kiss him as she untied her dress, the cool silky black organza hissing as it fell from her hot steamy body. His kisses trailed from her lips to her neck and down to her breasts, his mouth finding one of the hardened buds and took it in his mouth, suckling it.

"Oh G*d Gibbs…" Abby sucked in a deep breath, her hands going to her hair, guiding his head. His tongue lavished each one, and then his mouth found hers once again. His hands traveled down her body, until they came to the triangle of wet hair guarding her opening. His thumb rubbed her mound as he eased one finger inside of her, eliciting an animal like groan from her.

"Take me Gibbs, Please…please." She didn't need to say more. He picked her up, carried her to the bedroom down the hall, and laid her on the bed gently. He undressed, and stood there, gazing at her golden skinned body, covered in sweat, yearning for him to make sweet passionate love to her. Her black hair was sprawled out on the bed under her, her make up smeared. He gently lowered himself onto her, kissing her neck. She pulled him down on top of her and arched her back, pressing her body against his erection. He slowly entered her, sucking in a deep breath as her muscles contracted around him. She arched her back to help drive him into the very heart of her. He set the pace, fighting off his body's urgency. His breathing quickened as did hers, and the pace quickened. Her back arched more and more as the sensations built up, her loins on fire.

"Gibbs…oh G*d…GIBBS!" Just when she didn't think she could feel anything more spectacular, an overwhelming sensation began to take over. "Yes…yes…yes…now!" Gibbs slammed into her over and over. He felt her muscles tighten, and her climax took over, rocking her from head to toe. She screamed and arched her back, screaming his name.


"Abby!" He let out an animal like growl and sparks flew before his eyes. He collapsed on the bed beside her. Their bodies were covered in sweat and their breathing was fast and irregular. Abby smiled, basking in the sweet afterglow. He kissed her gently, lacing the fingers of his right hand into hers.

They fell asleep in each other's arms, not wanting to let the night end. Never wanting the other to leave……