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Prompt: Finals

Written by: Roro

Beta Read by: Lori

"I'm back!" Uru's voice rang throughout the empty store. She looked around the store. Not a customer in sight. Her eyes knitted together. Maybe today was a vacation. She checked the door again and was surprised to see a 'CLOSED' sign hung up.

'I wonder where Shindou-san, the manager, and Ichirou went.' Uru sighed. Her ears perked up and eyes widened as she heard some noise coming from the backroom.

'It's a robber!' She clutched her school bag closer to her and carefully walked to the door. There was no way this robber could get away from 3 binders, 4 textbooks and a dictionary without having some kind of head trauma.

She closed her eyes, grabbed the handle and swung it open. Two loud popping noises were heard right before she took her bag and slammed it on the head of the person in front of her. She slowly opened her eyes and gasped. There was the manager, sprouting a bump on his head.

"I'm so sorry! I'll get some ice!" Uru started to run out of the room before someone caught her hand. Turning around she saw Ichirou with a flute candy in his mouth.

"Piip pip piip piiip. (We have ice here)"

She heaved a sigh of relief as she saw Shindou dump a bag of ice on the manager's head.

Ichirou came up to her with a plate of cakes, "Here."

Uru stared it before taking the plate, "What's this for."

The manager walked up to Uru, holding a bag of ice to his head. "It's a party for you. As a congratulations for finishing your finals."

Uru gaped in awe as she saw the decorations, "Wow, a party?"

"Yeah!" The manager replied happily, "And Satsuki made the cakes."

She drooled at the sight of the cake, "Thank you!"

Shindou and Ichirou looked at her, a slight smile grazing their faces, "You're welc-"

"But my finals are tomorrow."

Shindou twitched and glared at the manager, "You geezer!"


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